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The MUG Event Calendar for the Week of October 17: Adam Engst, Chuck Joiner, MicroMat, VPNs, and Photos

This week’s MUG Event Calendar is full of great events from top to bottom.

Much the action will be in California, where Adam Engst of TidBITS and Take Control will address one group, while Chuck Joiner of MacVoices will speak to another, and Christian Pickman of Micromat will visit a third.

Elsewhere, the topic of VPNs will be examined at a Florida group and Apple’s Photos app will be the topic for a New Jersey group.

Also on the list are search tips, results of a photo contest, iOS 10, free Office software, Apple Watch and more.

Your group’s events could appear on The MUG Event Calendar if you make a little effort. Put a note on your schedule for the first of the month and email the details of your next meeting to The MUG Center.

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The MUG Event Calendar

The MUG Event Calendar for the Week of October 10: Apple’s Dave Marra, Jeff Gamet and Adam Engst

This week’s MUG Event Calendar features three prominent presentations on macOS Sierra and iOS 10 by three different, noteworthy individuals. Apple Senior Systems Engineer Dave Marra will address the topics in New Jersey, The Mac Observer’s Jeff Gamet tackle them in Colorado, and TidBITS and Take Control’s Adam Engst cover them in New York. Other topics on the agenda […]

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