User Group Discount Available from JoeSoft

The folks at JoeSoft have extended a 25% discount on all of their products.

(from the Apple User Group Bulletin)

JoeSoft: 25 Percent Discount on All Products

JoeSoft is software for the average Joe. From iTunes and iPod entertainment products to stock trading software, JoeSoft brings great software to the masses at reasonable prices. Free technical support based in California, low-cost software replacement policies, and generous free upgrade periods set JoeSoft apart from others.

Get a 25 percent discount on all products, including newly-released Klix and Jax. Avoid waiting for the software to be shipped; download it directly from JoeSoft so you can start using it now!

This worldwide offer is valid through September 30, 2007.

Hear from Gordon Bell about JoeSoft and their products on MacVoices #762.

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