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Cupertino - January, 2001

User Group University draws MUG leaders from around the globe. We are proud to present the Class of January 2001

These are the faces and backgrounds on those who set the trends, both in the Macintosh community and in their non-Macintosh endeavors.

Kathy Aanestad
Sonoma Valley Computer Group

Kathy has been SVCG's hardcopy newsletter editor for almost eight years and is the current Webmaster. She also serves on the North Coast Mac Users Group Board of Directors and their Mac Computer Expo committee. Her educational background includes degrees in History and Communications Studies. Kathy left a position as a medical office manager to start her own Macintosh consulting business, including tutoring, web design/development and video. Her other accomplishments include titles as Pacific Coast Women's Sabre Champion and Women's Western Classic Sabre Champion.

Nancy Albrecht
Santa Clarita Valley Macintosh User Group

Nancy has been a member of SCV MUG since 1994, currently serving as Vice President of Finance and Librarian. She is also a member of the AppleWorks User Group. Recently, she used a Mac and AppleWorks to publish a daily newsletter for 2,300 professional and executive women attendees at "Convention 2000" of Zonta International in Honolulu. Retired from the Social Security Administration after a 25-year career, Nancy is a professional church organist (Association of Lutheran Church Musicians), and also does editing, proofreading, tutoring and recordkeeping from her home office. A licensed ham radio operator, she also volunteers with the American Red Cross as a Disaster Team leader.

Guenter Ambron
GravenStein Apple Users Group

Guenter's service to GSAUG has been very much a father and son venture since they attended the "Mac Discovery Day" in 1997. His first post was vice-president a year later, which resulted in a presidency for the last two consecutive years. During that time he's made housecalls to remedy Mac problems and redeem older Macs and find them places in local schools. By trade, Guenter is a general building contractor and uses his G3 extensively for business, estimating, drafting, etc. He is also a Web Designer and is developing an Internet-related business designed to help builders utilize the Internet and related technologies.

Robert Bailey
Northern Indiana Apple User Group

Brian Bantz
Minnesota Apple User Group

Jan Barken
Gold Coast Macintosh Users Group

An eight-year Macintosh user Jan has been involved with computers for 30 years, since the days of IBM Typewriter terminals and paper printouts. Retired after more than 20 years with the Coast Guard, Jan is currently an Application Analyst with McKesson HBOC, working in the MIS department at Miami Children's Hospital. A member of both the Upper Keys Macintosh User Group and Gold Coast Mac, Jan has served for a number of years as a Director of Gold Coast Mac, and he is currently in charge of product reviews for their newsletter and was a volunteer at the first Apple User Group University in New York. He's especially interested in digital photography and graphic design.

Mark Biallas
The NorthWest of Us MUG

P.A.M. Borys
MacWoburn User Group

Brenda Boswell
Diablo Valley Macintosh User Group

Brenda serves DVMUG as Vice President, assistant newsletter editor, semiofficial SIG coordinator, and odd-job person. She started her MUG career as Secretary, and one thing led to another. Brenda is also active in the Rossmoor Computer Club. Rossmoor is a retirement community with many new (but elderly) Mac users. Retired after 30 years with State of California as administrator for the California Seismic Safety Commission, she bought Macs for all staffers in 1985, making the Commission one of the few California state agencies then using the Mac.

Chris Broadwell
maCruzers of Santa Cruz

Scott Buchholz
Apple Community on AOL

Esver Camacho
Gold Coast Macintosh Users Group

Esver is the Secretary/Historian for Gold Coast Mac. He was a member of an Apple II user group from 1983 to 1989, then joined the Mac User Group community. Esver established a hard copy library for Gold Coast Mac where members can check out other user groups' newsletters and books. He runs the family bakery (El Brazo Fuerte Bakery) in Miami. "How I majored in Psychology (Pre-Med), love working as a consultant with Macs and manage to run a successful bakery is beyond me.Maybe the Mac just makes it that easy!"

Charlie Carlon
Gold Coast Macintosh Users Group

One of the original members of GCMac, Charlie has been a member since 1986, has served as Director and Treasurer, and is the current President. A frequent SIG chairman and lecturer, Charlie first served as a MUG officer of Miami Apple Users Group in the early 80’s. Charlie’s professional Macintosh experience includes: Macintosh Consultant, Apple Solution Expert, Owner Operator of SOFTCITY, Miami, Fl 1985-1990, an Apple VAR. When his Mac is shut down, Charlie is a Captain for Delta Airlines, with 24 years experience. Having flown over 20,000 hours in B727, L1011, B737,MD-88 ,B757’s, Charlie currently flies B767’s. Charlie also finds time to work with Endangered Primates at the Center For Orangutan and Chimpanzee Conservation where he serves on the Board of Directors as Vice-President.

