Adobe Webcast to Launch Creative Suite Scheduled for Tuesday

Is there a user group anywhere who’s members and leaders don’t use Adobe products? If so, let us know. Otherwise, be sure to remind your group’s members to pay special attention on Tuesday, March 27 when Adobe will launch the newest edition of their Creative Suite, v3.

Better yet, you can actually see the launch thanks to a webcast set for 3:30 PM ET, 12:30 PM PT.

The Adobe Creative Suite 2 includes Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign Adobe GoLive, Adobe Acrobat Professional, Version Cue, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Stock Photos and Dreamweaver 8 so we can expect to see updated versions of at least some of those products, but will there be others? We may have a hint.

Adobe will be one of the featured presenters at the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro Users Group to show off the new edition of Adobe Production Studio which includes Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier, Adobe Audition, Adobe Encore, Adobe Dynamic Link in addition to some of the Creative Suite tools.

All in all, it should be an interesting event to watch and share with your members.

You can log in to the webcast on the dedicated event page on Adobe’s web site on Tuesday.

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