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User Group University - San Francisco 2002

San Francisco 2002

User Group University draws MUG leaders from around the globe. We are proud to present the Class of January 2002

These are the faces and backgrounds on those who set the trends, both in the Macintosh community and in their non-Macintosh endeavors.

Kathy Aanestad
Sonoma Valley Computer Group

Kathy has been SVCG's hardcopy newsletter editor for almost eight years and is the current Webmaster. She also serves on the North Coast Mac Users Group Board of Directors and their Mac Computer Expo committee. Her educational background includes degrees in History and Communications Studies. Kathy left a position as a medical office manager to start her own Macintosh consulting business, including tutoring, web design/development and video. Her other accomplishments include titles as Pacific Coast Women's Sabre Champion and Women's Western Classic Sabre Champion.

Nancy Albrecht
Santa Clarita Valley Macintosh User Group

Nancy has been a member of SCVMUG since 1994, currently serving as Vice President of Finance and Librarian. She is also a member of the AppleWorks User Group. Recently, she used a Mac and AppleWorks to publish a daily newsletter for 2,300 professional and executive women attendees at "Convention 2000" of Zonta International in Honolulu. Retired from the Social Security Administration after a 25-year career, Nancy is a professional church organist (Association of Lutheran Church Musicians), and also does editing, proofreading, tutoring and recordkeeping from her home office. A licensed ham radio operator, she also volunteers with the American Red Cross as a Disaster Team leader.

Robert Bailey
Northern Indiana Apple User Group

Bob has been involved in his user group for the past 10 years, holding all offices except that of newsletter editor. He is currently serving as the group's President. He has been on a disability pension after being a Railroad Policeman for 29 years. After becoming injured in 1991 he bought his first Apple Computer, (Performa 475). He also is the Mac support person for his local telephone company's ISP service.

Chris Bastian
Metropolitan New York Macintosh Alliance

Chris Bastian is the President and Co-Founder of the Metropolitan New York Macintosh Alliance (MetroMac). He served three years as Treasurer of the New York MacUsers' Group, and has also held various administrative positions with NYMUG, Washington Apple Pi and the Big Apple User Group, dating back to 1987. In real life, Chris works as a Transportation Planner for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York City.

Brian Bantz
Minnesota Apple User Group

Brian D. Bantz , a member of Miniapples, the Minnesota Apple Computer User Group, is a former President, Ambassador, and, currently, leading our Meet Your Mac SIG (special interest group). His leadership has helped all ages become familiar with their Macs by directing hands on help, especially with novices emailing to their children and grand children. He was president of NAUGSAW, the precurser to the User Group Academy. Brian is retired from pharmaceutical and opthalmic product sales, from the Pharmacia Corporation. He maintains his license in funeral service, but is currently inactive. He consults on Macintosh applications and networking.

Rodolfo Belcastro
Apple Aacintosh Users Group Sicilia

Rudy is VP & Editor of AMUG Sicilia, one of the biggest Macintosh User Groups in Italy. He's taking a Degree in Journalism at Palermo University. LineBacker of the most famous American Football Team in Sicily, "Cardinals AFT," and Macaddicted since 1985 when he met his first dream's computer: a Macintosh. He never lets his Powerbook alone. His Powerbook never lets him alone too.

Ken Bereski II
Boston College Macintosh Users Group

Ken is the Co-founder and President of the Macintosh Users Group of Boston College. He is currently entering his third term as President. A senior majoring in Philosophy and minoring in Computer Science, Ken is also the Apple Campus Rep at BC. Outside of the User Group, Ken works at the Boston College Student Help Desk, providing support for both the Mac and Wintel platforms. In his spare time, Ken is an avid fan of BC Athletics and has been known to travel with the team whenever possible.

Daniel Berube
Boston Final Cut Pro Macintosh Users Group

Daniel is the Founder and President of the Boston Final Cut Pro User Group. Dan is also the User Group Ambassador and Webmaster. Collaborating with other MUGs and with the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group (LAFCPUG), Dan is presently planning a Final Cut Pro Film Festival that will take place in New York and San Francisco. Dan is an Apple Solution Expert and comes from a strong 15 year documentary production background of telling stories. Now, Dan owns noisybrain. Productions specializing in Digital Storytelling and Digital Video training for independent, corporate, educational and organizational groups. Dan has traveled to present and speak on the subject of digital video, DVD authoring, streaming media and web development for Apple, Media 100,, RealNetworks, Interactive Factory and Boston University. He is presently touring as a consultant and trainer with Canon USA to promote digital filmmaking.

P.A.M. Borys
MacWoburn User Group

The principal consultant of Step by Step Training in Woburn, MA and an Apple Solution Expert, P.A.M. is also Founding Director of the MacWoburn User Group. She distributes recycled Macs to neighboring communities and South Africa with the Computers for Africa program. P.A.M. also contributed the AppleWorks chapter to Ilene Hoffman's iMacs Fast and Easy and has co-authored several books with Barrie Sosinsky on America Online, ClarisWorks, Windows95, Office97, and a beginner's guide to Lotus 1-2-3. P.A.M. enjoys riding and training her quarter horse, Bard, and spending time with her son and daughter, and husband who are all Mac enthusiasts.

Brenda Boswell
Diablo Valley Macintosh User Group

Retired after 30 years’ service with State of California as administrator for the Seismic Safety Commission; encouraged the Commission to become one of the first state agencies to use the Mac. Best state job was writing, editing, and publishing state park folders and books. Mac user since 1985; mostly word processing, a little spreadsheeting, a little Pagemaker, and now a little databasing. Secretary of the Diablo Valley Macintosh User Group for a year and a half. Current hobbies apart from acting as DVMUG Vice President include travel, reading, setting up iMacs, assisting new users. Fave new toy: a 667 Titanium PowerBook.

John Brandt
The Rest Of Us

John, VP with TRoU, creates graphics and writes for the group's newsletter. With his background in graphics and advertising, he's focusing on a graphics SIG and marketing for TRoU, partnering with other groups and companies. John has been the primary print designer and copywriter for ATA, the nation's 10th largest airline, and freelances from his apartment full of Macs. A type fanatic who once had a cat named Helvetica, he has created custom fonts for many large corporations. Ever the evangelist, he frequently finds himself promoting and consulting on a variety of Mac design software. Since Sept. 11th, he's been devoting much of his time immersing himself in digital video, and of course, Final Cut Pro, to create a family remembrance documentary of a well-known relative killed on the plane that hit the Pentagon.

Eugene Braun
Double Click of Milwaukee

A member of Double Click since 1993, Gene is finally hitting his stride as a Mac guy. Since his retirement as a Biology Professor in January 2001 he has been able to devote much more time to his Macs and Double Click. Gene is currently a Director of the organization. He says he has a lot more to learn about the Mac and is anxious to get on with it.

Chris Braodwell
maCruzers of Santa Cruz

Bob Brooks
South Bay Apple Macintosh User Group

Bob is Vice President, webmaster and User Group Ambassador. His focus is on making the Mac fun and easy to use for beginners and exposing many of it "secrets." Bob reviews software, hardware and books and writes a monthly column for the club's newsletter. He runs a beginners session before each of the monthly meetings.

