Macimagecover User Group Offer

Macimagecover has an offer for MacBook-owning user group members.
(from the Apple User Group Bulletin)

Customized Polycarbonate MacBook covers: 23 Percent Off

Macimagecover makes customized polycarbonate MacBook covers that are designed entirely by the customer. The design wizard enables the customer to create a one-of-a-kind cover from four basic templates–a cover that will protect, transform and personalize their MacBook.

Apple User Group members can purchase a cover for $50 (US), plus shipping and handling; the retail price is $65 (US) plus shipping and handling.

This US-only offer is valid through February 28, 2010.

To obtain the discount code, contact your Mac User Group leader or your Apple Regional Liaison.

Apple User Group Advisory Board Web Site

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