The MUG Event Calendar – March 2013

Friday 1-Mar
Saturday 2-Mar AUSOM (Australia) – Richard Gynes, Designwyse on Two rapid ways to make an iBook
Diablo Valley Macintosh Users Group – Mac Camp
Bellarine Mac User Group (Australia) – Photo and Picnic Day
Sunday 3-Mar
Monday 4-Mar Gold Coast Macintosh User Group (Australia) – Revisiting Preview; Getting the best out of Apple Mail; Jing; Speeding up your computer; Photo editing in iPhoto; What works for you
Virginia Macintosh Users Group – TurboTax
Sydney Macintosh Users Group (Australia) – TBA
Wellington Macintosh Society ( New Zealand) – Q&A and Mobile Internet Solutions
Tuesday 5-Mar Fresno Macintosh Users GroupProsoft Engineering on Disk Recovery
South West Michigan Mac Users Group – Purchasing Apps and Syncing Devices
appleJAC – Mail Tags and 1Password
Wednesday 6-Mar Lawrence Apple Users’ Group 2.0 – How to get rid of your cable company
Fox Valley Macintosh Users Group – All About iPads
Alaskan Apple Users Group – Managing Photos in iPhoto and Aperture; The Thunderbolt connector; iCloud vs Dropbox
ClubMac (Ireland) – Technical Q&A; What’s New in the World of Apple
Yale Macintosh Users Group – Should You Buy A Used Mac?
Chicago Macintosh Users Group – Learn to make iOS Apps
San Diego Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Thursday 7-Mar
BuxMont Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Silicon Mountain Macintosh User Group – TBA
Friday 8-Mar Long Island Macintosh Users Group – Mountain Lion apps including iOS integration
Atlantic City Area Macintosh Users Group – Keynote vs. Powerpoint
Saturday 9-Mar Southern California Macintosh Owners-Users GroupAdam Christianson of The MacCast
The Northwest of Us – Unleasing the App Developer Within
Main Line Macintosh Users Group – The Secrets of iPhoto
National Capital Apple Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Sunday 10-Mar
Monday 11-Mar Portland Macintosh Users Group – Talking iFixit
Triangle Macintosh Users Group – iTunes
London Macintosh Users Group – Annual General Meeting
The Apple iClub – TBA
Tuesday 12-Mar Princeton Macintosh Users GroupApple Senior Systems Engineer Dave Marra Presents The New iPad
MacinTechJohn Martellaro of The Mac Observer on the Past, Present and Future of eBooks
Capitol MacintoshBryan Chaffin of The Mac Observer
Ocala Macintosh User Group – New Mac Lab at College of Central FL
Louisiana Cajun Cutters – Motion 5 Basics
Bellarine Mac User Group (Australia) – Pages, Travelling with your iPad, Beginners Session
Seattle Final Cut Pro User Group – Chroma Keying
Charlotte Apple Computer Club – Gestures and Keyboard Shortcuts
Oxford Macintosh Users Group (United Kingdom) – Digital Maps and Mapping
Corvallis Macintosh User Group – Reunion Genealogy Program
Mid-Columbia Macintosh Users Group – Reunion Genealogy Program
Seattle Xcoders – NSCoders Night
Cowtown Mac Users Group – TBA
MacWichita – TBA
Wednesday 13-Mar ApplePickers – Interesting Web Sites
San Luis Obispo Macintosh Users Group – Q& A Session; Audience Demos of Favorite iPhone/iPad Apps
Bay Area Macintosh Users Group – What Is The Could
Hershey Apple Core – Audio/Video Workflows and Managing The Information Flood
Apple CIDER – Annual Business Meeting an dClub Elections; Internet Isues; Tips & Tricks – Panel Discussion
Greater Albany Apple Byters – TBA
Bay Area Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Thursday 14-Mar Upper Keys Macintosh Users Group – Intro to iCloud Services
East Bay Macintosh Users Group – Apple Apps
Port Townsend Seriously Laid-back User Group – An INtroduction to SketchUp
Seattle Final Cut Pro User Group – Chroma Keying using ReflecMedia, FCP X and Phyx Keyer
Tidewater Macintosh Users Group – Building Ringtone
Club Mac of Monterey – Open Forum
Seattle Xcoders – TBA
Friday 15-Mar
Saturday 16-Mar Ocala Macintosh User Group – Workshops: Intro to LibreOffice and iPad Tips & Tricks
Houston Area Apple Users Group – What I promised never to tell…
Annapolis Apple Slice – A Recap of Dave Marra’s Program
MacTechnics – iOS Devices in Emergency Situations
Sunday 17-Mar Double-Click – Apple’s Numbers Spreadsheet Application: Introduction and Examples
Monday 18-Mar San Gabriel Valley Macintosh Users Group – 10 Commandments for Safety, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Security for Mac OS and iOS
Tuesday 19-Mar Hartford User Group Exchange – Spring Cleaning – Inside and Out
Seattle Xcoders – NSCoders Night
Keystone MacCentral – Myths and Misconceptions of the Law for Photographers
North Coast Mac Users Group – Introduction to Genealogy
Apple Pie User Group of Southeast Michigan – Continue the Apple Quiz and Email Etiquette
MacNexus – TBA
Diablo Valley Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Maine Macintosh Owners & Operators Society – TBA
Wednesday 20-Mar Tucson Macintosh Users Group – One More Thing about Java, Evernote, Web-Site Building Resources
Lancaster County Apple Corps – TBA
MACtreff Dusseldorf (Germany) – Was ist anders in Mountain Lion
Thursday 21-Mar Calgary Final Cut Pro Users Group – Audio Finishing
Tidewater Macintosh Users Group – Cloud Computing
Fort Collins Mac User Group – Apple System Utilities
SF Cutters – TBA
Friday 22-Mar
Saturday 23-Mar Houston Area Apple Users Group"The State of the Apple" with Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus
Washington Apple PI – Common Macintosh Technical Problems
Sunday 24-Mar MacGroup-Detroit – Digital Photography – Tips & Tricks
Monday 25-Mar
Tuesday 26-Mar Seattle Xcoders – NSCoders Night
Indianapolis Final Cut Pro User Group (Indianapolis) – Boris FX Continuum Complete
Internet Macintosh User Group (Australia) – "Have you ever thought of publishing a book?" and "Some of my great Apps"
Upstate Apple Users Group – TBA
Wednesday 27-Mar Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group – Oscar nominee Jay Cassidy, (An Inconvenient Truth, Into the Wild, Silver Linings Playbook) AND Oscar Nominee Crispin Struthers (Silver Linings Playbook, The Fighter, I am Number Four) will talk about their collaberation on the film, Silver Linings Playbook. Also, Radiant Images will show off the brand new and jaw dropping NOVO camera, filmmaker Richard Gale will answer the question "Can You Make Money On You Tube?" Richard will screen his viral short film The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon
Macintosh Users East (Canada) – Gadgets Part 2
Oceanside Macintosh User Group – TBA
Thursday 28-Mar Connecticut Macintosh ConnectionApple Senior Systems Engineer Dave Marra presents OS X Mountain Lioin, iOS 6 and iCloud
Cleveland Digital Publishing Group – TBA
Indianapolis Final Cut Pro User Group (Louisville) – Boris FX Continuum Complete
Friday 29-Mar Citrus Macintosh Users Group – Perfect Effects 4 Free
Saturday 30-Mar Philadelphia PowerBook Users Group – TBA
Sunday 31-Mar

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