“MacVoices at Expo featuring Pandora” Event Will Wrap-Up Macworld Conference & Expo

MacVoices at Expo featureing Pandora

After a long, hard week at Macworld Conference & Expo, what will you be doing on Friday in San Francisco? Do you love music? Are you interested in podcasting? If you’re a Mac User Group member or leader, you’re invited!

MacVoices, “The Talk of the Mac Community” and Pandora, the online service that helps you discover new music by learning your tastes, have teamed up to present MacVoices at Expo featuring Pandora at the Renissance Parc55 from 6 – 9 PM on January 12.

The event will give attendees the opportunity to meet and interact with some of the key players from Pandora as well as notable Bay Area music celebrities, podcasters and some Macintosh luminaries, all focused on the Pandora experience.

MacVoices host Chuck Joiner will be doing live interviews with the speakers for later release, discussing his podcasts and web sites more.

Guests scheduled to appear include:

Tim Westergren

Tim Westergren, founder of Pandora
Tim will talk about his passion for music and how it led to the creation of the Music Genome Project and Pandora. He’ll discuss how the company has grown and evolved in the past year, his experiences traveling the country meeting with Pandora listeners and musicians, and what to expect for the future of music discovery.

Kevin Seal

Kevin Seal, Executive Producer and host of the Pandora Podcast, and Music Analyst for the Music Genome Project
Kevin will talk about the goals of the Podcast series, the process behind music analysis and how Pandora uses the Music Genome to hone onto your tastes and help you discover new music. Kevin also plays in the band Griddle.

Tom Conrad, Chief Technical Officer for Pandora
Tom will talk about the newest additions to Pandora’s feature set and the technical aspects of delivering music based on listener’s individual tastes and feedback.

Jim Dalrymple

Jim Dalrymple, Editor Online of MacCentral and Macworld and MacNotables Panelist
Jim is well known for his history of commentary and coverage of the Apple and Macintosh industry. Lurking behind that reputation beats the heart of a serious rock and roll guitarist. Jim will wrap up all the announcements of Macworld Conference and Expo from the music and audio angle and talk about Pandora from a musician’s perspective.

Paul Kafasis

Paul Kafasis, CEO of Rogue Amoeba Software
Paul’s company makes some of the most creative, powerful and innovative audio tools for Mac OS X, and they have a good time doing it. Obviously a music enthusiast, Paul will discuss how the Rogue Amoeba product Airfoil can help Pandora fans enjoy the service throughout their homes, offices and beyond without having to have direct access to their computer.

David Bassin

David Bassin, Celebrated Bay Area DJ and host of Freefall
David Bassin, Celebrated Bay Area DJ and host of FreeFall, a weekly music program that bridges the gap between jazz, electronica, R&B and world beats. David has an unrivaled reputation for airing new and influential independent artists and has been doing so for over 25 years. His eclectic tastes assure listeners that they will always be exposed to new and interesting music in his show broadcast on KUSF and available globally by re-broadcast on six online radio stations and via podcast. David will compare and contrast the methods he uses for selecting music for his discerning audience and discuss Pandora as a music discovery tool.

Michael Butler

Michael Butler, the host of The Rock and Roll Geek Show
Michael earned his rock reputation as the bass player for Exodus and American Heartbreak, and his podcasting credentials as one of the very first on the scene. The Rock and Roll Geek Show delivers an unscripted look at Michael’s adventures as a Bay Area celebrity, podcaster and touring musician, and features interviews with some of the best, most influential personalities from several eras of serious rock. Michael will discuss why he is an enthusiastic fan of Pandora even though he boasts literally thousands of tracks in his personal music collection.

The event is free and open to all fans of Macs, music and the featured speakers. Join us for an evening of informal fun and music discovery as we put the bottom line on Macworld Conference & Expo week and share a passion for music of all kinds.

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