Thumb Macintosh Users Group Achieves Apple Recognition

Another new Mac User Group has appeared, and after five months of meetings have been accepted as an Apple-recognied MUG.

The Thumb Macintosh Users Group (TMUG Michigan) of Pigon, Michigan serves Mac users in Huron, Tuscola and Sanilac Counties.

“We have reached this important goal because of the support of many friends in Saginaw and Midland who drove up to three hours to attend our recent Open House/BBQ. Since founding the club in April we have made new friends and accepted members from the Thumb area; many of them are seasoned Macintosh users,” president Michael Potter told The MUG Center.

With that milepost behind them, the group has some ambitious plans for the coming months, including:

  • An educational and hands-on demonstration of the Mac, coming Spring 2008: Themes under consideration for the event include: “Switching to the Mac”, “Working in two OS:virtualization”, “Why the Mac is easier, safer and a better value”, and “Basic computer skills everyone should know”.
  • The development of funding sources to finance future projects and activities.
  • Partnerships and projects with other MUGs in the region.

TMUG Michigan is off to a great start. Visit their web site and welcome them to the growing global Mac User Group community.

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