User Group Offer: Actoris Software

Actoris Software at 25 Percent Off
(from the Apple User Group Bulletin)

Xpress Schedule is THE Macintosh tool for preparing employee work schedules. Create better schedules in less time, print schedules and even send them to your staff by email or text message. Food Cost Manager is a complete back office solution for food service businesses. Manage your inventory, calculate recipe and menu costs, and prepare nutritional information for your customers.

Xpress Schedule, regularly $99 (US), is available for a special Apple User Group price of $74 (US), and Food Cost Manager, regularly $249 (US), is available for a user group price of $185 (US), a 25 percent discount.

No expiration for this offer is specified.

Normal Price: Varies

UG Price: Varies

User Group Discount information available to:

  • MUG Members: Contacting your Macintosh User Group Leader or Ambassador
  • MUG Leaders: By contacting their Apple Regional Liaison team member.

Availability: None specified

Offer Expires: None specified

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