Raffles, Drawings & Door Prizes

An 8/11/03 discussion on the Apple User Group Discussion List (AUGD) about door prizes yielded a substantial amount of interesting and useful information on the subject of door prizes, raffles and drawings, including:

  • Laws vary from state-to-state (and in some cases, from country to country), so some groups can and do sell tickets; others make give-aways a “drawing” with no financial transaction involved.
  • Raffles or drawings don’t necessarily have to be copies of expensive or commercial software. Demo CDs, mouse pads, t-shirts and more work just as well and keep the costs to the group down.
  • Some groups limit raffle eligibililty to their members, preferring to see it as a member benefit, while others open it to either attendees or to anyone who will purchase a ticket.
  • One group gives a free ticket to their raffles to members who wear their groups t-shirt or sweatshirt or an Apple t-shirt or sweatshirt to the meeting.
  • Some groups purchase their raffle prizes, either at full retail or using special offer codes or limited-time deals, to help hold down the costs. Others solicit raffle prizes from vendors, presenters, or local Apple Resellers.
  • Non-computer related prizes are often on the prize table at many groups, including gift certificates from local restaurants.
  • One group raffles off themselves! Winners can select from the group’s Board members, and receive an hour of their time, in-home, to receive training, support, troubleshooting…whatever that Board member’s specialty is.
  • Some groups trade local resellers or vendors an ad in the newsletter for raffle prizes.
  • Follow-up recognition and support is important for companies who donate prizes. Mentions on your web site and in your newsletter, reviews of software, and then being sure you let the vendor know about it are all good ways to enhance your group’s status and show your appreciation.

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