Jackie Christopher
Quad Cities Macintosh Users Group

Jackie has been a leader for Macintosh Users Groups for over 10 years. She has held every office including President for two years when the MUG was established, Newsletter Editor, Vice President, Apple Ambassador, Program Chair and is currently Apple Ambassador. Jackie is a Division Manager for Deere & Company (John Deere) in Moline, IL. Her current assignment is Customer Engagement Manager for the Enterprise Support Solutions Center at Deere. Past managerial assignments include Application Development Manager for the SAP implementation project, Project Manager for e-commerce, and Project Manager for Internet Applications.

Barbara Clinton
Middle Georgia Mac User Group

Barbara first started working with Macs in the 80's after receiving an Apple grant in support of her work in developing intelligent tutoring systems. The platform allowed easy addition of audio and video components to the expert systems modules she was developing for the State of Georgia. In the business world, she is the Director of a consulting firm, Systems For Expert Applications; Editor of The Executive Journal, an online journal; and a professor in the Information Systems Department of the School of Business at Georgia College & State University. Her latest project involved the "Read and Color" series of children's books.

Sparky Cohen
Sparky's Mac & Modem User Group

Rex Covington
Houston Area Apple Users Group

Douglas Cox
Fresno Macintosh Users Group

Barry Crawshaw
The NorthWest of Us MUG

Barry joined TNWoU shortly after retiring (in 1994) from daily commutes to downtown Chicago and a mainframe data processing career with a large insurance company. After observing several vendor presentations, he began dabbling in HTML and web site design. In 1997, he redesigned the group's Web site which has become a frequently-visited information and communication vehicle for members. Barry is now Webmaster, a SIG leader and second-term Director of the organization.

Richard Crispin
Waterloo Region Macintosh Users’ Group

Richard has been President of WatRMUG for almost every term since 1986. The group is a community group and attracts people from as far as 40 miles away. He has been on the Board of Consortium of Canadian User Groups since 1994, and President since 1997. CCUG is an expanding federation of Mac Groups currently based in Southern Ontario. Richard is also in the Macintosh Technical User Group (MacTUG) at the University of Waterloo where he is a geek and a member of the Southern Ontario Filemaker Association (SOFA). He also serves on Apple's User Group Advisory Board. During the day, he is a computer consultant for the Department of Psychology at the University of Waterloo.

Richard Curran
Coastal Mac User Group

Rick is a 15-year veteran of Mac User Groups. He serves his group as Ambassador, Webmaster and program person. Other MUG activities have included Forum Leader for AOL's User Group Forum and host for the Small and New User Group Weekly Chats. Active in the User Group Network for the past four years, he has been part of the user group community since it started. Rick retired from the Navy as a Chief Warrant Officer, holds a BS degree from the University of Nebraska and spent four years at the Presidential Retreat at Camp David. He now does graphic and web design.

Pat Curran
Coastal Mac User Group

Pat has co-founded two MUGs, been a CMUG member for 14 years and served in a variety of positions, including her current ones of President and Early Bird SIG leader. She is co-owner of Patrick Graphics, an award-winning firm specializing in scheduled publications. Retired from 12 years in elected office, Pat has continued her community activism, concentrating in the field of child abuse prevention. She has received state recognition for her work as a court-appointed special advocate for abused and neglected children.

Alfred Darby
Lewiston/Auburn Macintosh Users Group

Alfred has been involved with his local MUG for the past five years providing leadership in a variety of roles including Membership Director, Technical Advisor and currently as President. LAMUG provided the energy to start the first annual NCEE/METE computer show in 1997, and they has continued to provide support and organization for the expo. Alfred has also been a member of the Macintosh Trainers Association. He spends his professional time as a Unix Administrator at one of New England's largest hospitals, and in the past he has applied his abilities on the behalf of Unum Life, GH Bass, Scott Paper, IBM, Philip-Morris, and MediaOne.

Bill Davies

Bill has been active in MacNexus since 1988, when he started out as the Shareware Librarian. Since that time he has served as a Board Member-At-Large, Vice President, and currently as President. Prior to his work with MacNexus, he was active in the Apple Mousse UG in Fairbanks, Alaska, and published their newsletter.On weekends during the winter months, Bill volunteers as a ski patroller in the Tahoe area, and he leads Sierra Club National Outings in the California back country during Summer. Professionally, Bill graduated with a law degree from U.C. Davis in 1982, and is currently employed as a staff attorney for the indigent criminal appellate defense project in Sacramento. He also has volunteered to keep the Macs running at the Sacramento County Bar Association, and chairs that organization's technology committee.

