User Group University - San Francisco 2003

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The distinguished faculty of the sixth User Group University

San Francisco 2003

Ken Bereski
Boston College Macintosh Users Group

Ken is the Co-founder and President of the Macintosh Users Group of Boston College. He is currently entering his third term as President. A senior majoring in Philosophy and minoring in Computer Science, Ken is also the Apple Campus Rep at BC. Outside of the User Group, Ken works at the Boston College Student Help Desk, providing support for both the Mac and Wintel platforms. In his spare time, Ken is an avid fan of BC Athletics and has been known to travel with the team whenever possible.

Lynda Fudold
Planet Mac User Group

Lynda is a relatively new (since September ‘01) member of PlanetMUG, an online community of computer users, the former BBS of BMUG. Although she has always known that there was a lot more she could do with her Macs, through her membership in PlanetMUG, there’s now an easy way to get questions answered and to expand her interest and enthusiasm for the Mac. She is the principal of a small consulting & training organization working with companies in the Silicon Valley, Advanced Communications Group. ACG trains people in Influencing Skills and Business Problem Solving, as well as doing Organizational Development, Conflict Resolution and communication work.

Steve Guttman

Steve Guttman is a Curriculum Development Manager in Apple's World Wide Customer Training group. He is responsible for the development of end-user focused leader-led and self-paced training courses such as Getting Started with Mac OS X. Steve has been with Apple for over 5 years and has worked in various parts of the company developing training, online-help, and documentation for both hardware and software products.

Donna Hendrickson

Donna Hendrickson is senior manager of Apple's Worldwide Sales Training and Communications department, overseeing the CompUSA Apple Solution Consultant training program, Apple sales training (including Learn & Earn and instructor-led training), and Apple sales communication (including Apple Sales Web and Apple Sales News). Donna has sixteen years of executive-level experience in sales management and operations, including eleven years in Apple and Claris sales.

Chuck Joiner
Hershey Apple Core

Chuck is active advocate of the Macintosh User Group community. He has served as the Chairman of the Apple User Group Advisory Board since its creation in January, 2000, and is the president of his local group, the Hershey Apple Core of Hershey PA. Chuck is the Editor-In-Chief of The MUG Center, the resource site for Macintosh User Groups, and also produces and hosts "The User Group Report," an Internet radio show that focuses on Macintosh User Group personalities, news and information. Outside his user group activities, Chuck is Vice President of Operations for the Insurance Alliance of Central PA.

Chuck La Tournous

Chuck is the publisher of, a popular Mac-oriented news and opinion site, and has been called the best Mac writer on the planet (but only by his mother). Chuck has been using and writing about Macs since the late Jurassic period, and specializes in "insourcing" graphics and advertising departments for companies both large and small. He is the former webmaster for the New Jersey MUG site, and plays bass with the Mac All-Star Band. (He's the guy who sings Elvis.)

Dave Marra
Apple Senior Systems Engineer

Dave is a frequent and favorite presenter at MUGs across the U.S. and Canada because of his knowledge and high-energy presentation style. As a Senior Systems Engineer for Apple Computer, Dave has conducted technology presentations, seminars and workshops for user groups across the United States and Canada. His specialty areas include digital multimedia, internet technologies and cross-platform integration.

Gail Murphy

User group leader for over ten years, Gail has been a member of the Advisory Board for the past two years and recently joined the Apple Consultants Network. As a graduate of Norwich University in 1992 and past president of Vermont’s MacChamp User Group, she founded WiredWomen in 1996 to create “...a place where women could ask their questions and problem solve in an atmosphere more suited to their needs.” Gail writes websites and administers an annual conference of 1400 neonatologists in Washington, D.C. every December.

Ajay Pillarisetti
Apple Student Core @ Emory, Emory University

Ajay is the current president of Emory University's user group, Apple Student Core @ Emory (ASCE), and is the Apple Campus Representative to Emory. ASCE is currently working on its 3rd iMovieFest; in addition, they continue to work within both the Emory and Atlanta communities, finding new ways to meld technology and education. Ajay's currently finishing his last year at Emory University as a Biology major.

David Roemer
Apple Student Core @ Emory, Emory University

David works with Apple in its Buzz Marketing group and focuses on meeting the needs of the youth market and campus group community. He's a member of the Apple User Group Advisory Board and is currently studying at St. Andrews University in the United Kingdom. David founded the Apple Student Core @ Emory University in Atlanta, GA, a group that has pioneered several campus events such as iMovieFest that get students excited about doing more with technology.

Lorene Romero
North Coast Macintosh Users Group

Lorene has been the President of NCMUG for 3 years. She began 6 years ago as a new member who volunteered to help with a fundraising event. She serves on Apple's User Group Advisory Board as "Vendor Queen," working with vendors to improve relations and negotiate MUG discounts. It has become something she loves because everyone wins. In spite of an educational background in Clinical Psychology and 12 years in the Mental Health field, she decided to work with computers.

Rowan Rozanski
Colorado State Macintosh Users Group

This is Rowan's second year as the president of the Colorado State Macintosh User Group. She is pursuing a double major in History and Political Science and has a great love for comic books, computer games and, of course, Apple. Rowan was very excited to be invited to join the Campus User Group Advisory Board last year and hopes to help grow Campus Groups to fantastic new levels in the year to come. This will be her third MacWorld and UGU, and she is extremely excited to see all the great folks in San Francisco again.

Lesa Snider
Cowtown Macintosh User Group

Over the years, Lesa has served as newsletter editor, web master, program coordinator, and currently President of the Cowtown Mac User Group in Ft. Worth. She created and maintains the group’s community web site, which received a national award at Macworld in January of 2000. She is currently developing a club HTML newsletter. Professionally, Lesa holds a degree in web development and operates a creative new media firm named Flying Fingers along with a Mac consulting/training firm named Mac-Wiz. Lesa currently serves as a consultant for the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, travels the country with the Adobe Photoshop Seminar Tour, also occasionally writes for MacDesign magazine When not seated at a Mac, she enjoys reading, anything aviation/NASA/Star Trek related, tactical shooting, knife collecting, and seeing the world.

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