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Batteries to Power Your Macintosh

(from the Apple User Group Bulletin)

Every Macintosh computer contains a small battery that powers its built-in clock and stores settings. These batteries are vital to the operation of your system, so you should keep a spare handy.

Now you can buy these hard-to-find replacement batteries at a special user group discount. AWUG’s lithium batteries have a ten-year shelf life and are identical to or better than the original battery in your desktop Macintosh. Each battery comes with complete installation directions

Select from iMac/PowerMac/eMac batteries for only $7.00 (US) or Performa/Quadra 630-series batteries for $10.95 (US), a substantial discount from the standard prices of $14.00 (US) and $18.95 (US) respectively. Batteries are not available for PowerBook, iBook or G5 or Intel iMac.

Normal Price: Varies

UG Price: Varies

User Group Discount information available to:

  • MUG Members: Contacting your Macintosh User Group Leader or Ambassador
  • MUG Leaders: By contacting their Apple Regional Liaison team member.

Availability: Global

Offer Expires: Ongoing

Apple User Group Advisory Board web site

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