Global Delight Offers MUG Demos of Voila, Raffle Prizes and More

Global Delight
The folks at Global Delight Technologies are offering a virtual presentation event of their screen capture software, Voila, to your Mac User Group.

How many times have you wished you could make a quick video off your desktop to explain something? Or capture a few windows to paste them onto your documents or manuals? How about archiving some web pages? Voila lets you do all this and much more…

With Voila, you can…

  • Record high-quality full-resolution videos
  • Capture your desktop, web pages or from the camera
  • Apply Annotations and Effects to the captures, making them more interesting and informative
  • Use the smart Organizer to handle all the images & videos
  • Share instantly via YouTube, Flickr® , FTP, SFTP and Mail

Their package includes:

  • An online demo (approx. 20 mins) via screen sharing on how Voila works, during one of your monthly meetings
  • A give away of two NFRs for two lucky members after the demo
  • A special Off-the-Street discount for 30 days, only for your members

If you’re interested, their is a 30-day full-featured trial version available on their web site. Take a look and then contact them for scheduling at:

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