Jeff Davis
Houston Area Apple User Group

Jeff has served as President of HAAUG since 1998. Prior to that he served as Vice President of Programs and Vice President of Facilities. He is also co-sysop of the group's BBS, HAAUG Heaven. Jeff has worked teaching SIGs, main meeting presentations for his group and others, working in the library and on various committees. Jeff is an Apple Certified Service Technician and is also A+ Certified in Core Technologies & MS Dos/Windows. Professionally, Jeff works for the University. of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center as the Group Lead of the Desktop Support Group, maintaining computers for over 12,000 users, of which about 3,000 are Macs, mostly G3 & G4's. Before becoming a computer professional, Jeff was a professional photographer for 18 years, working with Macintosh computers and digital imaging the last several years. "I love what I do. If it weren't for User Groups I would not know what I do nor would I have this great job and get to attend Macworld."

Chuck Derksen
Santa Clarita Valley Macintosh Users Group

Chuck is the current President of the SCVMUG in Southern California. He has served for 3 years, first as 1st Vice President. He is a veteran of the Macintosh since June 1984, and is a member of the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro Users Group. He was previously a member of the Los Angeles Macintosh Group during the early years of the group. Chuck is currently employed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, as an Electronic Packaging Engineer.He not only uses his Macintosh system daily, but also Windows and UNIX systems as well.

Karen Downs

Karen has been MacNexus Treasurer for seven years and teaches Quicken and PhotoDeluxe at the user group's monthly training workshops.She is also one of the original members of WITS (Women in Technological Sisterhood), a MacNexus SIG for women, and she mentors beginning Macintosh users at WITS's monthly learning sessions in the MacNexus hands-on iMac Training Labratory. Karen is recently retired from state service where she served as Chief Financial Officer and later Chief Information Officer for a state department.

Ron Elkan
Apples BC Computer Society

Ron is presently serving as Ambassador for Apples BC. He purchased his first Macintosh computer on April 7th, 1993, without realizing what an enthusiast he would become. Ron has served as a Director-At-Large and is past President of Apples BC. Ron is a co-owner of a glass contracting company and recently started up Maccelerate, a Macintosh support and tutoring business located in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

Judy Epstein
Clan Macintosh

Judy has been involved with Macintosh user groups since 1984. She is a founding member of Clan Macintosh and The Finders, and she has also been a member of three other user groups. She was Vice President of The NorthWest of Us from 1991-1994. Currently, she is still an active member of both Clan Macintosh (as editor) and The NorthWest of Us. Loving computers, and seeing their potential, Judy developed courses and taught continuing education computer classes for adults from 1981-1998. Courses included general Macintosh classes as well as a variety of applications including word processing, desktop publishing, and financial management. Judy is president of a successful Macintosh consulting and training business. She has also worked as a rep for the Holiday 2000 Apple Demo Days and shared her enthusiasm about the Mac with customers in retail locations.

Lorin Evans
Washington Apple Pi

Lorin has been president of Washington Apple Pi, of the largest MUGs, since 1994. He is also a member of Apple's User Group Advisory Board. Lorin’s professional background is in congressional/executive legislative affairs.

Perk Evans

Pat Fauquet
Washington Apple Pi

Pat is the Director of WAP, as well as Tutorial Coordinator and a writer for the WAP Journal. She has been a member of WAP for 12 years, a board member for 4 years, and is a past President of Northern Virginia Educators Mac User Group. Other accomplishments include being a member of the Apple Distinguished Schools Team at Gunston School in Lorton VA; Technology Teacher of the Year at the Virginia Society for Technology in Education; member of-and conference presenter at -the Virginia Society for Technology in Education; and Maryland Instructional Computing Committee. Pat is an independent computer consultant and tutorial instructor. Her special interest areas are multimedia, video, web page production and senior citizen computer education.

Richard Fennessy
Gateway Area Macintosh Users Group

Richard has used Macs for ten years for analysis of unexploded ordnance clearance operations and other, more creative, applications in the Defense arena in Australia, where Macs are far more popular than in St. Louis. Richard was a keen member of the ACT Apple User Group, and his enthusiasm resulted in twice being elected GAMUG President. Some credit him for revitalizing the group, but Richard says that any success came from simply coordinating the members' talents.

Dave Game
Gold Coast MUG

A 16-year Macintosh user, Dave's first computer was one of the first Macs off the truck in Detroit, Michigan, and he's never looked back. A long time user group member, former President, and current Vice President of his group, Dave edits the Gold Coast Mac newsletter and is the group's Webmaster. He uses the Macintosh extensively in his position as an Emmy-Award-Winning investigative producer for CBS in Miami, where he coordinates computer-assisted reporting efforts. Other notable achievements include presenting at the original User Group University at Macworld Expo 2000 New York, and leading a roundtable at the Florida Association of Computer User Groups' Fall Leadership Conference in November 2000. He has been a frequent guest on the Miami-based technology radio program "Into Tomorrow." To fill in the odd moment, he owns a small business which designs web sites for other small businesses. His latest passion is digital video: creating projects which stretch the capabilities of iMovie both for individuals and in professional broadcast situations.

