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User Group University - NYC 2002
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New York 2002

User Group University draws MUG leaders from around the globe. We are proud to present the Class of July 2002

These are the faces and backgrounds on those who set the trends, both in the Macintosh community and in their non-Macintosh endeavors.

Bill Adams
Apple Campus Rep Program

Richard Akerboom
Boston 4th Dimension User Group

Richard has been the Boston 4d User Group's Vice President for 4 years now and is also a sometime webmaster and meeting director. Previously Richard was an activist with the Boston Computer Society's Macintosh User Group, where he worked on many projects particularly trade shows. Richard has been a free-lance database developer and Mac consultant since 1985 as well as Technical Director of Bioprime, which markets environmental products from Europe. His other interests include playing ice hockey and playing and refereeing rugby.

John Allen
Apple Senior Systems Engineer

John, Apple Computer's Senior Systems Engineer for Higher Education in Florida, has been with Apple since 1995 and has worked in the K-12 education and Business Sales divisions prior to joining Higher Education in the Fall of 1999. Before joining Apple, John worked in the PowerPC development group at Motorola in Austin, Texas, and for Apple's distributor in the Caribbean and Latin America, Caribbean Computer Exports. John graduated in 1987 from Northwestern University with a BS in Communications and founded the first Desktop Publishing Service Bureau in South Florida in 1988.

Arman Assa
North Carolina State University Mac Users Group

Arman is co-founder and President of PackMUG, the North Carolina State University Mac Users Group. He and his great team of officers have quickly grown NCSU's MUG to more than 200 members in only six months. Arman also enjoys serving as Apple's Campus Representative for NCSU. Currently majoring in Computer Science, he is pursuing minors in Statistics and Business Management as well. Additionally, Arman works as a Technical Student at SAS headquarters in Cary, NC. In his spare time, he enjoys motoring, cultural activities, and using his Mac.

Roy Atkinson
Downeast Mac OS Users Group

Roy Atkinson serves as Apple Ambassador for DEMUG, the Down East Mac Users Group, based in Ellsworth, Maine. Roy owns MacAdvisor, a consulting firm. He has been a Technical Support Specialist/Mac for a well known genetic research laboratory, as well as a network coordinator for an international nonprofit located in midcoast Maine, using Windows PC's as well as the Macintosh platform. He also managed that organization's relational database and telecommunications. Roy is a member of the Association of Macintosh Trainers (AMT), the Apple Consultants Network (ACN), the AppleWorks User Group (AWUG), as well as the Yahoo! Internet Life Research Panel, the Ziff-Davis Media CIO Leadership Panel and the Advisory Panel. He teaches courses and workshops at Learning Unlimited and University of Maine Cooperative Extension. Roy is an Apple Certified Technical Coordinator and Apple Product Professional.

Joan Balster
Mac Users Group of Southern New Jersey

Joan teaches graphic arts at Gloucester County College who enjoys poetry and painting in spite of her hectic schedule. She also runs trips for the college Humanities club which range from the opera in New York City to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. Joan started her user group at her college when the focus was on Mac Pluses. The group remains focused on the local community and students. Joan has the only two Mac labs on campus. She finds to be both a productive and enjoyable tool for artists.

William Barr
Macintosh Association of Central New Jersey

Bill Barr joined the Macintosh Association of Central NJ 3 years ago and has served most of his time as the Program Chair. Professionally, he is a Chemical Engineer and a manufacturers representative offering mixing and chemical process machinery to a broad industrial and commercial market place. A “one man band,” computers became a necessary part of business when starting his own company. First came cpm; then DOS and then a choice to "switch" to Windows 3.1 or dare to think different. In 1995, he bought his first Mac. The “switch” was easy and today he enjoys using his iMacs and the new G4 PowerBook. A unexpected bonus has been the entry into digital photography. A photo sent by e-mail to the equipment manufacturer is much more efficient than spending an hour or more by phone trying to explain something seen in the field. Simply, it all works. MACNJ is the other bonus being able to mingle with friendly people in varied endeavors who really enjoy their work and using a Mac to make it just that much better.

Chris Bastian
Metropolitan New York Macintosh Alliance

Chris Bastian is the President and Co-Founder of the Metropolitan New York Macintosh Alliance (MetroMac). He served three years as Treasurer of the New York MacUsers' Group, and has also held various administrative positions with NYMUG, Washington Apple Pi and the Big Apple User Group, dating back to 1987. In real life, Chris works as a Transportation Planner for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York City.

Ken Bereski II
Boston College Macintosh Users Group

Ken is the Co-founder and President of the Macintosh Users Group of Boston College. He is currently finishing up his third term as President. A super-senior majoring in Philosophy, Ken will be graduating in December. He is also the Apple Campus Rep at BC. Outside of the User Group, Ken is pursuing a career as a Mac consultant (Kenco Consulting) and is a member of the Apple Consultants Network. In his spare time, Ken is an avid fan of BC Athletics and has been known to travel with the team whenever possible, having covered 13 states thus far.

