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User Group University - NYC 2002
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The distinguished faculty of the fifth User Group University

New York, NY 2002

John Allen
Apple Senior Systems Engineer

John, Apple Computer's Senior Systems Engineer for Higher Education in Florida, has been with Apple since 1995 and has worked in the K-12 education and Business Sales divisions prior to joining Higher Education in the Fall of 1999. Before joining Apple, John worked in the PowerPC development group at Motorola in Austin, Texas, and for Apple's distributor in the Caribbean and Latin America, Caribbean Computer Exports. John graduated in 1987 from Northwestern University with a BS in Communications and founded the first Desktop Publishing Service Bureau in South Florida in 1988.

Daniel Berube
Boston Final Cut Pro Macintosh Users Group

Daniel Berube, founder, ambassador, and webmaster of the Boston Final Cut Pro User Group, and owner of Noisybrain Productions, specializes in digital storytelling and video training for business, education, and the arts. With 15 years in documentary production and 8 years as a location sound recordist and Senior Editor on an Emmy-award winning Public Television documentary series, Dan negotiated and created the first Internet channel devoted to stories of philanthropy. As a member of Apple Consultants Network, he presents on the subjects of digital video, DV authoring, streaming media, and web development for Apple, Media 100,, RealNetworks, and Boston University. At home, he is a judge for the Film and Video LLC Grants Panel in Somerville and has received Fiscal Sponsorship status from the Boston Film and Video Foundation.

Esver Camacho
Gold Coast Macintosh Users Group

Esver is the Secretary/Historian for Gold Coast Mac. He was a member of an Apple II user group from 1983 to 1989, then joined the Mac User Group community. Esver established a hard copy library for Gold Coast Mac where members can check out other user groups' newsletters and books. He runs the family bakery (El Brazo Fuerte Bakery) in Miami. "How I majored in Psychology (Pre-Med), love working as a consultant with Macs and manage to run a successful bakery is beyond me.Maybe the Mac just makes it that easy!"

Charlie Carlon
Gold Coast Macintosh Users Group

Charlie started in the the computer world in 1980 and by 1985 was a partner in SOFTCITY INC, an Apple VAR computer store in Miami. In 1990, SOFTCITY became IOMI, a Macintosh consulting company specializing in small business. IOMI joined the Apple Solution Experts program in 2000. Charlie is a founding member of Gold Coast Mac Users Group and is on the Board of directors as past president. When he is not in front of a computer, Charlie can be found in the cockpit of a B-767 as a 25-year Captain for Delta Airlines.

Dan East
The Mid-Atlantic Macintosh User Group Team

Beginning at 12 years of age, Daniel East has owned and/or operated nearly every model released by Apple and Power Computing for more than twenty years. Today, the Macintosh User Groups organization he founded offers presentations, training, demos, events and MUG management programs to the Mac Community. Daniel East is President of The Mid-Atlantic Macintosh User Groups Team (MaMUGs), an Apple Consultants Network member, Director of The Bucks & Montgomery Counties' Macintosh Users Group (Bux-Mont MUG), Apple Consultant for Size Thirteen Solutions, List Manager for "1AppleFreeTech" online tech support for MUG members, a regular panelist on "Rich Levin's PC Talk" radio program on WPEN-Philadelphia, and a freelance writer for various trade publications. In his "day job," he is President of a national music promotion firm, and a producer and musician, and "all aspects of each use Macs."

Joseph Fong
Apple Consultant Network member

Joe Fong started Fong Enterprise in 1986 as a way to manage his family-owned property. Since then, Joe has expanded his business into consulting for Apple products, network design, and Internet connectivity, with a focus on serving small businesses in Sacramento. As an Apple Consultant Network member, Joe works with Apple referrals and the local Apple Account and Development Team, hosts seminars on Final Cut Pro and Airport networking, and sits on the advisory board. Joe sits on the board of directors for the Sacramento Asian-Pacific Chamber of commerce, and is an active member of the Sacramento community.

David Game
Gold Coast Macintosh Users Group

An 18-year Macintosh user, Dave's first computer was one of the first Macs off the truck in Detroit, Michigan. He is a long time user group member and is currently serving for the fourth time as President of the Gold Coast Macintosh User Group, and is also his group's webmaster. He uses the Macintosh extensively in his position as an Emmy-Award-Winning investigative producer for CBS in Miami, where he coordinates computer-assisted reporting efforts, and also designs and programs web sites for 3 Viacom television stations in Florida. His latest passion is digital video, and he has become recognized for creating innovative videos promoting the user group experience. He was recently honored by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Suncoast Chapter with the Silver Circle Life Achievement Award.
Gail Murphy Glore

Gail is a “newbie” to the Apple Consultants Network- a natural transition to her “other” jobs as user group leader and traveling emissary spreading the word how groups and organizations can work together to promote leadership and user groups of all kinds. Gail recently accepted a position as co-Chair on a panel at the APCUG which will further promote unity between PC and Macintosh user groups and coordinate regional activities. Working with neonatologists from all over the world, Gail is administrator for two medical websites and registrar for a large, yearly conference of 1600 doctors held in Washington, DC every December.