Bill Gass
Digital Designers Group

Kenneth Gengler
Portland Macintosh User Group

Amaya Gergoff
Caracas Macintosh Users Group

Amaya has been a leader of CMUG for over 4 years, serving as President. She is a System Engineer and works as Webmaster of, a major ISP in Venezuela. She is also Treasurer of the Internet Society chapter of Venezuela. Amaya is working in a new project,, which will serve as a MUG Center for Latin American MUGs and other Spanish-speaking countries.

Ron Gibbs
Mac-In-Awe Macintosh User Group

Ron has been a member of MIAMUG since 1987, and has served as Technical Advisor, Webmaster, and Vice President. He retired from the Central Research Department of the Dow Chemical Company in 1998, where he was responsible for networking, communications, and desktop support for 10 years. He has worked in scientific visualization, microphotography, and is currently involved with 3D animation and non-linear video editing.

Gail Glore

Gail bought her first Mac to complete her senior thesis at Norwich University and, at the same time, joined her first Mac user group. A past President of MacChamp, she founded WiredWomen to create "...a place where women could ask their questions and problem solve in an atmosphere more suited to their needs." Gail is also the newest member of Apple's User Group Advisory Board with responsibility for editing email communications. In her day job, Gail is the registrar for "Hot Topics in Neonatology," an annual global conference. In her spare time, she has five children and a very tired-but-understanding husband.

Lynn Goodrich
West Orange County Macintosh User Group

Lynn’s involvement with his user group started in 1989, as a member. Since then he has served as Board Secretary, Newsletter Editor, Co-Editor, and is currently President for a total of 14 service years. He was involved in the LAMG, as well, for several years and is involved in supporting the Mac Labs in many local K-12 schools. He has been involved in the computer industry since the middle 1960's. He held positions with IBM ranging from field engineer to systems engineer. He currently owns a successful consulting firm.

Don Grossman
Lake County Mac Users Group

Lorca Hanns

Marcus Harner
Redding Macintosh Users Group

John Hayes

John is President of BostonBBS of Virtual Harbor, Inc., a non-profit corporation which is the home of the core group of people who operated the BCSMac BBS of the Boston Computer Society and then were BMUG East, the right-coast presence of BMUG (of Berkeley CA). John has been part of that changing series of Mac User Group identities for the last ten years. He is an MIT graduate in architecture and has the experience of being President of a 400-person architectural firm who does work throughout the US, Africa, Near East and Far East. The firm's nearest project to Cupertino is the planning of the North West Campus Expansion of Stanford University.

Pekka Helos
Finland Macintosh Users Group

Clayton Hibbert
Apple PIE of South Eastern Michigan

Alain Horchower
Apple PIE of Southeast Michigan

Donald Howell
North Florida Macintosh User Group

Robert Huntington
Virtual Harbor

Robert is a Forensic Pathologist by trade and MacNut by avocation. He is quite far from a techno wizard: it's just that the Mac helps him communicate, learn, and enjoy. He is a board member of Virtual Harbor BBS in Boston and, at present, Vice President of the Madison (WI) Macintosh User's group.

Chuck Joiner
Hershey Apple Core

Chuck is involved in a variety of MUG activities. He has been the President of The Hershey Apple Core since 1992, serves as Chairman of Apple's User Group Advisory Board, User Group Correspondent to The Mac Show Live, and Editor-In-Chief of The MUG Center. With a background in accounting and two insurance professional designations, Chuck is Vice President of Claims and Operations for The Insurance Alliance of Central PA.

Colya Kaminiarz
Revelation Mac User Group

Colya is one of the founders of RevMUG, a MUG and electronic community in Vancouver BC. Colya has been feeding the MUG since it was an infant and has watched it endure its growing pains. Having been introduced to the world of Apple at the end of a LOGO turtle, he is now a Moof-flag toting MacEvangelist at night and during days supports his habit as a Respiratory Therapy Clinical Instructor at Vancouver General Hospital, BC's tertiary care & trauma center.

