The MUG Event Calendar for November 5: Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus, Aaron Davis of Apple Times 2, Nick Brazzi of Apple, James Lee of Tropical Software, Aspyr and the Leopard Charge Begins

MUG Event Calendar
A flood of presentations of the new version of Mac OS X, Leopard, starts this week, along with several other notable presenters, on The MUG Event Calendar.

Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus makes his annual trip to Chicago for a MUG presentation and pizza party this week, while James Lee of Tropical Software will present to a group in Florida and game manufacturer Aspyr will demonstrate their latest in Texas. Apple representatives are also in abundance this week, with Apple Senior Systems Engineer Aaron Davis showing off Leopard in Virginia and Washington DC, and Nick Brazzi from the Apple Store doing the same in California.

Leopard is also on the agenda in New Zealand, Australia, New Mexico, South Carolina, the United Kingdom, California, Illinois, and probably anywhere MUG meetings are occurring this week, whether on the schedule or not. Some other interesting topics for this week include the various components of iWork ’08 and iLife ’08, Google, Databases, Lego Mindstorm NXT and digital photography.

Want to see your group’s activities included? The Portland Macintosh Users Group does it, and you can do it to: just email the information to The MUG Center.

This week’s complete listings include:

Monday 5-Nov Wellington Macintosh Society (New Zealand) – Mac OS X Leopard
Gold Coast Macintosh User Group (Australia) – Leopard
Virginia Macintosh Users Group – Apple Senor Systems Engineer Aaron Davis presents Leopard
Tuesday 6-Nov Stanford/Palo Alto Macintosh Users Group – The Apple Store’s Nick Brazzi presents Leopard
North Queensland Macintosh Users Group (Australia) – Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
AppleQuerque – Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
Palm Beach Macintosh Users Group – The new iWork ’08 and iLife ’08
Mac2MUG – Leopard
Key Macintosh Users Group – Mac OS X Meeting
Wednesday 7-Nov The Rest of Us – Practical Mac Applications with Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus
Lawrence Apple Users’ Group 2.0 – "What’s New in Leopard"
Strait Macintosh Users Group – Lego Mindstorm NXT
Suffolk Mac User Group (United Kingdom) – Leopard
MacWaves – Leopard, the New Mac OS
Yale Macintosh Users’ Group – Digital Photography / Videography
Cape Cod Computer Society – Using Spaces and Time Machine
Fox Valley Macintosh Users Group – iWeb ’08
Thursday 8-Nov Upper Keys Macintosh User Group – James Lee of Tropical Software
East Bay Macintosh Users Group – Leopard
Macintosh Asheville Computer Society – Pages ’08 and Numbers ’08
New York FileMaker Developer’s Group – Demos of ESS, Airport Extreme and discussion on Repeating Fields
Tidewater Macintosh Users Group – Christmas Gifts
Friday 9-Nov MacValley Macintosh Users Group – Great things you can do with Google
Apple Corps of Dallas – Asypr
Atlantic City Macintosh Users Group – Leopard
Saturday 10-Nov National Capital Apple Mac Users Group – Apple Senor Systems Engineer Aaron Davis presents Leopard
Club Mac of Monterey – Pages ’08
Mac-In-Awe Macintosh Users Group – Overview of Apple’s iLife ’08 with an emphasis on the new features in iPhoto
Northwest of Us – Leopard
MacNorth – TBA
Main Line Macintosh Users Group – New Features of iPhoto ’08
Sunday 11-Nov NorthWest Apple Pickers – Databases, MS Office vs. AppleWorks

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