The MUG Event Calendar for the Week of October 10: Adam Engst, Dave Marra of Apple and Remembering Steve Jobs

MUG Event Calendar 2011

This week on The MUG Event Calendar is predictable in one area and wildly diverse in another.

Every user group who meets this week will be remembering Steve Jobs in one fashion or another, and discussing his impact on the world.

Apple Senior Systems Engineer Dave Marra will preset Lion to a New Jersey group and Adam Engst of TidBITS and Take Control will visit a New York group.

Other topics on the list for this week include the new iPhone 4S, WordPress, Numbers, the iPad, games on the Mac and iOS, Final Cut Pro X, web cams, geocaching and more.

Want to see your group’s meeting listed on The MUG Event Calendar and in our weekly Briefing? Email the details of your next meeting to The MUG Center and we’ll get it listed. We want to hear from you.The week’s complete listings include:

Monday 10-Oct Portland Macintosh Users Group – iOS 5 software; iCloud
London Macintosh Users Group – eBooks
Triangle Macintosh Users Group – OS X 10.7 Lion
Sydney Macintosh Users Group (Australia) – TBA
Tuesday 11-Oct Atlantic City Area Macintosh Users GroupApple Senior Systems Engineer Dave Marra Presents Lion
MacWichita – Sharing Thoughts About Steve Jobs, iPhone 4S, Fiipboard for the iPad
Capitol Macintosh – Remembering Steve
Princeton Macintosh Users Group – Geotagging Digital Photos on the Mac
Cowtown Macintosh Users Group – Backing Up Your Mac
Oxford Macintosh Users Group (United Kingdom) – Geocaching
Corvallis Macintosh User Group – Pages
Charlotte Apple Computer Club – iOS 5 and the New iPhone
Maryland Apple Core – OSX Lion Demo
Bellarine Mac User Group (Australia) – Apple apps
Mac@LehighValley Users Group – Demos of Debut and Soundstream
Port Townsend Seriously Laid-back User Group – Making a Movie from an iPhoto Slideshow; Making a Photo Book or Calendar in iPhoto
Gateway Macintosh Users Group – Lion, iOS 5 and the new iPhone 4S
North Queensland Mac Users Group (Australia) – TBA
Macintosh Computer Club of Calgary (Canada) – TBA
South Suburban Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Whatcom Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Wednesday 12-Oct Apple CIDERAdam Engst of TidBITS and Take Control on Lion
West Pasco Macintosh User Group – Workshop
ApplePickers – iPad and iPad 2 Favorite Apps
Bay Area Macintosh Users Group – Numbers and Design Pro
San Luis Obispo Macintosh User Group – Setting Up A WordPress Blog
Greater Albany AppleByters – TBA
Thursday 13-Oct East Bay Macintosh Users Group – iPhone 4S; Favorite Apps
Tidewater Area Macintosh Users Group – Digital Music Sources
Cambria Computer Club -Getting the Most From Your OS X Apple Applications
MacPeople – Apple Mail In Lion; Transferring Music from Cassette to Digital; iPhone Ringtones
Colorado Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Friday 14-Oct Long Island Macintosh Users Group – Favorite iPad Apps
Club Mac of Monterey – TBA
Saturday 15-Oct AppleCore of Dallas – Games on Mac iOS and Mac OS
Houston Area Apple Users Group – Final Cut Pro X
MacTechnics – Web Cams and More
Sunday 16-Oct Double-Click – TBA

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