Daniel Berube
Boston Final Cut Pro Macintosh Users Group

Daniel Berube, founder, ambassador, and webmaster of the Boston Final Cut Pro User Group, and owner of Noisybrain Productions, specializes in digital storytelling and video training for business, education, and the arts. With 15 years in documentary production and 8 years as a location sound recordist and Senior Editor on an Emmy-award winning Public Television documentary series, Dan negotiated and created the first Internet channel devoted to stories of philanthropy. As a member of Apple Consultants Network, he presents on the subjects of digital video, DV authoring, streaming media, and web development for Apple, Media 100,, RealNetworks, and Boston University. At home, he is a judge for the Film and Video LLC Grants Panel in Somerville and has received Fiscal Sponsorship status from the Boston Film and Video Foundation.

Nathan Bills
Syracuse University Macintosh Users Group

Polly Bookhout
Gravenstein Macintosh User Group

P.A.M. Borys
MacWoburn User Group

The principal consultant of Step by Step Training in Woburn, MA and an Apple Solution Expert, P.A.M. is also Founding Director of the MacWoburn User Group. She distributes recycled Macs to neighboring communities and South Africa with the Computers for Africa program. P.A.M. also contributed the AppleWorks chapter to Ilene Hoffman's iMacs Fast and Easy and has co-authored several books with Barrie Sosinsky on America Online, ClarisWorks, Windows95, Office97, and a beginner's guide to Lotus 1-2-3. P.A.M. enjoys riding and training her quarter horse, Bard, and spending time with her son and daughter, and husband who are all Mac enthusiasts.

Eugene Braun
Double Click

John Buckley
Greater Albany Apple Byters

Bernie Burgette
Professional Macintosh User Group

A Macintosh user since1984, Bernie was a ProMUG co-founder in 1990 and has served as editor of their monthly publication, MacVIEWS, since that time. He has received numerous awards for publication excellence, including the User Group University Grand Prize award for large newsletters at the 2001 MacWorld-NY. He has also served terms as ProMUG Membership Chairman, DOM Chairman, Event Coordinator and Secretary. During the day, he is a Raytheon Product Development Engineering Manager in Fort Wayne, IN with 40 years of service. An avid runner since 1983, Bernie has completed over 300 road races and nine marathons, including New York City in 1989. He has been a regular attendee at East coast MacWorld Expos since the early-90's, and made his first trip to MacWorld-SF last January.

Richard A. Calicura
Diablo Valley Macintosh User Group

Rick retired after 32 years in Criminal Justice in 1991 with10 years at the Los Angeles County Probation Department and 22 years with the Contra Costa County Probation Department and is Past President of the Contra Costa County Peace Officer's Association. His interest in computers began in 1980 with a Timex Sinclair. His Macintosh career began with a used Mac 512k, and continued into starting a consulting business which he still runs.His user group positions have included Secretary, Vice President, Board Member and four terms as President. He is currently the Apple Ambassador for DVMUG.

Esver Camacho
Gold Coast Macintosh Users Group

Esver is the Secretary/Historian for Gold Coast Mac. He was a member of an Apple II user group from 1983 to 1989, then joined the Mac User Group community. Esver established a hard copy library for Gold Coast Mac where members can check out other user groups' newsletters and books. He runs the family bakery (El Brazo Fuerte Bakery) in Miami. "How I majored in Psychology (Pre-Med), love working as a consultant with Macs and manage to run a successful bakery is beyond me.Maybe the Mac just makes it that easy!"

Bruce Cameron
Macintosh Users East

Bruce has been President of MaUsE and Apple Ambassador for more years than he cares to count and a UG Rep & Director of the Consortium of Canadian User Groups since its inception in 1994. Since using his first Mac, a Plus with a 50 MHz '030 card in it, he decided that they were better than the mainframes, minis and DOS based desktops that he was used to using. Maybe that's why he now has 8 operating Macs in the house with his wife, two teen-aged daughters, two cats, two guinea pigs, one mouse and an indefinite number of tropical fish. In his spare(?) time he collects and reads science fiction & fantasy and tinkers with his Mac-based home automation system.

Mike Campbell
Waterloo Region Macintosh Users’ Group

Kaizar Campwala
Brown University Macintosh Users Group

Charlie Carlon
Gold Coast Macintosh Users Group

Charlie started in the the computer world in 1980 and by 1985 was a partner in SOFTCITY INC, an Apple VAR computer store in Miami. In 1990, SOFTCITY became IOMI, a Macintosh consulting company specializing in small business. IOMI joined the Apple Solution Experts program in 2000. Charlie is a founding member of Gold Coast Mac Users Group and is on the Board of directors as past president. When he is not in front of a computer, Charlie can be found in the cockpit of a B-767 as a 25-year Captain for Delta Airlines.