Ryan Bruels
CU Macintosh Users Group

A Mac user for fifteen years, Ryan Bruels is a co-founder of the Macintosh Users Group at the University of Colorado, Boulder and currently acts as its President. He is majoring in computer science with a minor in astrophysical and planetary sciences, and presently works as an Campus Representative for Apple Computer. He also runs a small web and graphics design firm tailored to small businesses and enterprises. In his [very little] spare time, Ryan plays bass guitar and explores the wilderness of Colorado and Utah. He thanks his parents for buying that first Mac Plus in 1986.

Bernie Burgette
Professional Macintosh User Group

A Macintosh user since1984, Bernie was a ProMUG co-founder in 1990 and has served as editor of their monthly publication, MacVIEWS, since that time, receiving numerous awards for publication excellence. Most recently, he received the User Group University Grand Prize award for large newsletters at the MacWorld-2001 Expo in New York. He has also served terms as ProMUG Membership Chairman, DOM Chairman, Event Coordinator and Secretary. During the day, he is a Raytheon Product Development Engineering Manager in Fort Wayne, IN with 39 years of service. An avid runner since 1983, Bernie has completed over 300 road races and nine marathons, including New York City in 1989. A regular attendee at many East coast MacWorld Expos, this is Bernie’s first trip to San Francisco.

Michael Burnard
Corvallis Macintosh User Group

Carl Camp
Fresno Macintosh Users Group

Carl is new to the Macintosh scene, but not to computers. He has been working with electronics and computers for the last 20 years, but when the iMac DV came out he had to have one. Soon after abandoning the Wintel world, for the superior ease of the Mac, has given Carl the freedom to work with computers rather than always repairing computers. Currently he holds the post of Publicity Director and Disk of the Month Editor for the Fresno Macintosh Users Group.

Charlie Carlon
Gold Coast Macintosh Users Group

One of the original members of GCMac, Charlie has been a member since 1986, has served as Director and Treasurer, and is the current President. A frequent SIG chairman and lecturer, Charlie first served as a MUG officer of Miami Apple Users Group in the early 80’s. Charlie’s professional Macintosh experience includes: Macintosh Consultant, Apple Solution Expert, Owner Operator of SOFTCITY, Miami, Fl 1985-1990, an Apple VAR. When his Mac is shut down, Charlie is a Captain for Delta Airlines, with 24 years experience. Having flown over 20,000 hours in B727, L1011, B737,MD-88 ,B757’s, Charlie currently flies B767’s. Charlie also finds time to work with Endangered Primates at the Center For Orangutan and Chimpanzee Conservation where he serves on the Board of Directors as Vice-President.

Linda Chatham
North Coast Macintosh Users Group

Linda has been a member of North Coast Mac Users Group since 1997. She served as secretary for two years and is currently on the board of directors as a member at large. Linda has been a Macintosh lover since 1985 when she used a friend's 128K Mac (the first Mac purchased on the Big Island of Hawaii). Over the last twelve years she has tutored many students in the use of Macs and various programs. She is the librarian at Windsor High School in Windsor, California. With the responsibilities of creating a new library, she has also been able to make the purchasing decisions to have a dual-platform computer lab in the library, including iMacs and a portable lab of 30 iBooks! She is currently working on her second teaching credential - Library Media Teacher Credential. Besides reading in her spare time, of course, she is working on creating a Web site for her library.

Clifford Clark
Napa Valley Macintosh User Group

Barbara Clinton
Middle Georgia Mac User Group

Barbara first started working with Macs in the 80's after receiving an Apple grant in support of her work in developing intelligent tutoring systems. The platform allowed easy addition of audio and video components to the expert systems modules she was developing for the State of Georgia. In the business world, she is the Director of a consulting firm, Systems For Expert Applications; Editor of The Executive Journal, an online journal; and a professor in the Information Systems Department of the School of Business at Georgia College & State University. Her latest project involved the "Read and Color" series of children's books.

Paul Cook
The Northwest Of Us

Rex Covington
Houston Area Apple Users Group

Rex is a ten-year member of his group, past President and currently is the Vice-President over programming. He has served as a Fire Fighter/Paramedic for the city of Arlington Texas, and was in fire protection design using Auto CAD for ten years. Currently, Rex is operating his own business doing FileMaker Pro Database and Mac Support.

Douglas Cox
Fresno Macintosh Users Group

Doug plays Mac guy to hundreds of people in Fresno CA. He is President of Fresno Mac Users Group, CompUSA "Genius", and owner of He joined the club right after getting his beige G3 233 (woohoo), and was VP within a month! He has been a Mac user for 10 years (he was very young). He is also an Apple Product Professional and Apple Solution Expert. In his spare time he's a photographer and caterer.

Richard Crispin
Waterloo Region Macintosh Users’ Group

Richard has been President of WatRMUG for almost every term since 1986. The group is a community group and attracts people from as far as 40 miles away. He has been on the Board of Consortium of Canadian User Groups since 1994, and President since 1997. CCUG is an expanding federation of Mac Groups currently based in Southern Ontario. Richard is also in the Macintosh Technical User Group (MacTUG) at the University of Waterloo where he is a geek and a member of the Southern Ontario Filemaker Association (SOFA). He also serves on Apple's User Group Advisory Board. During the day, he is a computer consultant for the Department of Psychology at the University of Waterloo.

Pat Curran
Coastal Mac User Group

Pat has co-founded two MUGs, been a CMUG member for 14 years and served in a variety of positions, including her current ones of President and Early Bird SIG leader. She is co-owner of Patrick Graphics, an award-winning firm specializing in scheduled publications. Retired from 12 years in elected office, Pat has continued her community activism, concentrating in the field of child abuse prevention. She has received state recognition for her work as a court-appointed special advocate for abused and neglected children. Pat telecommutes to her full-time position with AOL-TimeWarner and claims it is the best of all work worlds.

Richard Curran
Coastal Mac User Group

Rick is a 15-year veteran of Mac User Groups. He serves his group as Ambassador, Webmaster and program person. Other MUG activities have included Forum Leader for AOL's User Group Forum and host for the Small and New User Group Weekly Chats. Active in the User Group Network for the past four years, he has been part of the user group community since it started. Rick retired from the Navy as a Chief Warrant Officer, holds a BS degree from the University of Nebraska and spent four years at the Presidential Retreat at Camp David. He now does graphic and web design.

Alfred E. Darby III
Bay Area Mac Users Group

Born and raised in the great northern woods of Maine - now residing in tropical palms of Florida, Mr. Darby has been a 'Machead' for over 14 years and a Macworld attendee for the past 8 years. He became involved with the mystic of macs with his cute Mac SE - a truly portable machine of yesteryears. President, Technical Advisor, Membership Director and Geek extraordinaire are but a few of the titles held as an active member of MUG's of Maine - he is currently working on becoming more involved with his new found group - Bay Area MUG of Tampa Bay - Florida. He has provided support for UGU, Apple/Adobe Breakfasts and User Group lounge with technical support and sincere desire to work with others to promote the concept of 'friendly mac synergy' within the computing industry. Currently, he provides technical support and leadership as a Unix System Administrator and Team Lead at Eckerd Corporation in Largo, Florida.