Davian Kaplan
Case Western Reserve University Mac User Group

Len Kaufman
North Florida Macintosh Users Group

Len Kaufman joined the North Florida Macintosh Users Group in August
1987, and became Editor of it`s First Coast Mac newsletter in January, 1989. He has been President of NFMUG since January, 1990. Len started on the Mac at its inception in January, 1984, but had been active with computers starting in 1970, while serving on active duty with the U.S. Navy. Upon his retirement in 1974, he continued to be associated with various computers (not Apple) through his new Navy Civil Service position. Throughout the ensuing years, he remained current on the computers of that era and became a “believer” when the Macintosh was introduced in 1984.

Janice Kempf
Lake County Macintosh Users Group

Janice co-founded LCMUG in January, 1999 and serves as President to its 114 members. She is also Webmaster, Newsletter Chief Editor, Program Director, teaches New User and Intermediate User classes, and assists in repairing hardware and software related problems. Janice is in the process of becoming a Certified Mac Technician through the AppleCare Technician Training Program. She recently gave up her practice as an Alternative Health Provider to devote her full attention to LCMUG, the club members, and to promote the Macintosh platform.

George Kopp

George has been involved in his group since it formed in 1984. Over the years, George has served in the leadership positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary/Editor. His current position is that of Vice President. George is a Registered Professional Engineer, working for the State of Missouri, Department of Transportation as the Department's Computer-Aided Drafting and Design Services Engineer. He supports an engineering network of over 600 users. As an avid Mac user, he specializes in evangelizing the Macintosh and building bridges between the Macintosh and PC worlds.

David Krafchick

David has served his group in various capacities, including Vice President and Main Meeting Coordinator. David is an inventor and consultant for Nimbleland. He holds a BFA in Directing from Boston University School For The Arts, and has seven years of Arts & Politics in at Washington State University. David developed the Macworld User Group Guide Program which is in use at Expo.

HOnza Koudelka
Klub pratel pocitacu Macintosh

HOnza has been a leader of KPPM since it was founded in 1996.Besides being a President, he is also a project manager of a successful CD published bi-annually by KPPM for Czech Mac users. HOnza has worked with Macs since 1990. He currently works as an IS Manager for Superstav, the manufacturer of EarthForce backhoe loaders and also operates his own software development business. In the last century, HOnza operated his business alone and produced a few shareware and freeware products. For the new century, he has a new corporate business together with other two KPPM councilers.

Christine Labate
Graphic Artist Guild

Bob Laughton
Ukiah Macintosh User Group

David Lawrence
Pilot Butte Technology Users

David is the founding leader for this young UG in Central Oregon whose membership is made up of staff member within the Bend – La Pine School District. The group's mission is to enhance the technology skill level of the staff members so they can integrate the technology within their daily lives. Before moving to Oregon, David was a long-time member of the Board of Directors for the Disney Employees Macintosh User Group. He was that group’s Newsletter Editor and Event Coordinator.

Katie Learmonth
Macintosh Users Group of Nova Scotia

Katie has been President of MUGNS since 1997, a member since 1995, and a Mac owner since 1985 (she still owns the original 128k Mac). Through FireFox Marketing she has been involved in Apple Demo Days at a local big box store in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and recently achieved the status of Apple Product Professional through the Apple's Learn and Earn program. In her professional life, Katie is the Executive Assistant to the VP of Learning Systems at Knowledge House, developers of Collaborative Problem-based Learning (CPBL) experiences to be delivered online.

Veda Lewis
Sonoma Valley Computer Group

Veda is in her second year as president of the Sonoma Valley Computer User's Group (SVCG), a bi-platform group in Sonoma, California, home to some of the best wines around. This group keeps it simple by providing a place for questions and answers and hands-on demonstrations in a friendly environment. When not working for the club, Veda works on environmental biology issues for a public agency.

Tore Lundemo
Mac Users Group Singapore

Stan Lunetta

Stan serves as both Sysop and Webmaster for his group, as well as helping with their monthly Triage troubleshooting workshops. Professionally, Stan is Pit Drummer and Music Contractor for California Musical Theate; Timpanist & Orchestra Contractor for the Sacramento Opera Association; and Timpanist for the Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra. His Mac is always at his side, allowing him to compose music and run his music contracting business via HyperCard.

Rose Lynn
Gold Coast Macintosh Users Group

Rose is proud to serve the Macintosh community in a variety of capacities, including "Content Queen" of the 2nd Apple User Group University, a member of Apple's User Group Advisory Board, a past president of Gold Coast Macintosh User Group, a member of the Florida Association of Computer Users and the The Association of Personal Computer User Groups. Rose's day jobs include full time management of her family-owned catering business and maintaining Insurance and Real Estate licenses

Jed Mark
Diablo Valley Mac Users Group

Jed has been President of DVMUG for 2 years. During this time the group has grown from 295 member to 580, thanks to the success of the the iMac. The highlight of their year is an all-day seminar "So you got a Mac...NOW what do you do?" Jed has been with DVMUG for 5 years and was a member of the Berkeley Macintosh User Group before that. Jed formed a mortgage company after a career in the Savings & Loan field and acquired a Lisa to help run the company. It was traded in very quickly for a series of original Apples, and his progression from there was natural. In the past 10 years Jed has moved from the mortgage business to an occupation of salmon fishing, golf, travel, grandfathering and DVMUG.