Rafael M. González
Apple Specialist

Rafael has been an active force for the Apple Specialist community in South Florida for several years. He currently serves as Director of Marketing for Gold Coast Mac, helping the club in its corporate fundraising efforts. Rafael is the Regional Sales Manager for MacCenter, the leading Apple Specialist in the South East U.S. In 2000, his Ft. Lauderdale store won the prestigious “Apple Worldwide Best Store Award” for the U.S. East Coast.

Chuck Joiner
Hershey Apple Core

Chuck is involved in a wide variety of MUG activities. He has been President of his group, The Hershey Apple Core, since 1992, serves as Chairman of the Apple User Group Advisory Board, is the host of "The User Group Report" audio series, and is Editor-In-Chief of The MUG Center. With a background in accounting and two professional insurance designations, Chuck is Vice President of Claims and Operations for The Insurance Alliance of Central PA.

Orlando Luna
Apple Consultant Network member

Orlando has owned and operated Luna Studio Inc. since 1987. The business began as an Advertising Photography business but expanded into Macintosh Consulting Services in the early 90s. Orlando joined the ASE program in 2000. The business refocused on video with the release of Final Cut Pro 1.0 and has not looked back.

Rose Lynn
Gold Coast Macintosh Users Group

Rose is proud to serve the Macintosh community in a variety of capacities, including Past President/Ambassador of Gold Coast Macintosh User Group in Miami, Board of Directors/Membership Chairman of Florida Association of Computer Users, and as a member of two Association of Computer User Groups committees. A charter member of the current Apple User Group Advisory Board and instrumental in creating User Group University, Rose is always available to assist any user group in furthering their leadership activities. Her day jobs include full time management of her family-owned catering business and maintaining insurance and real estate licenses.
Dave Marra
Apple Senior Systems Engineer

As a Senior Systems Engineer for Apple, Dave Marra has conducted technology presentations, seminars, and workshops for user groups across the United States and Canada. His specialty areas include digital multimedia, Internet technologies, and cross-platform integration.

Allen Olivo
Senior Director Marketing, Retail

Scott Pelok

Dr. Pelok is currently the director of Instructional Computing at the University of Michigan’s School of Dentistry. Scott and his wife, Geri Durka-Pelok, developed an interactive program, “Use of Digital Video as a supplemental tool in the education of health care students” that won the 2001 Smithsonian Computerworld award. Scott was also recognized with a 2000 Smithsonian Computerworld award for development of an online treatment planning program for dental students, created in conjunction with Drs Fasbinder and Shotwell at the School of Dentistry. The Instructional Computing Unit (ICU) utilizes a series of Macintosh G4 for creating and editing educational video and developing programs.

Scott’s interest in computers goes back to his undergraduate days when all programs were written and stored on cassette tapes. His first personal computer was an Apple //e. Right in the middle of writing his master thesis, the computer shut down. Armed with a VOM and an oscilloscope, he fixed the computer by replacing a 14-cent timing chip. That original Apple //e is stilling working today. Currently, he is fluent in HTML, XML, Javascript, Quicktime and a series of other web based languages and programs. His personal computer to day is a PowerBook G3- 500mHz with 256 megs of RAM and
a 20 GIG HD.

Garr Reynolds
Apple User Group Program Manager

Garr Reynolds is the Program Manager for Worldwide User Group Relations at Apple. A ten-year veteran of corporate Japan, Garr served for years as president of KMUG in Osaka, leading the group's effort to reinvent itself and make its own dent in the universe. A jazz musician who worked his way through college by playing drums in night clubs and local diners, Garr speaks Japanese and has an M.A. in Communication from the University of Hawaii.

David Roemer
Apple Student Core @ Emory, Emory University

David Roemer is the founder of the Emory University campus user group that created iMovieFest, an exciting and innovative program that has served as a model for other schools across the nation. For the past three summers, David has had the privilege of interning in Cupertino with Apple’s Worldwide User Groups Relations Program and has served on Apple’s User Group Advisory Board. He is continuing his education at the University of St. Andrews as a Bobby Jones Scholar, but will continue following his passion for the Apple community and will be back before you know it.

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