Kevin Charlton
Red Deer Apple User Groups Society

Randy Charlton
Red Deer Apple User Groups Society

Randy is the current president of RedDAUG and helped start the group in 1991. He also assists as webmaster, Apple Ambassador, and operator of the user group bulletin board, RedDAUG Online. During the day, Randy is Payroll and Benefits Manager for Red Deer Public Schools, and also operates an after hours home based business assisting clients with computer troubleshooting and database design and construction. Randy volunteers as webmaster for other community and non profit groups and has donated his time to develop several database projects for schools, including an online stock market simulation, registration systems, and tools to assist with high school graduation and awards. Randy loves helping to coach his two sons' lacrosse teams, reading science fiction, camping in beautiful Alberta, and proving first hand to people anywhere that the Macintosh is the best computer platform.

Anthony Chou
Stony Brook Macintosh Users Group

Kay Clifton-Bligh

Kay Clifton-Bligh is Chairman of BizMac, the Macintosh Users' Group of Fairfield County. BizMac produces programs ten times a year, usually meeting at the University of Connecticut, Stamford on the third Wednesday of the month, Sept.-June. They have a small but very active Board that includes two Mac techs, one outstanding aficanado, one editor of README, our newsletter, and several determined Mac users of less than total proficiency in managing our Macs. Kay includes herself among the latter. However she does have the virtue of saying "yes" to the chairmanship, so that BizMac can move forward in its job of educating our (predominantly) graphics professionals in the latest updates, new systems and the radical change in the disk-to-print industry. Her background is interior and lighting design and she is currently producing documents for the Board of an English software company, "Fractal Edge" in which she is an investor.

Moe Comeau
Main Line Mac User Group

Moe joined MLMUG in Wayne, PA, having been an avid Commodore 64 user, but he won a Macintosh SE, GE's grand prize in a United Way campaign. He served as Vice President for about eight years, before qualifying for the presidency. He took over the MLMUG website in September 2000. He avidly attends all Macworld Expos held on the East Coast, as well as all Trenton Computer Festivals. Moe is an Electrical Engineer with Lockheed Martin, formerly GE Aerospace, in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Though forced to use a Gateway "Cow" at work, he delights in Mac evangelism at every opportunity. His presidential term ends December 2002."

Douglas Cox
Fresno Macintosh Users Group

Doug plays Mac guy to hundreds of people in Fresno CA. He is President of Fresno Mac Users Group, CompUSA "Genius", and owner of He joined the club right after getting his beige G3 233 (woohoo), and was VP within a month! He has been a Mac user for 10 years (he was very young). He is also an Apple Product Professional and Apple Solution Expert. In his spare time he's a photographer and caterer.

Peter Crispin
Waterloo Region Macintosh Users’ Group

Richard Crispin
Waterloo Region Macintosh Users’ Group

Richard has been President of WatRMUG for almost every term since 1986. The group is a community group and attracts people from as far as 40 miles away. He has been on the Board of Consortium of Canadian User Groups since 1994, and President since 1997. CCUG is an expanding federation of Mac Groups currently based in Southern Ontario. Richard is also in the Macintosh Technical User Group (MacTUG) at the University of Waterloo where he is a geek and a member of the Southern Ontario Filemaker Association (SOFA). He has also served on Apple's User Group Advisory Board. During the day, he is a computer consultant for the Department of Psychology at the University of Waterloo.

Eric Cruzada

Robert Dain
Apple Corps of Dallas

Bob has been a Mac user for 15 years. He is on the Board of the Apple Corps of Dallas (ACD) and also serves as Program Director for that group, which celebrates it's twenty-fifth year in 2003. He is largely retired from the practice of clinical psychology.

Herb Dang
Clean Water Macintosh Users Group

Michael Dargis
Kalamazoo Macintosh User Group

David L. Davis
Macintosh Association of Central New Jersey

David started his Macintosh love affair when he bought a used Mac SE in 1991. He quickly found MACNJ as a place where he could learn all the basic Mac concepts and resources. It wasn't long before his involvement with the club became a dramatic one. He has been president of MACNJ since 1993. Having been a self-employed ceramic designer-craftsman since 1971, David tries to be as self-reliant as possible yet network with others and share knowledge. This great group of people makes sharing lots of fun! When David is not on his Mac, he is busy creating ceramic sculptures and fountains, and enjoying all sorts of music. He sails when time permits and enjoy gardening/landscape design. David lives in beautiful Hunterdon County in west/central New Jersey with his wife of 30 years, Pede, and their two cats, Molly and Gus. As his Mac knowledge has grown, David has become a minor Dr. Macintosh to local folks in need. He produces his own advertising literature and catalog and has assembled systems, solved technical problems and tutored in Adobe Photoshop.