Ed Matlock
San Leandro Macintosh User Group

Gail McGovern

Gail is the founder of MacNexus, served as its first President and has held a variety of positions since 1984. She served on the the Apple User Group Advisory Council in 1988. She is currently the Volunteer Coordinator, writes a column on web sites and teaches classes on Internet searching. Gail administered grant programs for over 20 years and is now an independent consultant working with nonprofits on strategic planning and cultural diversity issues.

John McIntosh
Calgary Macintosh Users Group

Del Missier

Del is el Presidente y Evangelista of SMUG and has been a contributing officer for 14 years. He is a MacNut and has a PhD to prove it from University of MacAdemia. He is also an avid environmentalist and a flying afficianado. Del has a diverse background of Mac Projects and runs a studio from his home office called TheMacArena. It is a constant dance, and an actual arena for Mac Consulting, graphics, training, maintenance and repair.Unfortunately, since the Mac is so reliable and user-friendly, he is not very busy.Del also works for MarketSource promoting Apple products

Janet Mobley
North Coast Mac Users

Janet is currently Newsletter Editor for NCMUG, and served as Editor for eight years with GravenStein Apple Users Group, as well as Webmaster for three years. She holds a variety of awards for newsletter editing, web sites and user group participation, the most recent of which is "First Place - Macworld NYC,2000 Adobe Newsletter Contest - NCMUG newsletter." Janet is retired after 25 years of teaching Art and Home Economics. Her educational background includes Art, Home Economics, Education, Biological Science and Psychology.

Lew Nelson
Corvallis Mac User Group

Lew has been an officer of CMUG for more than 10 years, and is presently serving as Executive Director. He served on User Group Advisory Council in 1995 and 1996. Lew attended the University. of Pennsylvania, and did his graduate work in Microbiology at Oregon State University. He has been a professional photographer for 26 years, and a Mac consultant for 6 years.

Dean Nichols
Campbell Senior Center Computer Users Group

Dean is the Advisor/Coordinator for the CSCCUG. He has been a computer user since 1979, and still owns and uses Apple I machines as well as Macs. Dean is a member and former officer and Board Member of PIE Inc of Santa Clara which co-sponsored CSCCUG in its early years. Don is a Pharmacist by profession and teaches basic computer literacy classes in addition to his other CSCCUG duties.

Settimio Perlini
PowerBook Owners Club

Merry Perry
Maryland Apple Corps

Merry has been involved with the Maryland Apple Corps since 1983, when she got her first Apple (a II+), mostly as Treasurer (current position). She did a lot of beta testing in those days and attended Applefests regularly, even becoming a speaker while a Contributing Editor for the Apple IIGS Buyer's Guide. She sold needlework for five years and then computers for 11 years. She has helped at the users groups breakfasts at Macworld for the last few years and has been a MarketSource demonstrator. Merry attended Wilson College and is presently working as an administrative secretary at the Institute For Policy Studies at Johns Hopkins University.

Thomas R. Piper

Tom founded aJMUG in 1984, then served as its President for the first 8 years and the past 4 years. He initiated their monthly newsletter and meetings, electronic bulletin board and website, education SIG, public and parochial school support, and other efforts. As a trained architect and health planner, he also promotes inter-platform communications through his agency , his advocacy , his passion , his faith and other efforts to turn barriers into bridges.

Lynn Poos
Silicon Mountain Macintosh User Group

Currently the Secretary-Treasurer of the largest active MUG in the State of Colorado, Lynn has been involved with the Mac since the late 1980's. Lynn has also been involved with Apple Computer on several promotional ventures and consulting. He holds a Master's Degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor's Degree in Police Science and Administration. Retiring in 1993 after thirty-four years with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Lynn moved to Colorado and was appointed by the City Council to serve on the Colorado Springs Liquor and Beer Licensing Board, where he has served since. In 1998, he was appointed by the Governor to chair the Colorado Juvenile Parole Board, a position he currently holds.

J. Keith Putnam

Huntsville Macintosh Users Group

Keith joined HMUG in 1996, and became Apple Ambassador when needed. He provides input to MacNews each month. Keith began AppleDemoDays when the iMac was released and has held positions as Retail Representative for Best Buy, Sears, and currently Circuit City. Keith achieved Apple Product Professional status in 2000. Professionally, Keith is a software analyst supporting the PATRIOT Missile program. Outside of HMUG activity, he sings in the Eugene Brasher Chorale and his church choir.