Bill Davies

Bill has been active in MacNexus since 1988, when he started out as the shareware librarian. Since that time he has served as a Board Member-At-Large, Secretary, Vice-President, and currently as President. He is intimately involved with MacNexus' enterprise network and server farm, OS X conversion, and supervising work on a web-based version of the MacNexus member database. Prior to his efforts with MacNexus, he was active in the Apple Mousse UG in Fairbanks, Alaska. Professionally, Bill graduated from U.C. Davis in 1982 with a law degree, and is currently employed as a staff attorney for the indigent criminal appellate defense project in Sacramento. In his spare time, he's learning to be a dad, and trying to rearrange his priorities to devote more time to parenting.

Louise Dawson
Leisure World Mac Users Group

Louise Dawson is Apple Ambassador for the Leisure World Mug, Laguna Woods, California. A retired ESL teacher, she is now an Apple Solutions Expert and Apple Product Professional. Her computer experience dates back to 1984 but it was love at first sight when she saw her first Mac. She volunteers her time training Leisure World residents to use and repair their computers.

Giuseppe De Maso-Gentile
Apple Macintosh Users Group Sicilia

James Deas
Mac Chico User Group

Chuck Derksen
Santa Clarita Valley Macintosh Users Group

Chuck is the current President of the SCVMUG in Southern California. He has served for 3 years, first as 1st Vice President. He is a veteran of the Macintosh since June 1984, and is a member of the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro Users Group. He was previously a member of the Los Angeles Macintosh Group during the early years of the group. Chuck is currently employed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, as an Electronic Packaging Engineer.He not only uses his Macintosh system daily, but also Windows and UNIX systems as well.

Julie Dinkins
North Coast Macintosh Users Group

Jolyon Druce
Southern California Macintosh Owners/Users Group

Jolyon has been with SMOG for 3 years and is now the Ambassador for the group. He has been an avid user since his father first bought an Apple IIe. Jolyon likes to work with a wide assortment of software. This experience helps a lot in the Question and Answer period at each meeting. Jolyon likes to help, and teach everything Apple.  He also works closely with the two Apple Retail Stores in the area.

Jonathan Duke
Boston Macintosh

Andrew Dunn
Apple Student Core @ Emory, Emory University

Robert England
Corvallis Macintosh User Group

Judy Epstein
Clan Macintosh

Judy has been involved with Macintosh user groups since 1984. She is a founding member of Clan Macintosh and The Finders, and she has also been a member of three other user groups. She was Vice President of The NorthWest of Us from 1991-1994. Currently, she is still an active member of both Clan Macintosh (as editor) and The NorthWest of Us. Loving computers, and seeing their potential, Judy developed courses and taught continuing education computer classes for adults from 1981-1998. Courses included general Macintosh classes as well as a variety of applications including word processing, desktop publishing, and financial management. Judy is president of a successful Macintosh consulting and training business, and recently bought a computerized sewing machine and hopes to use all that clip art she has collected to embroider designs on various projects.

Lorin Evans
Washington Apple Pi

Lorin Evans is an Apple User Group Advisory Board Member and president of Washington Apple Pi, Washington, DC since 1994. Lorin has been involved in Apple user groups since 1992. His first Apple computer was an Apple II+. Lorin’s professional background is in congressional/executive legislative affairs.

Jim Everson
Macs Of Marin

Jim became a Mac enthusiast right after double clicking a MacPaint icon. Later, he became a Mac obsessive after linking two cards together with a button in HyperCard. He is currently a Mac consultant in Marin county, California, where he is also active in the Macs of Marin user group. Jim has lost several jobs for refusing to give up his Mac.

Pat Fauquet
Washington Apple Pi

Pat is the Director of WAP, as well as Tutorial Coordinator and a writer for the WAP Journal. She has been a member of WAP for 12 years, a board member for 4 years, and is a past President of Northern Virginia Educators Mac User Group. Other accomplishments include being a member of the Apple Distinguished Schools Team at Gunston School in Lorton VA; Technology Teacher of the Year at the Virginia Society for Technology in Education; member of-and conference presenter at -the Virginia Society for Technology in Education; and Maryland Instructional Computing Committee. Pat is an independent computer consultant and tutorial instructor. Her special interest areas are multimedia, video, web page production and senior citizen computer education.

Travis Fears
Arizona State University MUG

Travis has worked as the Apple Campus Rep at Arizona State University since the program's rebirth in 1999. Working closely with both Apple and the User Group, he has helped reverse a University movement towards a unified (non-Mac) platform. Graduating with a degree in graphic design, Travis maintains the group's website and develops promotional materials.

Sandy Foderick
Virtual Mac

Sandy is a founding officer and current president of AOL's original user group, board member at the User Group Network and former Chancellor of AOL's User Group Learning Center. She has met and worked with user groups across the United States and is president of Virtual Mac and speaker chair for Mini'App'Les' main meetings. When not busy with user groups, Sandy is an adjunct Professor of Philosophy and a mom of four.

Bill Gass
Digital Design Group

Bill led the LAMG Advertising SIG for several years. When the LAMG folded there was a vacuum of support groups for designers, especially in the northwest L.A. are. Thus was born the DDG. Bill has also been a volunteer at the MacWorld SF User Group Breakfasts for the last 5 or 6 years. He worked as an Adv. Designer, Art Director and Photographer for many years and in 1990 switched to supporting graphics organizations and individuals as a Macintosh Graphics Consultant. He is currently digitizing his travel slides from the past 40 yrs. and creating digital photo albums.

Amaya Gergoff
Caracas Macintosh Users Group
Amaya has been a leader of CMUG for over 5 years, serving as President. She is a System Engineer and works as Webmaster of, a major ISP in Venezuela. She is also a member of the Apple UG Regional Liaison Team for Central and South America. Amaya is the editor and webmaster of, which serve as a MUG Center for Latin American MUGs and other Spanish-speaking countries. She also hosts a monthly user group chat, conducted in Spanish, on World Without Borders.

Ed Gilliam

Morri Glaser
Conejo Ventura Macintosh User Group

Gail Murphy Glore

Gail bought her first Mac to complete her senior thesis at Norwich University and, at the same time, joined her first Mac user group. A past President of MacChamp, she founded WiredWomen to create "...a place where women could ask their questions and problem solve in an atmosphere more suited to their needs." Gail is an active member of Apple's User Group Advisory Board, East Coast Coordinator of the User Group University, and recently made Leader of the Apple User Group Regional Liasions. In her day job, Gail is the registrar for "Hot Topics in Neonatology," an annual global conference of over 1500 neonatologists held every December in Washington DC. In her spare time, Gail travels and acts as an Apple Emissary for User Groups.

