The MUG Event Calendar for the Week of December 12: Bob LeVitus, David Sparks, Apple TV, and Holiday Parties

The MUG Event Calendar

Holiday parties are the most popular event on this week’s MUG Event Calendar, but some will have notable guests.

Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus will talk about how to work smarter to a Texas group, and David Sparks will address a Connecticut group. A Wisconsin group will cover Apple TV, and a Colorado group will continue a discussion of cord cutting.

Your group’s events could appear on The MUG Event Calendar if you make a little effort. Put a note on your schedule for the first of the month and email the details of your next meeting to The MUG Center.

The week’s complete listings include:

Monday 12-Dec London Macintosh Users Group – Q&A
Portland Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Silicon Mountain Macintosh User Group – Cutting The Cable Part 2
Apple iClub – TBA
Triangle Macintosh Users Group – Holiday Meeting & Meal
Tuesday 13-Dec Princeton Macintosh Users Group – Holiday Party & Gadget Gifts Revue with Doug Dixon
Seattle Xcoders – NSCoders Night
Cowtown Mac Users Group – TBA
MacIntech – Holiday Party!
Santa Fe Macintosh User Group – Holiday Party & Yankee Swap
Capitol MacintoshBob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus on how to "Work Smarter with your Mac"
Ocala Macintosh User Group – Christmas Party
Charlotte Apple Computer Club – Holiday Party
MacWichita – Party Time
Wednesday 14-Dec Hershey Apple Core – Tech Talk Dinner
Apple CIDER – How the Internet has Changed in the last decade; Social video steaming w/FaceBook, Periscope, and YouTube; Creating Greeting Cards with Apple Photos
Saginaw Macintosh Users Group
Connecticut Macintosh ConnectionDavid Sparks of MacPowerUsers
ApplePickers – Annual Holiday Party
San Luis Obispo Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Alaskan Apple User Group – TBA
Sierra Nevada Apple User Group – TBA
Boston Macintosh – TBA
Thursday 15-Dec Tidewater Macintosh Users Group – No Meeting
Chico Apple User Group – TBA
Friday 16-Dec
Saturday 17-Dec Houston Area Apple Users Group – TBA
MacTechnics – TBA
Northeast Ohio Apple Corp – Holiday Party. Mac Basics: Preview
South Jersey Apple User Group – Holiday Party
Annapolis Apple Slice – TBA
Dallas Macintosh User Group – TBA
Sunday 18-Dec Double-Click – Apple TV
MacGroup-Detroit – What’s New with Apple: The new iPhone 7, the New MacBook Pro, iOS 10 and MacOS Sierra.
This will be Part 1.

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