The MUG Event Calendar for March 19: Doug Troxell of Intriguing Development Thrice, Mark/Space, Educational Podcasting, and Double and Triple Header Meetings

MUG Event Calendar
This week’s MUG Event calendar features visits by two vendors, one double-header meeting, one triple-header meeting and a whole lot of interesting topics.
Doug Troxell of Intriguing Development is one the MUG trail in Florida, showing off iRemember to three different groups along the way. Mark/Space will visit a California group to show off their Missing Sync software.

A group in Japan will do a double-header meeting focusing on the health of the Mac OS and Apple’s hardware strategy. Not to be outdone, an Ohio group will present a triple-header, discussing MacKiev’s The Print Shop, Comic Life and, ironically, iRemember.

Elsewhere around the globe, a group in Australia will discuss podcasting in an educational environment, a group in Arizona will talk about Leopard, and spring cleaning and Prosoft software will be shown off in Georgia. iDVD will be demonstrated in Pennsylvania, Photoshop in Louisiana, and tax software in Wisconsin.

Want to get the word out about your group’s next meeting? Just email your meeting information and it will be included.

Monday 19-Mar Naples Macintosh Users Group – Doug Troxell of Intriguing Development presents iRemember
Tuesday 20-Mar MacNexus – Mark/Space Shows Off The Missing Sync
Maryland Apple Corps – Back to Basics, iWhat? – Part One (Software that comes with your Mac)
Diablo Valley Macintosh User Group – Transferring Old Movies to Digital Video
Bendingo Education Apple Users Team (Australia) – Using podcasting on your local network to support learning
Atlanta Macintosh Users Group – Spring Cleaning and Prosoft Demo
Keystone MacCentral – iDVD
Okanagan Mac Meetup Group (Canada) – iPhoto Part 1
Maryland Apple Corps – iWhat? – Part One (Software that comes with your Mac)
Wednesday 21-Mar SWACKS – Doug Troxell of Intriguing Development presents iRemember
Tucson Macintosh Users Group – Windows on Macs, Part 2; Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Introduction
Madison Macintosh Users Group – TurboTax
AppleSiders – AppleTV
Shreveport Macintosh Users Group – Photoshop SIG: Corrections & Enhancements
MacCORE – Painter, Photoshop, Illustrator
Thursday 22-Mar Central Victorian Mac Users (Australia) – Using iCal with Addressbook; Demystifying Printing; iPods
Friday 23-Mar
Saturday 24-Mar North Florida Macintosh Users Group – Doug Troxell of Intriguing Development presents iRemember
Washington Apple Pi – Guy Serle on Podcasting
Northeast Ohio Apple Corps – One Is Good, Two Is Better, Three Is Best: The Print Shop, iRemember, and Comic Life
Sunday 25-Mar Kinki Macintosh Users Group (Japan) – March Doubleheader: Mac, Buddy…you OK? and iWhat? Apple’s Hardware Revolution

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