MUG Event Calendar – April 2019

The MUG Event Calendar

Monday April 1

Wellington Macintosh Society (Australia) (Kapiti) – Tips & Tricks

Virginia Macintosh Users Group – Phone Service Alternatives

Tuesday April 2

Massillon Akron Canton Macintosh – How To Learn Stuff

Sydney Macintosh Users Group (Australia) – TBA

Danbury Area Computer Society – How to Grow Your Business with Video Online in 2019

appleJAC – Accessibility Options in Apple Ecosystem

Wednesday April 3

Naples MacFriends – MacBook Prom, iOS, iPhone Q&A

Chicago Apple User Group – Procreate

Fox Valley Macintosh Users Group – Time Machine Backup

Las Vegas Macintosh Users Group – Favorite Apps

Thursday April 4

San Leandro Macintosh User Group – TBA

Friday April 5

Saturday April 6

AUSOM (Australia) – Disability & Assisitive Technology Demystified

Sunday April 7

Monday April 8

Portland Macintosh Users Group – What’s New With Wacom Tablets

Tuesday April 9

MacinTech – iMore’s René Ritchie on Privacy

New Hampshire Seacoast Mac User Group – Can You Finder?

Princeton Macintosh Users’ Group – “Backup Strategies and Options,” with Dave Hamilton

Cowtown Mac Users Group – TBA

Greater Albany AppleByters – Discussion of Apple Presentation; Announcements from Apple; New Apple OS’s; iOS Tips; Apple Releases

Seattle Xcoders – TBA

Wednesday April 10

Hershey Apple Core – No Meeting This Month

Apple CIDER – iOS Graphics on the cheap; What makes a good Photo

Ocala Macintosh User Group – TBA

ApplePickers – Siri Shortcuts

Alaskan Apple User Group – AppleNews+

Maui Apple Users Society – Cybersecurity

Naples MacFriends – Q & A + Apple’s ‘It’s show time’

Thursday April 11

McCormick County Mac User Group – What’s New, problems, idea sharing

MUG ONE – Apple Senior Systems Engineer Dave Marra

San Diego Macintosh User Group – “Apple News and Updates” by Adam Christianson

Tidewater Macintosh Users Group – Community Discussion: New Apple Hardware and Services

Seattle Xcoders – TBA

Friday April 12

Long Island Macintosh Users Group – TBA

Atlantic City Area Macintosh Users Group – Problem Solving Night

Saturday April 13

Suburban Chicago Apple Users – Dave Hamilton presents How Could Mesh Networking Improve Your Life?

Apple Corps of Dallas – TBA

Main Line Macintosh Users Group – The Modern Stereoscope- Easy 3D Photos on the Mac, and Viewing Depth using Modern Technology

The Mac Group Dayton – Demystify Recent USB Changes

Saginaw Macintosh Users Group – TBA

London Macintosh Users Group – TBA

Sunday April 14

Double-Click – “Podcasting and Introduction to Macstock 2019” with Mike Potter


Monday April 15

Silicon Valley Macintosh Users Group – Deep Dive into Apple Photos by Allison Sheridan

San Gabriel Valley Macintosh Users Group – Parent/sibling/spouse/somebody passed away; what do I do with his/her online stuff?

Tuesday April 16

Macintosh Meeting and Drinking Society – Accounts, Email and iCloud plus Elections

Tulsa Users of Macintosh Society – Taking Control of Siri

Apple Pie User Group of Southeast Michigan – Podcasts

Keystone MacCentral – TBA

Wednesday April 17

Naples MacFriends – Identity Theft

Central Oregon Mac Users Group – New product arrivals, AirPods 2, Apple TV, Q&A

Lancaster County Apple Corps – TBA

Diablo Valley Macintosh Users Group – MacClinic

Thursday April 18

Tidewater Macintosh Users Group – Introduction to Apple Contacts

Friday April 19

AppleJax – TBA

Saturday April 20

MacTechnics – Privacy, Safe Surfing, Blocking Ads

Sunday April 21

Monday April 22

Southwest Florida Apple Knowledge Society – Round Table Discussion What’s new at Apple + Tips & Tricks

Tuesday April 23

Upstate Apple Users Group – Home Automation

Maine Macintosh Owners & Operators Society – Life Gets in the Way

Upstate Apple Users Group – Home Automation

Sun City Center Apple User Group – Numbers

Wednesday April 24

Gold Coast Macintosh User Group (Florida) -The New NEWS +,The New TV +, The New Apple Card

Connecticut Mac Connection – ZWIFT

Sarasota Macintosh Users Group – TBA

Naples MacFriends – TBA

Los Angeles Creative Pro Users Group – Karl Soule from Adobe plans to show and tell the latest and greatest in Premiere Pro. Also Editor/Director/Visual Artist Nicholas Monsour will make his first appearance at lacpug. We intend to talk to Nick about shaping the critically acclaimed movie, Us. Go see this movie if you haven’t.

MacNexus – Yelp

Macintosh Users Group of Delaware – TBA

MACtreff Dusseldorf (Germany) – Der MAC in der Cloud

Thursday April 25

McCormick County Mac User Group – iOS and those new to the Apple world

Cleveland Digital Publishing Users Group – The Infinite Tripod: Drone Photography for Visual Artists

Friday April 26

AppleJax – TBA

Saturday April 27

Houston Area Apple Users Group – TBA

Washington Apple Pi – Tech trends in schools

Sunday April 28

Monday April 29

Wellington Macintosh Society (Australia) (Wellington) – New iMac and iPad + latest version of iWorks applications

Tuesday April 30

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