Special Mac User Group Offer from Volitans Software

Volitans Software is offering Mac User Group members a special discount.

(from the Apple User Group Bulletin)

SMART Utility: 25 Percent Discount

SMART Utility is an application that will scan the internal hardware diagnostics system of hard drives. SMART is a system built into hard drives by their manufacturers to report on various measurements of a hard drive’s operation such as mechanical or electrical problems, and potential failure. SMART Utility can read and display all of these attributes, allowing plenty of time to backup data and replace the drive.

With this special offer, group members receive 25 percent off the regular $20 (US) retail price of the ten-unit license.

This worldwide offer is valid through April 30, 2008.

To obtain the discount code, contact your Mac User Group leader or your Apple Regional Liaison.

Apple User Group Advisory Board Web Site

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