Enrique Quintero
Freno Macintosh Users Group

Enrique Quintero has been a Mac user for the last ten years, he picked up a Mac SE at a local GoodWill for $10 and has been using Macs since. This is his first year as a Board member and he promises to spiff up the newsletter! Specializing in Website design and graphics. He is currently the webmaster for the Fresno Macintosh Users Group and a consultant for the website. He divides his time between family and his PowerBook G3, not in that
Garr Reynolds
Kinki Macintosh Users Group

Garr is president of KMUG in Osaka, Japan. Professionally, Garr is a corporate learning specialist at Sumitomo Electric's head office in Osaka. There he is responsible for special projects coordination and the design of cross-cultural management seminars. Garr frequently makes formal presentations outside the company on such issues as change management, career development, design, and branding. Before going to Japan, Garr worked on cross-cultural management issues at the East-West Center in Honolulu. Garr has an M.A. in Organizational Communication from the University of Hawaii.

Franklin M. Rizer
Mahoning Valley Macintosh User's Group

Franklin has been involved with the Macintosh almost as long as he has been a physician. As a member of the Los Angeles Macintosh Users group when it was developing in 1986, he began to see the wisdom of a better means of computing. Upon moving to Warren, Ohio in 1987, he helped form the Mahoning Valley MUG and has been instrumental in moving it forward since. Always ready to help, Frank's primary role has been as a facilitator, serving as instructor in classes and as a trustee in governance.

Ronnie Roche
North Coast Mac Users Group

Ronnie has been a Mac user since 1993, when she purchased a Quadra 605. She took to Macs like a fish out of water and now runs a Mac consulting/training business focusing on new users. Her involvement with user groups began in 1992, when a friend gave her an Apple IIe. Her MUG positions have included Assistant Software Librarian and Graphic Designer for two local user groups, as well as her current post on the Board Of Directors for the North Coast Macintosh Users Group.

David Roemer
Apple Student Core @ Emory, Emory University

David has the pleasure of working with extraordinary students and educators as they use Apple technologies to enhance education, campus life, and their contributions to the community. David has been living and breathing Apple for many years—including an amazing summer last year as the Apple User Group Program intern in Cupertino and a couple years as an Apple Campus Representative.

Lorene Romero
North Coast Mac Users Group

Lorene has been the President of NCMUG for 3 years. She began 6 years ago as a new member who volunteered to help with a fundraising event. She serves on Apple's User Group Advisory Board as "Vendor Queen," working with vendors to improve relations and negotiate MUG discounts. It has become something she loves because everyone wins. In spite of an educational background in Clinical Psychology and12 years in the Mental Health field, she decided to work with computers. Today Lorene works at a software company and is the corporate contact for 30 field reps. It is much less stressful.

Christopher Sarson
Windows on the Rockies User Group

Christopher bought his first computer (a Visual CPM desktop) in 1982, and was so impressed with the generous help of other Visual users that he vowed he would help newcomers when he became proficient. He serves as President of WRUG and has grown the group to 200 members under his direction. Christopher feels that APCUG should be the place that User Groups of all flavors -Macintosh, Wintel, Linux, Apple II, Sun - can go to exchange information, learn from each other, and just plain have fun! He is the only UGU presenter from outside the Apple User Group Community. For a living he produces television programs and is best known as the creator and first Executive Producer of both Masterpiece Theatre and the children's series Zoom! (both still running after 30 years!) Christopher is currently working on TV programs about parenting. He is also a mediator for the City of Boulder, a gardener and a cook!

Joanne Schachter
Lincolnwood Apple Users Group

David Sevick
North Pittsburgh Macintosh Users Group

Dave is a full-time Apple consultant and owner of Mac Support. He is also a member of the Apple Solution Experts team. As Co-Leader and Ambassador of the NPMUG since 1996, Dave is also co-founder and outbound tech support for "MacOutfitters," an Apple specialist reseller. Retired as a Registered Nurse with 18-year Operating Room, Pediatric, Intensive Care experience, Dave is also a Disc Jockey for a multimedia production company called "Digital Sight and Sound of Pittsburgh, "an all-Apple company.

Jonas Skardis
Santa Fe Mac Users Group

Jonas has been a member of the Santa Fe Mac Users Group Executive Board for three years, one as Chairman, and serves as Meeting Coordinator and Cage-Meister. Jonas hosts numerous special interest groups on topics ranging from web design to digital video. As a member of Apple's User Group Advisory Board, Jonas is "list mom" to the Apple User Group Discussion List, and coordinator of the UGAB's monthly chats on WorldWithout Borders. He also owns and operates a successful Macintosh consulting business.

