MacVoices Helps You Share The Macworld Expo Experience with Your Members

Odds are that your Mac User Group will be highlighting Macworld Conference & Expo at upcoming meetings. Whether you’re doing an overview of the event itself, the announcements at Expo by Apple, or the products introduced by some of the world’s finest Mac vendors, the echos of the year’s largest and most important Mac event continue for months.

With everything that happened during that week, you need a little help, and MacVoices can give it to you. MUG Center Editor Chuck Joiner talked to an extensive, diverse group of exhibitors, attendees and commentators at Expo as part of MacVoices’ coverage of Macworld Expo, and invites you take advantage of all of them for your group.

Best of all, MacVoices didn’t wait until everyone arrived in San Francisco. Thanks to an arrangement with IDG World Expo, MacVoices chatted with a number of vendors prior to the show in the, “Road to Macworld” series of shows.

Visit the MacVoices web site and review the list of interviews already posted to see which ones would compliment your group’s upcoming meeting(s), then use them as the basis for your presentation. There’s nothing like having the president or developer of the company talk about their product. And keep watching…there are even more interviews from Expo coming, including several from the “MacVoices at Expo featuring Pandora” event on Friday night.

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