Matt Davis
Carolina Macintosh Users Group

Don Dubois
Macomb Education Group

Don earned his Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Cedarville College in 1969, his Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from Eastern Michigan University in 1974, and his Educational Specialist in Instructional Technology from Oakland University in 1984. He retired as a teacher with 31 years of experience, with an added ability in technology. While his primary responsibilities have been in the classroom, he has developed an interest in technology and its impact on the educational process. He has followed through in the implementation of technology in his own classroom, as well as assisting in the development of projects in his district, addressing state conventions, working on a national television project with the Nickelodeon Educator Panel, and being a National Champion Teacher for Cable in the Classroom. Don belongs to several user groups, including MacTechnics User Group, L'Anse Creuse Computer Leaders ( co-founder & co-president ), MACUL (Michigan Association of Computer Users in Learning), Apple Pi of Southeast Michigan, MacGroup Detroit of Southeast Michigan, and Macomb Education Group – User Group ( co-founder).

Jonathan Duke
Boston Macintosh

Dan East
The Mid-Atlantic Macintosh User Group Team

Beginning at 12 years of age, Daniel East has owned and/or operated nearly every model released by Apple and Power Computing for more than twenty years. Today, the Macintosh User Groups organization he founded offers presentations, training, demos, events and MUG management programs to the Mac Community. Daniel East is President of The Mid-Atlantic Macintosh User Groups Team (MaMUGs), an Apple Consultants Network member, Director of The Bucks & Montgomery Counties' Macintosh Users Group (Bux-Mont MUG), Apple Consultant for Size Thirteen Solutions, List Manager for "1AppleFreeTech" online tech support for MUG members, a regular panelist on "Rich Levin's PC Talk" radio program on WPEN-Philadelphia, and a freelance writer for various trade publications. In his "day job," he is President of a national music promotion firm, and a producer and musician, and "all aspects of each use Macs."

Bob Esposito
Frederick AppleCore

Bob Esposito, Past President, Frederick Apple Core (Maryland) is a Special Educator and PowerBook User - his Ti G4 667 hosts his personal software/interests, professional materials and PowerPoint Presentations. Bob teaches Braille to blind children in Carroll County Public Schools and is also Professor of Special Education at Frederick Community College. He has been using computers since the Apple II. His college students are welcomed each evening with iTunes and Visuals displayed on a nine foot-wide screen on an in-classroom projection system – no one snoozes in this class! Bob frequently connects another PowerBook and runs presentations synchronized to various education web-sites - occasionally he uses the classroom PC to present student-made projects and as a subtle promotion of the ease of use and superior graphics ability of Macintosh. Bob along with his son, Greg, are publisher and editor of The Mac Kernel, the monthly newsletter of the Frederick Apple Core.

Gregory Esposito
Frederick AppleCore

Greg Esposito, Newsletter Editor of “The Mac Kernel”, Mac advocate for 6+ plus years, and soon to be a freshmen at Frostburg State University studying Computer Science. As a member of the Frederick Apple Core for more than three years, he transformed the old, paper-based, no-name newsletter into a more modern electronic PDF newsletter.Greg has always enjoyed the power of the Macintosh as a student, making PowerPoint presentations to class, writing programs at home, and even using iDVD and iMovie to create an amazing DVD for a final project. In college he hopes to continue this trend while learning skills that will allow him to give back to the community.Greg looks forward to taking a more active role in his third MacWorld and second UGU! As a volunteer he’ll be helping people find what they want on the floor of MacWorld. He hopes MacWorld will be a blast!

Jennifer Esposito
Frederick AppleCore

Jen Esposito, Navy programmer, webmaster, and artist, does almost everything on her PowerBook, and hopes to get a PowerMac to replace her aging PC. With her PowerBook she has gained mastery in digital photo editing with Adobe’s Photoshop, landscape creation in Corel’s Bryce, etc. Jen is looking forward to her fourth MacWorld, as well as her third UGU. Thanks to the knowledge she has gained in past UGU meetings she has helped the Frederick Apple Core create a webpage as well as do presentations for members on the latest technology in relation to graphics.

John Evans
Teachers Macintosh Users Group

Sharyn Evans
Teachers Macintosh Users Group

Cameron L. Fadjo
Berklee College of Music

Wassaf Farooqi
Northeastern University Mac User Group

Pat Fauquet
Washington Apple Pi

Pat is the President of WAP, as well as Tutorial Coordinator and a writer for the WAP Journal. She has been a member of WAP for 12 years, a board member for 4 years, and is a past President of Northern Virginia Educators Mac User Group. Other accomplishments include being a member of the Apple Distinguished Schools Team at Gunston School in Lorton VA; Technology Teacher of the Year at the Virginia Society for Technology in Education; member of-and conference presenter at -the Virginia Society for Technology in Education; and Maryland Instructional Computing Committee. Pat is an independent computer consultant and tutorial instructor. Her special interest areas are multimedia, video, web page production and senior citizen computer education.

Mayer Fistal
New Jersey Macintosh Users Group

Mayer bought his first Mac system (IICI, Portrait Monitor and Personal LaserWriter NT, which is still his printer) after three of his EDS compatriots received the original PowerBook at their 1990 Advanced System Engineering Course and said buy the MAC for ease of use. Mayer has been a member for 10 years and served as President and Chief Doer of Things for about the last 5 years. He also serves as Chief Investigator of the New Jersey User Group Coalition which consists of the seven New Jersey user groups. This year he is VP/Ambassador of NJMUG and continues to handle publicity as he does for several other organizations. Prior to his so called retirement, Mayer's most notable experiences included working for Western Union as well as companies or projects highlighted in The History of the Internet including UNIVAC, BBN (builder of the ARPAnet, forerunner of the Internet) and the LEM (Lunar Excursion Module).