Doan Stafford

Doan is Co-Chair of QMUG/LA and has worn a number of hats since its inception, June 1994. He is also Webmaster, and was recipient of Best User Group website, Mac or PC, for Small User Group Category 2000 by the User Group Academy. Doan has volunteered at the Apple Booth at two Macworld Expos in San Francisco, and has worked at various Mac-related companies such as MacMall, Apple's Pre-Sales Center, and Earthlink.

Yuan-Yuan Sun
Macintosh Users Switzerland

Yuan-Yuan first worked on a Mac back in 1984* (no comma) but fell in love with them 10 years later. She fervently made up for the long incubation time by immediately joining the local User Group, MUS, and their Board of Directors. She has served as President since 1999. In her other life, she first studied architecture (the traditional one) but then switched careers to work as software developer for an ISP.

Allen Thorpe
Gateway Area Macintosh Users Group

Elsa Travisano

Elsa has been a guiding force for MUG ONE in upstate New York for 14 years. After serving two separate terms as President, she currently wears three hats: Vice President, Webmaster, and Newsletter Editor. A "Mac of all trades," Elsa is a Macintosh consultant and a seasoned Mac instructor who has taught workshops for teachers, classes for children and adults and even a college course in the Mac. She specializes in assistive technology for children with special needs.

Roger Turpin
Chattanooga Macintosh Users Group

Mario Vasella
Rheintaler Macintosh User Group

Robert A. Waller
San Gabriel Valley Macintosh Users Group

Lynn Wegley
Apple Corp of Dallas

Currently Lynn am serves as the Program Director and Director of Sales at ACD. Since 1982, Lynn has been involved in approximately 20 different user groups from Honolulu to Boston. Currently, he serves as the Program Director and Director of Sales at Apple Corp of Dallas. As an active, lifetime member of Tulsa Users of Macintosh Societ, he is also active in DallasMUG and Cowtown MUG of Fort Worth. He writes the weekly Rumor Manager column for the User Group Network and was named "User Group Member of the Year for 1999" by the User Group Academy. Lynn is currently employed as Research Librarian for the Circle R Group, which is the in-house advertising agency of Radio Shack. Prior to that, Lynn spent 22 years in the airline catering business.

Harry Weller
Pennsylvania Apples Macintosh User Group

Harry's group, located in State College, the site of Penn State University, recently completed their latest service project of providing an iMac for the public library. Professionally, Harry is a family physician who retired in 1982 after 27 yeas as a USPHS commissioned officer. He retired again in 1996 after 14 years as the Team Physician at PSU, and currently serves as the Financial Secretary for his local UCC church.

Peter Wellsman
Nanaimo Macintosh User Group

Peter has been involved with various MUGs over two decades of Mac advocacy in Canada and is currently President of NMUG. Peter also runs a computer consulting/training/support company from his home. He manages to squish in several volunteer activities including: Chairperson of the Parent Advisory Council at his son's elementary school; member of a Community Development group who are working on a large inter-agency coordination project to address a broad range of local community issues ranging from safety and security to low-fee/no-fee childcare. Peter is retired after 20 years of service in the Canadian Armed Forces, and he now spends many enjoyable hours in the kitchen. While in the military, he was a member of the team who developed an Army Command and Control System based on another OS that, after 10 years, is still in development...they should have gone Mac!!!

Chuck Wilcher
Mendocino Coast Macintosh User's Group

Chuck has been President of his group since 1993. His previous experience with user groups was Co-founder and President of the Golden Gate Macintosh User's Group at the University of San Francisco. He served on the User Group Advisory Council representating higher education in 1991. Chuck's primary occupation is as a private technology consultant. He is a member of the Apple Solutions Experts. In addition, he is a volunteer fire fighter/EMT, school board member, and long-time officer in California Certified Organic Farmers. Chuck also sits on the technology committee of the local school district.

James Williams
North Valley Macintosh User Group

David Wysocki
North Coast Mac Users Group

David has been Vice President of NCMUG for the past 3 years, as well as contributing to the groups's newsletter as a product reviewer. David also serves on the organizing committee for Mac Computer Expo, the group's annual fundraising event. A journeyman pipefitter, he has made the change to full-time software testing in the Schools division of The Learning Company, and he also owns and operates a Mac consulting business.

Fabio M. Zambelli
PowerBook Owners Club

Fabio has been a POC leader from the very beginning. He is a writer for Macity Publishing, an independent Italian group of Apple-related web sites including Macity, MacProf and Palmipede. Fabio describes himself as an Apple Evangelist 24/7/52/365.

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