The MUG Event Calendar for the Week of August 26: Adam Christianson, Richard Harrington and World War Z

MUG Event Calendar 2013

August wraps up with some great guest appearances on The MUG Event Calendar.

The MacCast’s Adam Christianson will visit an California group to present Apple TV, and Richard Harrington will present time lapse photography to an Atlanta creative pro group. Meanwhile, California creative pro group will get the editing low-down on editing tentpole movies in general, and “World War Z” in particular.

Other topics on the schedule include online search, captivating your audience, a photo walk, and more.

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The week’s complete listings include:

Tuesday 27-Aug Seattle Xcoders – NS Coders Night
Wednesday 28-Aug Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group – Academy Award nominated film editor Matt Chesse ACE returns to talk "Editing Tentpoles," in particular World War Z. And editor Kelley Dixon returns to talk and take a bow for her six seasons of editing the acclaimed TV show, Breaking Bad.
Oceanside Macintosh User GroupAdam Christianson presents The Apple TV
Atlanta CuttersTime-Lapse Photography with Richard Harrington
Connecticut Macintosh Connection – The Practical Guide to Online Search
Thursday 29-Aug Cleveland Digital Publishing Group – Captivate Your Audience
Friday 30-Aug
Saturday 31-Aug London Macintosh Users Group – Summer Party in the Park and Photo Walk

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