WWDC Will Take Center Stage at User Group Meetings Next Week

Worldwide Developers Conference
Next week, Apple will host the annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco and Mac User Groups around the world will use the announcements at that meeting as the basis for their monthly meetings.

In Australia, user group activist Nicholas Pyers will present “WWDC News…Hot Off The Press” to the June 12 Macintosh Multimedia Group, a joint venture between AUSOM and iMUG. Because of the scheduling and time differences, Nick has the unique opportunity to present the meeting with only a few hours of prep time, but we bet he’s up to the task.

In the United Kingdom, the Oxford Macintosh Users Group will host “Live (Almost) from WWDC” on June 12, with an on-site report live from one of their members, followed by an open discussion of the day’s events.

In Philadelphia on June 16, the Philadelphia PowerBook Users Group will have their quarterly meeting featuring “WWDC Developments” as their primary topic, hosted by Jason O’Grady.

And that’s just the beginning. Even if not tagged as WWDC-themed, any group meeting in the next several weeks will undoubtedly be discussing the results of the conference, the next round of news on Leopard, the iPhone and all of Apple’s products.

Watch our MUG Event Calendar for details what Mac User Groups are presenting in the weeks and months to come.

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