Take Your Group to 2.0: Take Advantage of Apple Sales Web

User Groups 2.0

Mac User Group leaders have many resources they can take advantage of to inform their members about the latest happenings in the Apple world, and several of them are provided by Apple itself. Among them is access to Apple Sales Web.

Apple gives the ambassadors of recognized Mac User Groups access to the secure part of their web site reserved for the sales side of the organization. That means that you can get the same training and resource materials for your group that are used by every Apple representative worldwide to present and inform audiences. That is always a very significant benefit, but it can be even more useful when Apple introduces a new product or a major upgrade.

Earlier this week Apple announced Final Cut Studio 2 at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in Las Vegas. The suite contains new versions of Final Cut Pro, Motion, Soundtrack Pro, and Compressor, a new finishing program, Color, updates to DVD STudio Pro and Cinema Tools. Add to that a new Final Cut Server and you’ve got a substantial amount of new information that many of your members will want to know about.

If you log on to the Apple Sales Web, you have immediate access to introductory materials, sales guides, pocket cards, and quick demos on the new products. Very soon Apple will post the Keynote presentation, along with speaker notes; with a little practice and this file you can deliver the same demo that Apple personnel will be giving as they introduce the new products.

Want to get in depth on other Apple offerings? ASW has archives of the same materials for a variety of other current products, all there just waiting for you.

In addition to presentations and sales material, ASW offers archives of webcasts, product photography for newsletters and websites, and more. Apple even has a special link just for user group leaders to help them locate several other useful resources.

If your group and your ambassador aren’t logging in to Apple Sales Web on a regular basis to see what’s new there, you are missing a key benefit that can help give your MUG the product knowledge that is expected of a 2.0 user group.

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