Martha Grady
Wired Women

Anne Griffin
Diablo Valley Mac Users Group

Anne thought her Compaq "Suitcase" was pretty cool until she met her first Mac in 1985. For the past eight years she has been fixing and networking Mac's, first in schools and then as a private consultant. She is Leader of the DVMUG Utilities and Networking SIG's and is co-administrator of DVMUG's FirstClass BBS. She also serves as Apple Ambassador and MacClinic Staff for DVMUG. Anne likes to cook and to trawl for wiggy cables at the Livermore Electronics Flea Market. In her spare time she drives her daughter and the other thirteen year old friends around in the hopes they will develop an appreciation for Motown.

Doug Hanley
Las Vegas Macintosh User Group

Doug is the founding president VMUG, The Las Vegas Macintosh Users Group, in 1993, it has now grown to over 200 members. He is also the current president. Before that he was the disk librarian and BBS Sysop for SBMUG in Santa Barbara. Doug is a full time computer consultant with MacTEK. He is member of Apple Solutions Expert group of Consultants and Trainers. MacTEK has a variety of clients ranging from Ad Agencies, government agencies, small businesses, and home users.

Lorca Hanns

Helen Hansen

Helen Hansen of Carmichael, CA is on the Board of MacNexus, the Sacramento area Mac users group. Helen is responsible for scheduling the twelve different classes the club offers free every first Saturday of the month. Before retiring she taught English and coordinated an honors humanities program at McClatchy High School in Sacramento. She also teaches the Basics classes for new users in the club’s iMac lab. Just now she’s planning to set up a Basics class using OS X—and still struggling with it herself!

Pekka Helos
Finland Macintosh Users Group

Pekka is an active member of fiMUG, the only Mac MUG in Finland and it has about 1100 members. The population of Finland is 5,1 million. Pekka works as a free lance Mac journalist and has covered 27 MacWorld Expos in the USA for Finnish MacMaailma magazine. Therefore Pekka is able to represent fiMUG in Apple Universities in the USA.

Mike Henigan
Atlanta Macintosh Users Group

Mike has been a Mac user since the early days of the Mac Plus. He is a “Cube'ist” and is very happy with it. He shares his passion with his partner Kelly and the two of them have been responsible for handing down Macs to family members and friends as well. Mike is the Past President of the Atlanta Macintosh Users Group (AMUG) as well as the new Membership Director. He has also served as Education Director and Vendor Liaison over the last several years. Mike attended both editions of the UGU held in NYC and is proud to attend his first UGU and Macworld San Francisco 2002. Mike is the Apple User Group Regional Liaison for the Southeastern US and enjoys meeting fellow SE MUG members at both MacWorld's and the FACUG conferences in Florida. Michael has been a meeting/event planner for numerous years and manages a One Hour Photo Lab.

Susie Herrera

Susie has been a member of CVMUG for approximately 8 years and is starting her 5th term as president. She has been an instructor both within the user group as well as through local training centers and Apple Resellers. She is also known as Ventura County’s self-proclaimed MacEvangelist. Susie’s computer-eze developed pre-Macintosh as a typographer for a southern California ad agency. After leaving advertising to raise a family, she stumbled in the real estate property management business. It wasn’t long before she realized the need to computerize her work and alas, a MacNut was born! Property management edged into freelance desktop publishing, and then connecting with a political consulting group to design and manage their databases and campaign related ad work. This lead to joining the Apple Solution Expert program. Susie is married with 2 grown children. Her son is a cop with LAPD and daughter is still at home while working for an insurance company.

Randy Herzstein
Houston Area Apple Users Group

Lainie Howard
Corvallis Macintosh User Group

Lainie has been a Macintosh user since 1989 and currently serves as president of the Corvallis Macintosh User Group Board of Directors, where efforts are underway to increase the diversity of gender and age in the membership. A former columnist for the CMUG monthly newsletter, Mouse Droppings, Lainie is a frequent contributor to the members-only CMUG Help listserv. She has been a communications and marketing specialist in high tech since 1981, migrating along with the industry from CP/M boxes to DEC/VMS, VAX/UNIX, DOS, Windows, but always coming back to the best: Macintosh! Lainie is the sole proprietor of Quicksilver Communications, the IT-savvy marketing strategies and services company, with offices in Los Angeles and Corvallis, Oregon.

Pat Hunt
Ukiah Macintosh User Group

Pat Hunt has considered computers his main hobby since 1987. In 1990he was a grantee of Apple Computer to develop a CD-ROM called Singing Light. It documented Native American history in Mendocino County California. In 1995 he was instrumental in starting the Redwood Free-Net, a rural community network running on Macintosh computers in the county library. He started the still running call-in radio talk show, "Point and Click," on KZYX. Pat has been active in the Ukiah Macintosh User Group for over a decade and pioneered public access computers in the library where he worked as reference librarian until his retirement in 1999.

Trish Huffman
World Without Borders

Trish left her career in the medical field to stay at home with her ever-expanding family. As MUG Producer at World Without Borders, she works closely with Cys Bronner, Founder/Community Director,to bring MUG events to the Apple Community Connection. She is a member of Triangle Macintosh User Group (TMUG) in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Chuck Joiner
Hershey Apple Core

Chuck is involved in a wide variety of MUG activities. He has been President of his group, The Hershey Apple Core, since 1992, serves as Chairman of Apple's User Group Advisory Board, User Group Correspondent to "The Mac Show," host of 'The User Group Report" and Editor-In-Chief of The MUG Center. With a background in accounting and two professional insurance designations, Chuck is Vice President of Claims and Operations for The Insurance Alliance of Central PA.

Rodney Jonk
GravenStein Apple Users Group

Rodney became a Mac person in 1985 while studying Sonoma State University. While working on his bachelors degree in Nursing and tired of typing papers or paying someone to type them, a Mac became a plan. With a school discount he bought a 512e and tweaked it adding more ram and an external hard drive. Next he bought a Performa 6100 and wow! color. After Mac world 2000 in San Francisco he moved to an iMac. His current plan is to get back into photography and film and learn iMovie and Final Cut Pro, and who knows maybe become a movie producer. Rodney now has his Masters Degree in Nursing and works as a Nurse Practitioner at a Northern California Kaiser Medical Clinic which only uses PCs. Rodney is the Vice President of GravenStein Apple Users Group.

Christine Labate
Graphic Artists Guild

Christine Labate is the VP of NYC Chapter of the Graphic Artist Guild (a national organization for graphic designers and She is also co-chair of the Guild’s Design Exchange (a special interest group for graphic designers), a rep to their national board and the user group ambassador. Christine is currently the design director at Designs for Growth, a print and web graphic design company she founded in May of 1993. Examples of her work can be viewed at

Len Kaufman
North Florida Macintosh Users Group

Len joined the North Florida Macintosh Users Group (NFMUG) August 1987, and became Editor of it’s “First Coast Mac” newsletter in January 1989. Additionally, he has been President of NFMUG since January 1990. Len was also instrumental in setting up the user group’s web site and has help design the many NFMUG flyers, membership pamphlets and forms. Len started on the Mac at its inception in January 1984, but had been active with computers starting in 1970, while serving both on active duty and civil Service with the U.S. Navy.

