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The MUG Center Survey of Mac User Groups

Macintosh User Groups come in a variety of styles, focuses and structures. Campus, application-specific, community, industry, online and many others make up the dynamic and evolving user group community.

To better understand that community, and to help you understand what you and your group are part of, The MUG Center is conducting a survey of user groups with the new "Question of the Week" series. You'll find our question of the week at the top of our ad bar on the right hand side of each page on The MUG Center.

Questions and results so far:



What Tool(s) Does Your Group Use to Manage Your Financies?

Do You Prefer Text or HTML for Online Newsletter Distribution?

What Tool(s) Does your Group Use To Maintain Your Membership Database?

How does your group conduct raffles?

Does your group help pay for officers or ambassadors to attend trade shows?

Do your officers or leaders pay dues to your user group?

How does your group accept funds?

How often does your group issue a new resource CD or DVD?"

How Often Does Your Group Issue A New Resource CD or DVD?

What Day of the Week Does Your User Group Meet?

How many of your group's meetings have featured outside presenters or vendors?

How many of your group's meetings have been "home grown?"

When Will Tiger Pounce at Your User Group?

What Articles Do You Regularly Include in Your User Group's Newsletter?

What is Your Group's Summer Meeting Schedule?

What Special Interest Groups (SIGs) does your group offer?

What speaker expenses would your group consider paying?

What Benefits Does Your Group Offer to Members?

What Are The Most Important Parts of a Vendor's User Group Program?

How Far Ahead Does Your Group Schedule Meeting Topics?

What components make a successful in-store events

How much lead time is needed for your group's newsletter?

What is your user group's annual liabilitly insurance bill?

What Apple User Group Resources does your group use?

How does your group use your .Mac Account?

What is your user group's annual budget?

Rate the MUG Events at Macworld Expo SF 2005

  • User Group Kickoff Event
  • User Group Lounge
  • User Group Booth
  • User Group Guides
  • Adobe User Group Breakfast
  • Final Cut Pro Evening Event

What was the biggest, best, coolest thing your user group did in 2004?


What positions of leadership or responsibility does your group have?

How does the leadership of your group communicate?

What hardware does your user group own?

What is the *primary* format of your group's newsletter?

What promotional items or clothing do your members prefer?

What are your preferred methods for staying regularly informed about news and information for Macintosh User Groups?

What are your preferred methods of interaction and participation with other MUG leaders and members?

What software does your group use to maintain your web site?

Meeting Location Questions

  • Where does your group meet?
  • How much does your meeting space cost (per month)?
  • Does your meeting place require your group to have insurance?

How large is your group (as measured by membership size)?

How does your group publicize meetings?

How does your group raise money?

Dues Structure

  • How much does your group charge for a one-year membership?
  • Does your group offer family memberships at a different dues rate?
  • Does your group offer a corporate membership at a different dues structure?
  • Does your group offer a "lifetime membership" option?, Inc.

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