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Exploring Pages

Hartley Jim Jackson of the Northern Vermont Macintosh User Group has authored an impressive 125-page eBook, Exploring Pages ’08 with Pages ’08, and is offering it to Mac User Group leaders and members for free.

The book covers all aspects of Pages, from word processing to page layout and beyond, including working with images drawing, tables, charts and graphs and much more. The complete book, and 8+ meg download, can be downloaded here on The MUG Center.

Mac User Groups are encouraged to relay this information to their members, and to use it as a basis for future meetings.

Thanks to Hartley for his generosity in sharing what was obviously a significant amount of work with the MUG community.

The complete table of contents includes:

I. Explore Pages ’08 with Pages ’08 using projects.

A Base for Exploring Pages ’08

1. My Version of History

2. Pages Basics

II. Word Processing in Pages ’08

3. Write a letter

4. Create an Envelope Using a Template

5. Working with Images

6. Objects and Drawing

8. Tables

9. Charts and Graphs

10. Word Processing Layout

11. Using Templates

12. Creating Templates

13. Document Packaging

III. Page Layout in Pages ’08

1. New in Pages ’08 Page Layout

2. Creating a Newsletter

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