Donna Kawamoto
Educational Assistants MUG

Nick Keck

Nick Keck joined the US Air Force in 1959 and over the ensuing 30 years served in Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and England and was assigned to bases in ten US states. He retired as a security police colonel and moved to Sacramento where now he publishes a magazine for the AF Security Police Association. Nick bought his first Mac in March, 1984, and for four years was treasurer of the San Antonio, Texas, Macintosh User's Group. He joined Sacramento's MUG, MacNexus, in 1989 and has supported its goals ever since. Currently a Director, he is interested in assuring the best interests of the members are foremost in the minds of those who have volunteered to lead the group and looks forward to helping smooth any bumps that crop up. He also shares his knowledge of the Mac by helping to teach new users.

Ryan Kennedy
Apple Student Core @ Emory, Emory University

Dale Komai
Macs of Marin

Dale runs a Mac and Windows consulting practice from beneath the foggy redwoods of Mill Valley, CA. He is an Apple Solution Expert who has served on the board of Macs of Marin for the past year. A business graduate of the University of Southern California, Dale's professional career includes 4 years as a freelance photographer and 10 years as a savings and loan examiner. During the S&L Crisis of the late 1980s, he transferred to his employer's IT department, servicing a contingent of mainframe, VAX, and PC users. Since 1991, Dale has worked independently, except for a 3-year period when he worked as a tech support analyst for Platinum Technology. Dale is enthusiastic about using Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro to create DVD versions of family histories. Last summer, he conducted two workshops on digital media that were co-sponsored by Apple. This spring, Dale plans to travel to Japan to tour the country and meet his overseas relatives whose family lineage has been traced to the early 1800’s.

George Kopp

George has been involved in his group since it formed in 1984. Over the years, George has served in the leadership positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary/Editor. His current position is that of Vice President. George is a Registered Professional Engineer, working for the State of Missouri, Department of Transportation as the Department's Computer-Aided Drafting and Design Services Engineer. He supports an engineering network of over 600 users. As an avid Mac user, he specializes in evangelizing the Macintosh and building bridges between the Macintosh and PC worlds.

Roger Kroll
Long Beach MacGraphics Group

Roger was one of the founders of the Long Beach Macintosh Group in 1992 and it has evolved as its own user group, a chapter of LAMG, its own user group again, and now a group focused on graphics and affiliated with the West Orange County Macintosh User Group. Roger provides graphic design services, Macintosh training & consulting for his clients as well as is a part time instructor in Photoshop and Quark.

Kathryn Lauricella
BMUG South

Gail Lawley
Tuscon Macintosh User Group

Gail is the Secretary of the Tucson Mac User Group and manages their Lending Library of CD's, videos and books. Through June, 2001 she was a speaker at the Palm Desert and Palm Springs User groups which led to her Macintosh tutoring for many senior citizens. She was an Operations Manager in Quality at Apple (Cupertino) before she retired. Her entire working life was in the computer field from programming to implementing mainframe business systems. Now she tutors in people's homes, and answers questions via email for Mac Users . She has just started a website, where her goal is to provide users with useful Mac information and links to helpful web sites.

Dick Lennox
Eugene Macintosh User Group

Dick is his group's Ambassador/evangelist, located in Eugene, Oregon: Home of the Ducks & the University of Oregon. Dick was an art educator 12 years before leaving the education field for the fascination with a Macintosh (the first, a 128k). He became the emug's 2nd president in 1986-87. He learned everything he could, as it gave him 'wheels' for his mind. He helped lead the local Digital revolution consulting with print shops for 10 years, developing interns and teaching clients the rules of the road using Postscript and Macs before venturing on to the web. He is also an Artist/Designer and adjunct professor at the local community college in Graphic Design. His other interests (besides dark beer and bourbon) include his wife and 2 grown counter-culture sons. The most recent members of his family are a Graphite iMac and an iBook.

Veda Lewis
Sonoma Valley Computer Group

Veda is in her second year as president of the Sonoma Valley Computer User's Group (SVCG), a bi-platform group in Sonoma, California, home to some of the best wines around. This group keeps it simple by providing a place for questions and answers and hands-on demonstrations in a friendly environment. When not working for the club, Veda works on environmental biology issues for a public agency.

Stan Lunetta

Stan serves as both Sysop and Webmaster for his group, as well as helping with their monthly Triage troubleshooting workshops. Professionally, Stan is Pit Drummer and Music Contractor for California Musical Theate; Timpanist & Orchestra Contractor for the Sacramento Opera Association; and Timpanist for the Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra. His Mac is always at his side, allowing him to compose music and run his music contracting business via HyperCard.

Rose Lynn
Gold Coast Macintosh Users Group

A 12 year member of this dynamic user group in Miami, Florida, Rose has expanded her involvement to user groups all over the world. Rose was a charter member of the current Apple User Group Advisory Board and very involved in the creation of the first User Group University. As a committee member with the Association of Computer User Groups and actively involved with the Florida Association of Computer Users, Rose has been able to share the successes of her own group with other user groups of all platforms. Rose has been an officer with Gold Coast Mac for 10 years and has no plans to sit on the back burner.

Don MacDonald
Macs of Kootnei County

Jed Mark
Diablo Valley Mac Users Group

Jed has been President of DVMUG for 2 years. During this time the group has grown from 295 member to 580, thanks to the success of the the iMac. The highlight of their year is an all-day seminar "So you got a Mac...NOW what do you do?" Jed has been with DVMUG for 5 years and was a member of the Berkeley Macintosh User Group before that. Jed formed a mortgage company after a career in the Savings & Loan field and acquired a Lisa to help run the company. It was traded in very quickly for a series of original Apples, and his progression from there was natural. In the past 10 years Jed has moved from the mortgage business to an occupation of salmon fishing, golf, travel, grandfathering and DVMUG.

Gail McGovern

Gail is the founder of MacNexus, served as its first President and has held a variety of positions since 1984. She served on the the Apple User Group Advisory Council in 1988. She is currently the Volunteer Coordinator, writes a column on web sites and teaches classes on Internet searching and finding shareware online. Gail administered grant programs for the California State Library for over 20 years and is now an independent consultant working with nonprofits on strategic planning, time management, and cultural diversity issues. She also edits a newsletter on continuing education for librarians.
Dave Marra
Apple Senior Systems Engineer

Dave is a frequent and favorite presenter at MUGs across the U.S and Canada because of his knowledge and high-energy presentation style. As a Senior Systems Engineer for Apple Computer, Dave has conducted technology presentations, seminars and workshops for user groups across the United States and Canada. His specialty areas include digital multimedia, internet technologies and cross-platform integration.

