Texas Mac User Group to Explore Podcasting with Chuck Joiner

Chuck Joiner
The April 10 meeting of Capitol Macintosh (CAPMAC) in Austin, Texas will examine the how’s and why’s of podcasting with iChat guest speaker Chuck Joiner, the producer of MacVoices and MacNotables.

Chuck will discuss the origins of the two shows, and provide some insight into production tools, techniques and motivations for would-be podcasters. For the consumers, Chuck will also instruct listeners on how to listen to podcasts and will deliver a “required listening” list for the informed Mac enthusiast.

The topic of Mac User Groups will also be on the agenda, especially since Chuck is the editor of The MUG Center and a former Apple User Group Advisory Board Chairman.

For complete details on the time, location and how you can attend, visit the CAPMAC web site.

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