Sandy Foderick

Sandy is a founding officer and current president of AOL's original user group, board member at the User Group Network and former Chancellor of AOL's User Group Learning Center. She has met and worked with user groups across the United States and is president of Virtual Mac and speaker chair for Mini'App'Les' main meetings. When not busy with user groups, Sandy is an adjunct Professor of Philosophy and a mom of four.

Joseph Fong
Apple Consultant Network member

Joe Fong started Fong Enterprise in 1986 as a way to manage his family-owned property. Since then, Joe has expanded his business into consulting for Apple products, network design, and Internet connectivity, with a focus on serving small businesses in Sacramento. As an Apple Consultant Network member, Joe works with Apple referrals and the local Apple Account and Development Team, hosts seminars on Final Cut Pro and Airport networking, and sits on the advisory board. Joe sits on the board of directors for the Sacramento Asian-Pacific Chamber of commerce, and is an active member of the Sacramento community.

Deborah Foss
Connecticut Macintosh Connection

Deborah was Connecticut Macintosh Connection's Disk Librarian for many years. Last year her position was changed to Download of the Month, with a link to the software from the group's website. Her educational background includes degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy and Immunology. She is currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow in Immunology at the University of Connecticut Health Center. She got interested in Macs in 1994, when her boss got a grant with money for computers and printers, and put her in charge of their purchase, since she had a Mac SE (1mg ram, 20 mg hard drive) on her desk. She now has a Quicksilver and a titanium PowerBook on the same desk. Debi and her husband Dan recently received a visit from the stork in the person of their new foster son Phillip, who is 13 years old and 5'6" tall. Debi requested a cesarian due to the baby's size. Her husband Dan is a CNSE and a Novell Network Engineer, therefore a member of the darkside,but she is attempting to convert him. Phillip has already been given a desktop Mac and a PowerBook, and attended his first CMC meeting in June, so he is well on the path to becoming a Mac addict also.

Jim Foster
Macintosh Users East

Jim is President, BBS Administrator, and Meeting Coordinator for Macintosh Users East [MaUsE], a community Mac Users Group serving the Durham, Ontario, region of Canada. Jim has used Mac's since 1985. He became a member of MaUsE in 1986 and has occupied a wide range of positions on its Executive since that time until today. At work, Jim is on an IT Team which provide application and hardware support to about 200 mobile Marketing employees of his firm who use Windows laptop PC's. This provides Jim with a unique perspective from which to view the two platforms - Macintosh and Windows - as well as to participate in the ever accelerating pace of change on both platforms. Jim is a B-I-G motor racing fan. If he is missing from some Mac event, likely as not he is in the bar watching a live CART, F1, or NASCAR event!!

Daniel Fox

Carol Franks
Atlanta Macintosh Users Group

Carol Franks is a Macintosh user since 1993 and a Atlanta Macintosh Users Group Member from that time as well. Carol has participated in various AMUG functions and has received the volunteer of the month award. Her husband is Doug Franks the current AMUG Program Director. Carol has a background in visual communications/jewelry design and is a graduate of Ill. State University. Carol is hoping to gain a great deal from her first MacWorld Expo.

Doug Franks
Atlanta Macintosh Users Group

Doug Franks had a life changing decision to make in 1993 buy a Macintosh Quadra 840 AV or a Wintel 486DX box. Contrary to popular opinion Doug went the route to "think different" and bought the Macintosh. That same year he also joined the Atlanta Macintosh Users Group another excellent move! After years of going to AMUG general meetings and special events Doug was elected to the board of directors in 1995 and has been on the Board ever since. He has held the following positions on the board: Secretary, Program Director, Vice Chair and Chairman. He was instrumental in starting up a MacCollege and MacFixit later to evolve into The Maclanta Expo. Doug is a Graduate of Auburn University and holds a degree in Industrial Design. He currently is the owner of a computer consulting business in Atlanta called MacTechWorks!

Lynda Fudold
Planet Mac User Group

Lynda is a relatively new (since September ‘01) member of PlanetMUG, an online community of computer users, the former BBS of BMUG. Although she has always known that there was a lot more she could do with her Macs, through her membership in PlanetMUG, there’s now an easy way to get questions answered and to expand her interest and enthusiasm for the Mac. She is the principal of a small consulting & training organization working with companies in the Silicon Valley, Advanced Communications Group. ACG trains people in Influencing Skills and Business Problem Solving, as well as doing Organizational Development, Conflict Resolution and communication work.