Edgar Matlock
San Learndro Macintosh User Group

Robert Meyers
Flint Apple Club

Roger Miller
Las Vegas Macintosh Users Group

John Mitchel
San Leandro Macintosh User Group

Bruce Mitchell
Macomb Education Group

Bruce Mitchell is the founder and president of MEG. He is also a member of Apple Pie, MacGroup Detroit, and Mactechnics user groups. Bruce spent over 30 years as an elementary teacher. He used both Macs and PCs to integrate technology in the classroom with collaborative web projects and developing electronic student portfolios. Bruce is a graduate of Michigan State University and Saginaw Valley State University. On the Mac his interests are primarily video editing, graphic arts, and web authoring. He now does educational consulting, develops and maintains several websites, has a small video production business, and teaches adult ed classes focusing on multimedia. He also does volunteer work with the adult literacy program in his community. He and his wife enjoy traveling in their RV. He will probably want to tell you about last summer's salmon and halibut fishing experiences in Alaska.

Chise Mishima
Kinki Macintosh User Group

Chise is a professional graphic designer and works as a designer and web specialist for Gaijins, a multimedia and web solutions corporation based in Osaka, Japan. She received advanced training in graphic design and fine art while attending university in Canada. Chise is an active member of the KMUG (Kinki Mac Users Group) executive team in Osaka and often gives popular presentations on design, DTP, and the development of winning websites. She is also a member of Apple's Regional Liaision team, representing Japan.

Janet Mobley
North Coast Mac Users

Janet is currently Newsletter Editor for NCMUG, and served as Editor for eight years with GravenStein Apple Users Group, as well as Webmaster for three years. She holds a variety of awards for newsletter editing, web sites and user group participation, the most recent of which is "First Place - Macworld NYC,2000 Adobe Newsletter Contest - NCMUG newsletter." Janet is retired after 25 years of teaching Art and Home Economics. Her educational background includes Art, Home Economics, Education, Biological Science and Psychology.

Melissa Murphy
Apple Student Core @ Emory, Emory University

Del Missier
SpartanburgMac User Group

Del is el Presidente y Evangelista of SMUG and has been a contributing officer for 14 years. He is a MacNut and has a PhD to prove it from University of MacAdemia. He is also an avid environmentalist and a flying afficianado. Del has a diverse background of Mac Projects and runs a studio from his home office called TheMacArena. It is a constant dance, and an actual arena for Mac Consulting, graphics, training, maintenance and repair.Unfortunately, since the Mac is so reliable and user-friendly, he is not very busy.Del also works for MarketSource promoting Apple products

Don Nelson
Diablo Valley Macintosh User Group

Don has been the editor of the DVMUG ApplePRESS since 1998 and the Webmaster of the DVMUG Website since 1999. Don is a retired Navy Corpsman and spends his days as a data manager at Defense Health Service Region 10 and his nights as a Mac consultant in the East Bay/Contra Costa area of Northern California. His computing Odyssey began with his purchase of an Apple IIc in 1984 and he’s been involved in user groups since joining the Okinawa Apple User Group in 1985. Upon the acquisition of his first Mac in 1995, he immediately joined DVMUG and has been active in the group ever since, serving as club Secretary/Membership Director in 1997-98. He also serves as a volunteer at the monthly DVMUG MacClinic and the annual DVMUG “So You Got A Mac...” seminar.

Dean Nichols
Campbell Senior Center Computer Users Group

Dean is the Advisor/Coordinator for the CSCCUG. He has been a computer user since 1979, and still owns and uses Apple II machines as well as Macs. Dean is a member and former officer and Board Member of PIE Inc user group of Santa Clara which co-sponsored CSCCUG in its early years. Dean is a Pharmacist by profession and teaches basic computer literacy classes in addition to his other CSCCUG duties. He is also getting more involved with digital photography, letting his 30 year old Nikon SLR cameras gather dust in the closet in favor of using his digital camera.

Joan O'Brien
North Coast Macintosh Users Group

Joan is a native of Petaluma, California, tracing her family back to several great grandparents who arrived in the area in the 1860s and 1870s. She taught elementary school for seven years and then worked as an owner, manager and bookkeeper in several restaurants for nearly 20 years. Moving to a seasonal business she and her husband ran a fish camp and RV park in British Columbia for 8 summers.Twelve years ago, when her daughter, had to give up a local part time office job to finish college at Sacramento State, Joan learned to use a Mac and took over her job. She has progressed from an SE to G4s that she uses at home and work for word processing and desk top publishing. She is also secretary of Gravenstein Apple Users Group in Petaluma.

Rick Ortiz
Maui Apple User Society

Rick Ortiz has served as President of the Maui Apple User Society (MAUS) since 2000. Moving to Maui in1997, he quickly made his Macintosh presence known, assisting in the rebuilding of the group and finding a new home for the group to meet. Rick currently is Program Director for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Maui and also owns a multimedia DVD creation business, "". He is also assisting in the development of a Mac Support site called "" With his non-profit work, and Mac experience, he has built a program called iKids, in which the User Group rebuilds donated Macs, and puts them into the homes of kids participating in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. When asked what computer he owns, Rick will typically answer, "which one have I not owned?"

Bill Peart
Macintosh Chico Users Group

Ajay Pillarisetti
Apple Student Core @ Emory, Emory University

Merry Perry
Maryland Apple Corps

Merry has been involved with the Maryland Apple Corps since 1983, when she got her first Apple II+, mostly as Treasurer (current position). She attended Applefests regularly, even becoming a speaker while a Contributing Editor for the Apple IIGS Buyer's Guide. She was a census taker in 1980, then sold needlework for five years followed by 11 years of computer sales. She has been a volunteer at the users groups breakfasts at Macworld for the last few years, has been a MarketSource demonstrator and an Apple guide. Merry attended Wilson College and is presently working part-time as an administrative secretary at the Institute for Policy Studies at Johns Hopkins University. She has a terrific husband, three children (including a daughter who is getting married in May, lives five blocks from Ground Zero in NY, and worked in 3 World Financial Center until 9/11), and a granddaughter.

Sid Pevear
Macintosh Chico Users Group

Lynn Poos
Silicon Mountain Macintosh User Group

Currently the Secretary-Treasurer of the largest active MUG in the State of Colorado, Lynn has been involved with the Mac since the late 1980's. Lynn has also been involved with Apple Computer on several promotional ventures and consulting. He holds a Master's Degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor's Degree in Police Science and Administration. Retiring in 1993 after thirty-four years with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Lynn moved to Colorado and was appointed by the City Council to serve on the Colorado Springs Liquor and Beer Licensing Board, where he has served since. In 1998, he was appointed by the Governor to chair the Colorado Juvenile Parole Board, a position he currently holds.

Jerry Rabinowitz
Avon Grove School District Macintosh User Group

Jerry is the Director of Technology for the Avon Grove School District in Chester County, Pennsylvania. An educator for more than 30 years. He has been a teacher, administrator, and the Delaware Department of Public Instruction Specialist for Computer Education and Training. He is currently responsible for all aspects of technology for the school district, where every classroom and office is networked. He supports the network of 21 servers, dozens of network switches, and almost 1500 computers (both Mac and PC) including over 200 wireless iBooks. Jerry has been involved with computers in education since 1974, and has been a Mac user since he purchased his first in March of 1984. He has been a presenter on educational computing issues at national, regional, and local conferences. Jerry is currently a member of Macintosh Users of Delaware and president of the Avon Grove School District Macintosh Users Group. AGSDMUG serves mostly teachers and parents within the school district.

