The MUG Event Calendar for the Week of August 8: Virtualization, Apple Contacts, Smart Assistants

  • August 7, 2022
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The MUG Event Calendar

This week’s MUG Event Calendar finds a number of groups not on vacation and holding some great meetings.

A New York group will discuss virtualization and Bootcamp, while an Ohio group will discuss Apple’s Contacts app, and a Florida group will cover a variety of smart assistant options.

Thanks to all the groups who regularly send in their meeting announcements. If you would like to see yours in our weekly Briefing, put a note on your schedule for the first of the month and email the details to The MUG Center.

The week’s complete listings include:

Monday August 8

Portland Macintosh Users Group – Clarifying AppleID and iCloud

London Macintosh Users Group (United Kingdom) – TBA

Tuesday August 9

Princeton Macintosh Users’ Group – Summer Vacation

Cowtown Macintosh Users Group – TBA

MacinTech – Election Night

Wednesday August 10

Boston Macintosh -TBA

Apple CIDER – Boot Camp vs. Virtualization; streaming service

ApplePickers – Apple Contacts

Ocala Macintosh User Group – Smart Assistants: Demonstrating Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomePod

Thursday August 11

Friday August 12

Atlantic City Area Macintosh Users Group – Member Tips & Tricks

Saturday August 13

National Capital Apple Mac Users Group – TBA

Sunday August 14

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