Woodward Mac Users Group to Host iPhone-App-Using Restauranteur

Woodward Macintosh Users Group
This coming week, the Woodward Macintosh Users Group will host a very different kind of guest showing off an unusual iPhone app.

Located at the Woodward School in Massachusetts, the group raises money to buy Macs for their school in a variety of ways, including selling snacks. That means they’ve become familiar with some aspects of the food service business, and their December meeting will fit in nicely with those activities.

Entrepreneur and restauranteur Jon Olinto of b.good restaurant will talk about how he’s using Apple technology to enhance his business. Jon’s restaurant features baked french fries and sweet potato fries, shakes, and store ground hand-packed hamburgers. Jon will demonstrate the new iPod Touch/iPhone app, Stamp, that reacts to customer iPods/iPhones and keeps track of individual customer favorites at his five restaurants. Is this a harbinger of future customer/vendor interaction? The girls of the Woodward MUG will find out.

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