Garr Reynolds
Apple User Group Program Manager

Garr is well known in the community as the past president of the Kinki MUG Group (KMUG) in Osaka Japan, a faculty member of two User Group Universities and as the User Group Regional Liaison to Asia. Now Garr has joined Apple as the new User Group Program Manager. His most recent position was with Sumitomo Electric where he was a communications specialist and trainer. He has an M.A. in Organizational Communication from the University of Hawaii and is an experienced speaker on issues such as leadership, cross-cultural management, and design and branding.

Ronnie Roche
North Coast Mac Users Group

Ronnie has been a Mac user since 1993, when she purchased a Quadra 605. She took to Macs like a fish out of water and now runs a Mac consulting/training business focusing on new users. Her involvement with user groups began in 1992, when a friend gave her an Apple IIe. Her MUG positions have included Assistant Software Librarian and Graphic Designer for two local user groups, as well as her current post on the Board Of Directors for the North Coast Macintosh Users Group.Ronnie also recently joined the Apple Solutions Expert Program.

David Roemer
Apple Student Core @ Emory, Emory University

David founded a student user group dedicated to using technology to enhance Emory University and the community. The group created iMovieFest, an exciting and innovative program that introduced Apple technologies to thousands of students in five days. For the past two summers, David has had the privilege of interning in Cupertino with Apple's Worldwide User Group Relations. He's excited to learn more from everyone at this year's UGU.

Lorene Romero
North Coast Macintosh Users Group

Lorene has been the President of NCMUG for 3 years. She began 6 years ago as a new member who volunteered to help with a fundraising event. She serves on Apple's User Group Advisory Board as "Vendor Queen," working with vendors to improve relations and negotiate MUG discounts. It has become something she loves because everyone wins. In spite of an educational background in Clinical Psychology and12 years in the Mental Health field, she decided to work with computers.

Keith Rourke
Apple Student Core @ Emory, Emory University

Rowan Rozanski
Colorado State Macintosh User Group

Rowan is the president of the Colorado State Macintosh User Group and a long time Mac fan. This is her second year with the great folks at CSMUG and she is proud to be a member. She has worked as both a graphic designer and network administrator using macs of all shapes and colours. Rowan is currently enrolled as a history major at Colorado State University and is attending MacWorld for the first time this year.

Dan Sailers
Dallas Macintosh Users Group

Christopher Sarson
Windows on the Rockies User Group

Christopher bought his first computer (a Visual CPM desktop) in 1982, and was so impressed with the generous help of other Visual users that he vowed he would help newcomers when he became proficient. He serves as President of WRUG, and has grown the group to 200 members. Christopher feels that APCUG should be the place that User Groups of all flavors -Macintosh, Wintel, Linux, Apple II, Sun - can go to exchange information, learn from each other, and just plain have fun! He is the only UGU presenter from outside the Apple User Group Community. For a living he produces television programs and is best known as the creator and first Executive Producer of both Masterpiece Theatre and the children's series Zoom! (both still running after 30 years!) Christopher is currently working on TV programs about parenting. He is also a mediator for the City of Boulder, a gardener and a cook!

Joanne Schachter
Lincolnwood Apple Users Group

Claudia Schimmer
Macs of Marin

Claudia has been involved with the Macs of Macintosh Users Group for over 10 years. Claudia was also an early developer of the North Bay Mutimedia Association. Her first BMUG meeting got her hooked on User Groups! As a hobby, she has held several offices for 9 years, and has been President for about 5 years, affectionately called ChairWitch, helping run the all-volunteer club (a nonprofit 501-C3). Claudia also facilitated the development of the Mac component of a local technology recyling center. Her first involvement began in 1984 with Apple computers her (then) kindergartner's school recieved a set of Apples; her son was the only child (K-8) who responded when the kids we questioned "whose parents know anything about computers?" Her Mac volunteer days started then. She had seen the coming of the personal computer and had taken a few Unix classes. She says "It was like a duck to water, when I first turned on the Apple at the school". Currently Claudia is Registered Nurse by profession (specializing in both asthma /allergy and "special needs").

Les Schreiber
Lockheed Martin Macintosh Users Group

Les is currently President for his second term of the Lockheed Martin Macintosh Users Group, and is also the Apple Ambassador, and monthly Newsletter Editor (AppleStar). Les retired from the US Navy after 22 _ years, before coming to Lockheed Martin. Les recently retired from Lockheed Martin after 25 years and originally started as the Apple II Program Chairman in 1985., and held positions as Treasurer, Vice President and President while continuing as Newsletter Editor. He has worked his way through many versions of the Apple Macintosh as a Macintosh support person in his department at Lockheed Martin. This was only a support role, to help his department get aquatinted and proficient in using the Macintosh Computers, as his normal job was as a Trident II Program Engineer with responsibilities for Missile Telemetry, and Submarine Fleet Support. Les continually tries to keep up to the latest Macintosh models to help the users group grow and keep proficient with what they have.

Michael Seminar
Apple Student Core @ Emory, Emory University

Jonas Skardis
Santa Fe Mac Users Group

Jonas has been a member of the Santa Fe Mac Users Group Executive Board for three years, one as Chairman, and serves as Meeting Coordinator and Cage-Meister. Jonas hosts numerous special interest groups on topics ranging from web design to digital video. As a member of Apple's User Group Advisory Board, Jonas is "list mom" to the Apple User Group Discussion List, and coordinator of the UGAB's monthly chats on WorldWithout Borders. He also owns and operates a successful Macintosh consulting business.

Mike Sloan
Macintosh Users Group of Boston College

Mark Snell

Lesa Snider
Cowtown Mac User Group

“Houston, we have an Apple nut.” Since 1993, Lesa has been volunteering for Apple Computer and Mac user groups in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas area. She’s even rumored to have an Apple tattoo! Over the years she’s served as newsletter editor, web master, and program coordinator for the Cowtown Mac User Group in Ft. Worth. She was also a member of the Ft. Worth Mac User Group before their demise. Lesa has worked with Market Source at various Apple demo days at local computer stores and shopping malls, along with serving as a MacWorld Guide. Professionally she holds a degree in web design and multimedia and operates her own interactive media and web company named Flying Fingers (she types 100 wpm). Last year she designed and created a community web site for CMUG, which was awarded the 2000 National User Group Academy Best Web Site-Small User Group Award. Her current projects include an interactive CD-ROM promoting CMUG, which she hopes to share with user groups nationwide.

Elaine Stannard
Southern California Macintosh Owners/Users Group

Elaine joined SMOG nine years ago. She values her Mac as her "second brain" and wishes it were as easy to upgrade her first brain as it has been her Macs since her first, a 1988 SE. Calling the group's focus HoHo for HomeOffice and Hobbyist, Elaine considers SMOG an important commitment that allows her to help others find what they want and need from their Macs as well as to connect with fellow Mac enthusiasts. Founded in September 1991, SMOG continues to retain its character as a small group that focuses on helping its members get to know the tools they already own at least as much as introducing new ones.