Nathan Gable
Macintosh User Group of Southern New Jersey

David Game
Gold Coast Macintosh Users Group

An 18-year Macintosh user, Dave's first computer was one of the first Macs off the truck in Detroit, Michigan. He is a long time user group member and is currently serving for the fourth time as President of the Gold Coast Macintosh User Group, and is also his group's webmaster. He uses the Macintosh extensively in his position as an Emmy-Award-Winning investigative producer for CBS in Miami, where he coordinates computer-assisted reporting efforts, and also designs and programs web sites for 3 Viacom television stations in Florida. His latest passion is digital video, and he has become recognized for creating innovative videos promoting the user group experience. He was recently honored by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Suncoast Chapter with the Silver Circle Life Achievement Award.

Joe Garraffo
Long Island Flash User Group

Max Gebhardt
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Macintosh Users Group

Max is the secretary for the Mac User Group at Rensselaer and has been involved with them since early 2002. He is studying computer science, is interested in programming, and has done some web design for fun. He has loved being part of such an awesome group and is incredibly excited for its future.

William George
North Jersey Mac Apple User Group

Bill is currently the Secretary of his group, and has held positions as President, Program Director, and the BBS administrator. One of the many highlights of his User Group career was his time on the UG forum on AOL. He was known as "UGF BILL" and did much enjoyable work for the UG community. Bill started using Apple computers in college in 1982, where he wrote a basic program to calculate the withholding tax from a paycheck on an APPLE IIE, and he was was hooked. So hooked, in fact, that he changed his major to Information Systems... He is now the Circulation Information Systems for the Record (Hackensack,, NJ ) Newspaper. Everything he learned was from Apple Computers. User Groups were a large part of this knowledge. Over they years he has owned an Apple IIC, IIGS, Mac Classic, Mac TV, Performa 6200 and his current Apple Beige G3.

Gail Murphy Glore

Gail is a “newbie” to the Apple Consultants Network- a natural transition to her “other” jobs as user group leader and traveling emissary spreading the word how groups and organizations can work together to promote leadership and user groups of all kinds. Gail recently accepted a position as co-Chair on a panel at the APCUG which will further promote unity between PC and Macintosh user groups and coordinate regional activities. Working with neonatologists from all over the world, Gail is administrator for two medical websites and registrar for a large, yearly conference of 1600 doctors held in Washington, DC every December.

Jim Grieve
North East Ohio Apple Corps

Jim has been involved with Apple computers and UG's since the Apple II integer days (1979). He is currently president of the North East Ohio Apple Corps (NEOAC). Jim has worked in the field of Vocational Rehabilitation as a counselor and manager for 25 years, helping injured and disabled workers find alternate careers - often in sedentary, computer-related jobs. His passion is 3D artwork, and he can be found creating pictures with Bryce and Amapi in his free time, when he is not training or teaching martial arts.

Mark Griffith
Silicon Mountain Mac User Group

Mark has been using Macs since 1987 when he first helped his office go against the rules and purchase several Mac SE’s, a Mac II, a StyleWriter printer and a plotter. He and a co-conspirator set up a phoneNet network and was able to design floor plans for several buildings. By the time the “authorities” found out, it was too late. The Macs were deeply entrenched. When Mark moved to Colorado in the early 1990s, he joined the Silicon Mountain Macintosh User Group or SMMUG. He has helped many new Macophiles learn about their Macs. He currently serves as acting Vice President of SMMUG. At home, Mark and his wife share a Mac Clone, an iMac, and an iBook all networked wirelessly through an Airport base station (of course). Mark has just earned a Masters in Computer Engineering.

Jill Gruber
Newport Computer Club

Doug Hanley
Las Vegas Macintosh User Group

Doug is the founding president VMUG, The Las Vegas Macintosh Users Group, in 1993, it has now grown to over 200 members. He is also the current president. Before that he was the disk librarian and BBS Sysop for SBMUG in Santa Barbara. Doug is a full time computer consultant with MacTEK. He is member of Apple Solutions Expert group of Consultants and Trainers. MacTEK has a variety of clients ranging from Ad Agencies, government agencies, small businesses, and home users.

Lorca Hanns

Tom Harvick
X Macintosh User Group

Tom started his serious personal computing experience back in 1981 with an Apple ][+ moving on in 1986 to a 512KB Macintosh and has been hooked ever since. He has provided consulting services to friends, associates and to his wife's elementary school in Richmond, Virginia primarily working on iMacs and software. Retired now from the corporate world and a professional career, he now finds joy in caring for feral cat colonies and was recently elected to the board of directors for XMUG, a local group of Mac enthusiasts. Tom graduated with a bachelors degree in printing management and technology later working on a master of science in business management and economics before entering active military service in 1966.

Mable Hedger
GravenStein Apple User Group

Pekka Helos
Finland Macintosh Users Group

Pekka is an active member of fiMUG, the only Mac MUG in Finland and it has about 1100 members. The population of Finland is 5,1 million. Pekka works as a free lance Mac journalist and has covered 28 MacWorld Expos in the USA for Finnish MacMaailma magazine. Therefore Pekka is able to represent fiMUG in Apple Universities in the USA.

