User Group University - San Francisco 2002

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User Group University - San Francisco 2002


Whether you are a User Group University Alumni or haven't been there yet but would like to see it continue, we invite you to use these resources to help support the event and those who make it possible.

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Sponsor Support
This full page ad can be run in your newsletter to thank the vendors who sponsored UGU and made it possible. (Thanks to Janet Mobley of North Coast Macintosh Users Group for producing this for us.)

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Newsletter Article
This newsletter article, in Word format, was penned by Elsa Travisano of MUG ONE to help you easily share the experience of UGU. If you have written an article about the event, please send it to us so we can make it available to everyone for reprint as well.

Elsa Travisano Article on UGU

These two photos of Guy Kawasaki on stage at UGU are appropriate for inclusion with the article, if you choose, or you can use your own. Both are in TIFF format for easy handling and less quality loss during editing. (NOTE: These photos are "raw." Crop or modify as you so desire. Photo credits to The MUG Center.)

Macworld San Francisco 2002
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