Update on Breen’s Bungalow for Mac User Groups

There’s a change in the wind for the very popular Breen’s Bungalow, the video series that Macworld Senior Editor Christopher Breen and Macworld magazine have made available to Mac User Groups.
Christopher Breen
We’re happy to report that Chris’ efforts have not gone unnoticed, and that the Bungalow has now officially morphed into the Macworld Video podcast. That means that your group no longer has to wait for the special release or worry about coordinating it with your meeting schedule. You’ll now be able to enjoy it as soon as it becomes available by subscribing to it on iTunes.

Recent editions of Macworld Video include two Apple TV editions, a special on the coolest software from Macworld Conference & Expo and more.

You can hear Chris talk about the evolution of the Bungalow into Macworld Video, along with his newest responsibility as the host of the Macworld Podcast (audio) and the ins and outs of podcast production on MacNotables #725.

We encourage Mac User Group leaders to not only screen the Macworld Podcast at your meetings, but to also consider using it as a starting point for meeting presentations, discussions and more. Chris and Macworld are specifically encouraging this kind of presentation now that the MUG edition of the Bungalow is no more.

Chris and Macworld continue their support of MUGs around the world with the offering of Chris’ Mac 911 column for publication in MUG newsletters. If you’re interested, be sure to sign up for The MUG Center’s Newsletter Content email list, where the column is distributed each month.

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