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The MUG Event Calendar for July 9: Francis Shepherd of Apple, Nicholas Pyers, Andrew Stone of Stone Design Twice, Freeverse Software and “What else… iPhone!”

The title of an Oregon Mac User Group’s meeting says it all: “What else… iPhone!” Even with the post-release enthusiasm, there are still plenty other topics and visitors on the schedule at Mac User Groups around the globe for the coming week. Francis Shepherd of Apple will be in North Carolina to present the iPhone […]

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Online Internet Radio Goes Dark in a Day of Protest

It is quiet on the Internet today. Not as in “peace and quiet,” with images of relaxation and content. The quiet is the deafening kind that comes crashing in when you’ve lost something important and might not get it back. And that’s exactly what may happen. Today is the Day of Silence, a protest staged […]

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User Group Offers Expiring at the End of June

We’re in the last week of June and that means we’re approaching the end of several discount offers for Mac User Groups. Ending this week are offers from CJRTOOLS, Cordgo, HipIpodGear, Premium Memory Products, and Western Digital. See what else is out there in the way of deals for Mac User Group members on our […]

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Mac Users Can Help Save Net Radio

With the success of the iPod, the iTunes Store, GarageBand and more, it is clear that Mac users are enthusiastic about music. We are also huge fans of the online music streaming/discovery service Pandora, and with the iPhone’s full browser support, we can envision Pandora becoming even more popular among mobile users very shortly. That’s […]

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Guy Kawasaki Gives Mac User Groups a High Five

In an article from the June issue of Entrepreneur magazine, Guy Kawasaki gives Mac User Groups a “high five” in relation to Apple’s current level of success. "I got my first taste of user groups when I worked for Apple. Speaking at user group meetings was one of my great pleasures. Their members were unpaid, […]

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