Donald Swayze
Rogue Macs Macintosh User Group

Don is RMMUG's tech support person and help desk, Vice-President, BBS sysop, and he helps run the monthly meetings. He is one of the board members of RMMUG. He has been using the Mac since the birth of the 512k. Don's daytime job is an Electrician out of Local 659 Medford. He even gets to run data cables for businesses that need networks. In his spare time he helps other Mac users and is Cubmaster for a group of about 12 boys in the local area.

John Swayze
Rogue Macs Macintosh User Group

Joshua Thompson
Colorado State Macintosh Users Group

Wayne Till
North Coast Macintosh User Group

Wayne was born in Detroit. He graduated from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT. in 1967 and served on active duty for 4 years, then served with the USCG as a civilian employee for 29 years before retiring. He lives in Petaluma, and has been active in two Mac User Groups: The North Coast Mac User Group (NCMUG) in Santa Rosa, and the GravenStein Apple Users Group (GSAUG) in Petaluma. He is the Disk Librarian in both clubs and is a Past President of GSAUG. Wayne has served on the Board of Directors of NCMUG since 1994 and the GSAUG Board since 1996. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the Petaluma Adult School and teaches computer courses there.

Steve Travis
Macintosh User Group of the Central Oregon Coast.

In February, MUGPort will be celebrating itâs 14th anniversary. Steve has been a member of the this group since 1994 and it’s president since 1998. In 1990, Steve  moved to the beautiful coastal town of Newport, Oregon. He expanded his woodworking business to include building theater sets and remodeling work. Getting involved with the theater brought on another one of Steve’s passions, acting. Subsequently, he has performed in more than twenty productions in the last ten years. Digital video and multimedia work is Steveâs current career path. Since1995, he has been putting his  keen interest in computers (specifically Macintosh), video and art to work. He has worked on projects ranging from CD-Rom training programs, stop-motion animation, QTVR, interactive kiosks and several TV commercials. His main emphasis now is on  science and educational videos.

Elsa Travisano

Elsa has been a guiding force for MUG ONE (Macintosh User Group of Oneonta, New York) for 15 years. She is currently serving her third term as President, and is also the editor of MUG ONE’s award-winning newsletter, Newsbreak.

Elsa comes from a Mac family. Her father, Philip Thompson, was founding President of Princeton’s PMUG and both of her brothers are Mac professionals. Her husband Tom is an English professor, former MUG ONE President and writer with three published books written on a Mac. Her son Michael is studying visual arts media on the Mac, and her daughter Emily is a budding software reviewer who had to stand on a piano bench to see the audience when she first began giving MUG ONE presentations.

A "Mac of all trades," Elsa is a Macintosh consultant and instructor who has taught teacher workshops, classes for children and adults, and a college course in the Mac. She specializes in assistive technology for children with special needs.

Roger Turpin
Chattanooga Mac Users Group

Mario Vasella
Rheintaler Macintosh User Group

Mario lives in Switzerland. He joined the REMUG three years ago and is now the editor of REMUG News. His first Mac was a Macintosh Classic and now he has a PowerMac G4 with Superdrive for video editing and burning DVD's. He works as a software engineer and there he has to use a PC :-(

Peter Visel
maCruzers of Santa Cruz

Peter has been involved with user groups since first joining in 1986 and promptly became part of the leadership from that point on. He is the current chairman for maCruzers of Santa Cruz and Vice Chairman for Parjaro Valley Mac User Group. Peter was one of the founding members and general manager of the original User Group Store as part of the User Group Connection. He established SeeWord Technology in 1990 as an Apple VAR, and joined one of his clients as the Information Systems and Facilities/ Operations Manager for Santa Cruz Biotechnology, the world's largest provider of research antibodies (and the largest Mac oriented company in Santa Cruz County). Peter has enjoyed evangelizing Macintosh in over 65 different countries.

Danny Wang
Colorado State Macintosh User Group

Danny Wang is the one of the original founder members of the Colorado State Macintosh User Group (CSMUG) at Colorado State University. He is currently the Ambassador to Apple for CSMUG. Danny has been involved with Macintosh computers and Apple in general since the days of the Apple IIe. Realizing the importanc3 of education and awareness for different computing platforms on a university campus, he started CSMUG with the Apple Campus Rep at CSU in 2000. Armed with a computer science degree, Danny is currently working as a Sales Associate II/Mac Genius at the Aspen Grove Apple Store in Littleton, Colorado.
Steve Welsh

Steve got involved with user groups in 1985. A past president of Corvallis Macintosh Users Group in Corvallis, Oregon, Steve has since organized two statewide user group events, including "You Don't Know Mac," the Oregon state-wide user group fest and trivial contest. He has a professional journalism background, teaches and is a Macintosh consultant. Steve appreciates the beauty of Oregon and the Northwest and feels blessed to have a great son.

Robert White

After joining the group in 1991, Bob has served as the Membership Chair since 1994 and has also served as Secretary most of that time. He has served as MacNexus' disk librarian and as Co-Leader of a MUG at his workplace. He caught the computer bug in the 1960's when the Army sent him to programming school (and then, in typical Army fashion, assigned him to a Supply job). His love affair with Mac's began with a brand new IIci in 1989 (after salivating since buying the premiere issue of MacWorld in 1985). He has worked for DMV for 40 years with the last 10 years doing multi-platform desktop support. His special interests are genealogy, FileMaker and photography.

Chuck Wilcher
Mendocino Coast Macintosh Users Group

Chuck has been President of his group since 1993. His previous experience with user groups was Co-founder and President of the Golden Gate Macintosh User's Group at the University of San Francisco. He served on the User Group Advisory Council representating higher education in 1991. Chuck's primary occupation is as a private technology consultant. He is a member of the Apple Solutions Experts. In addition, he is a volunteer fire fighter/EMT, school board member, and long-time officer in California Certified Organic Farmers. Chuck also sits on the technology committee of the local school district.

Martina Wilson

Peter Winderling
NorthWest Apple Pickers

Peter has been a Mac user for over 5 years after heeding friends' advice to go with Macs rather than PCs. He and his teenage son soon became Mac addicts with their 6320 Performa which was replaced with a G3 and an iMac. The local user group provided Mac system training and now Peter is in his second year as President of Northwest Apple Pickers, Tacoma, WA. after serving as VP for 2 years. He is also Chairman of a NW regional user group conference called Raincoast 2002, a PC & Mac user group weekend conference that meets in October each year. Peter has a BA degree and works at his alma mater as a scientific instrument technician.

David Wysocki
North Coast Mac Users Group

David has been Vice President of NCMUG for the past 4 years, as well as contributing to the groups's newsletter as a product reviewer. David also serves on the organizing committee for Mac Computer Expo, the group's annual fundraising event. He owns and operates Moon Valley Macintosh, a consulting and service business in Sonoma, CA, as well as doing part-time work for Technology Consulting Alliance, an Apple-featured consulting firm in Santa Rosa, CA .

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