Paul Herring
Flint Apple Club

Paul H. Herring, Sr. has been the president of the Flint Apple Club for more than five years. Currently he is acting as Co-President with the club’s resident Guru Robert Meyers. Herring has done some wonderful things for the Club, including the production of an annual Television Broadcast titled "FAC TV" a Macworld highlights show along with some silly marketing tricks. The Flint Apple Club’s “anything goes” approach, has drawn members from a 60 mile range on his watch. Herring also produces several other television programs in Flint, Michigan including "Common Ground- a public affairs and community Information show, "BCTV- focusing on political empowerment for African Americans, and "Flint After Dark a local talent and music video program. Herring also produces several TV specials throughout the year. "I use only Macs to make my shows" says Herring. "A souped up 71OO for teleprompting, a 6500 for titling and graphics and my baby a Powerbook G3 for special effects, Premiere and Final Cut work." Herring also teaches Video Making to inner-city youth as a part of the Amastad Project. He works full time as a Recruiter/Coordinator for a youth program located in Flint and has a wife and two very Mac-ish children. Paul Jr., 6 years old has a 840av, and Marcus Esq.,age 5 years loves his 5500. Mr. Herring has a love for both travel and life! His favorite quote is: If you always do! What you have always done! You will always get! What you have always got! If you want something you have never had before! You have got to do something, you have never done before!

Brenda Hess
SouthWest Florida Apple Computer Knowledgeable Society

Brenda Hess is a retired Art Teacher from Buffalo, New York . She and her husband Gordon retired to Fort Myers, Florida in 1985. She bought her 1st Macintosh Computer in 1997 and set out to teach herself how to use a computer. She went to the MUG meetings religiously to learn anything she could even though so much was advanced and she was the only women in attendance that first year. In 1999, the leader and founder of the MUG club, SWACKS (SouthWest Florida Apple Computer knowledgeable Society ) left the area and could longer run the club. Brenda volunteered to take over and organize the club with the idea of everyone doing a little job. She enjoyed the club and didn’t want it to fold. She has been president ever since. She is not the most knowledgeable member, but can organize and gets things done.

Clay Hibbert
Washington Apple Pi

Don Hibbert
Kalamazoo MacIntosh User Group

Agnes D. Idyk
North Jersey Mac Apple User Group

Agnes Drake Idyk is Editor of both "The MAUGER," newsletter of the North Jersey Mac Apple User Group, Inc. (NJMAUG) in West Orange, New Jersey and the "MacLedger," online newsletter of the New Jersey Macintosh User Group, Inc. (NJMUG) in Clifton, New Jersey. She purchased her first Mac in the late 1980's, and has been an ardent supporter ever since.

Milo Ingalls
MacJake - Professional Fire Fighters of Massachuetts User Group

Hillard Jason
Colorado Macintosh User Group

Hilliard ("Hill") Jason has been actively using Macs, both personally and professionally, since before they were born (when they were LISAs). He has owned most generations of the Mac and has attended most Macworld Expos, from the beginning. As a physician and educator he has taught hundreds of other health professionals to use and appreciate the potential of computer technology for their work and had a large 5-year federal grant for doing so. Hill has written or co-written eight books, more than 60 educational videos, and dozens of articles and editorials on his Macs. He has just competed a 3-year commitment as Editor-in-Chief of an international medical education professional journal, which kept him and his G4 PowerBook busy more than 80 hours most weeks. As a long-time member of COMUG, Hill has been an active member of the club's Steering Committee and typically contributes one or more instructional sessions at every club meeting for which he is in town.

Chuck Joiner
Hershey Apple Core

Chuck is involved in a wide variety of MUG activities. He has been President of his group, The Hershey Apple Core, since 1992, serves as Chairman of the Apple User Group Advisory Board, is the host of "The User Group Report" audio series, and Editor-In-Chief of The MUG Center. With a background in accounting and two professional insurance designations, Chuck is Vice President of Claims and Operations for The Insurance Alliance of Central PA.

Logan Junger
University of Vermont User Group

Len Kaufman
North Florida Macintosh Users Group

Len joined the North Florida Macintosh Users Group (NFMUG) August 1987, and became Editor of it’s “First Coast Mac” newsletter in January 1989. Additionally, he has been President of NFMUG since January 1990. Len was also instrumental in setting up the user group’s web site and has help design the many NFMUG flyers, membership pamphlets and forms. Len started on the Mac at its inception in January 1984, but had been active with computers starting in 1970, while serving both on active duty and civil Service with the U.S. Navy.

Jesse Kempf
Wired Women

Charlie Knight
Valley Interface Macintosh Users Group

Charles E. "Charlie" Knight is the current President of the Valley Interface Macintosh Users Group meeting 2nd Tuesday of each month at Springfield Technical Community College, where he attends college and works in the bookstore. Noted in local media for his work with non-profit groups and community organization work and active in community clean-up campaigns, homeless providers groups, community crime watch, and community associations; he was elected President of the STCC Christian Fellowship, Computer Club, Collegiate Graphic Design Group, and Alpha Psi Sigma Chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society for the two year college. Listed in a Who's Who in American Colleges and one of 19 students nationwide to be selected to be an intern representing Phi Theta Kappa in Washington, DC. he created navigationals for Active in his MUG since 1995 Charlie has held the offices of Secretary, Vice President and now President.

Christine Labate
Graphic Artists Guild

Christine has actively served the New York Chapter of the Graphic Artist Guild as Vice President for the last three years. In addition to actively volunteering at most chapter events, she started the New Directions in New Media series and has been co-chair of the Pricing Game. She co-chairs the Graphic Design Exchange (a special interest group for graphic designers) and also serves as a rep to National. Christine is Associate Creative Director at Citibank, where she directs design of the web site For eight years prior to this she ran her own design studio, Designs for Growth. Her clients ranged from Fortune 1000 to local businesses. She graduated with honors from Manhattanville with a self designed major in Graphic Design and Marketing.

Alice Larson

Alice Larson is the iPresident of MacWaves MUG - Jersey Shore Mac User Group. She has been the leader for nigh on 3 years now. Her credentials include long term use of Macs -- she managed to play with Macs in 1985 while working in one of the first High Definition Television labs in the US. She has used Macs ever since. Little did she know that her background in UNIX would eventually become useful in her work with Macs -- yea to Mac OS X! Early on she worked on a project that involved monitoring computer network traffic so that usage could be charged by the "bit". Fortunately for us, the project did not pan out -- it was bleeding edge technology. The web, as it exists today, really did not exist way back in 1985 -- think of having to pay by the bit! Meanwhile, she earned a M.S. in Electric Engineering. Currently, she also volunteers in a TV production facility, where she helps members of a Senior Learning center as they shoot, direct, and edit various community productions. Her varied interests include web research for interesting questions that arise from the Mac user group community and exploring the local flora and fauna with her husband. Live, learn, grow, enjoy...

John Linthicum

John Linthicum is Vice President and Apple Ambassador for XMUG, A Macintosh User Group in Richmond, VA. He is past president and one of the founding members of the group 3 years ago. He's very excited about the growth and excitement in his MUG, which has tripled in size since inception. This is the 2nd User Group University he has attended, enjoying the timely topics and camaraderie. He's the principle of his own growing Macintosh Consulting business, formerly working as Macintosh LAN Manager to the 9th largest bank in the United States. He's been married for 13 years to Katie, and father to 2 daughters, Rachael and Allison.

Rose Lynn
Gold Coast Macintosh Users Group

Rose is proud to serve the Macintosh community in a variety of capacities, including Past President /Ambassador of Gold Coast Macintosh User Group in Miami, Board of Directors/Membership Chairman of Florida Association of Computer Users and Member of 2 committees of Association of Computer User Groups. A charter member of the current Apple User Group Advisory Board and instrumental in creating User Group University, Rose is always available to assist any user group in further their leadership activities. Day jobs include full time management of her family-owned catering business and maintaining Insurance and Real Estate licenses.

Max Manshel
Association of Trial Lawyers of America MUG

Max is currently President of the Association of Trial Lawyers Macintosh Users Group [ATLAmug], and is also the Apple Ambassador, and listmom . Max retired from the US Navy reserve after 27 years. Max recently retired from the active practice of Law after 25 years. He originally started as the ATLAmug in 1980's., He was one of the original Apple Legal fellows. He has worked his way through many versions of the Apple Macintosh from his first Mac SE, then a Iisi, 7500 to his current G4PB 500 [Ti]. . Max continually tries to keep up to the latest Macintosh models to help the users group grow and keep proficient with what they have. He moderates eight lists for lawyers and participates in MacLaw an online user group for Lawyers.

Jed Mark
Diablo Valley Mac Users Group

Jed has been President of DVMUG for 2 years. During this time the group has grown from 295 member to 580, thanks to the success of the the iMac. The highlight of their year is an all-day seminar "So you got a Mac...NOW what do you do?" Jed has been with DVMUG for 5 years and was a member of the Berkeley Macintosh User Group before that. Jed formed a mortgage company after a career in the Savings & Loan field and acquired a Lisa to help run the company. It was traded in very quickly for a series of original Apples, and his progression from there was natural. In the past 10 years Jed has moved from the mortgage business to an occupation of salmon fishing, golf, travel, grandfathering and DVMUG.

Reed Martin
North Apple

Reed has been an active Apple Campus Rep for Carleton and St. Olaf Colleges in Northfield, MN for the past 3 years, in addition to founding and presently serving as the president of the Mac User Group. Through a combination of the two positions he has helped to promote Apple on campus and recently single-handedly hosted DVD Fest 2002 at Carleton, with over 70% of all residence hall floors participating and nearly half the school at the premiere. (He hopes the newly founded MUG will help him next year!) In addition, he is currently an intern in QuickTime at Apple, president of Smashin Software, and a Resident Assistant at Carleton. He is pursuing a degree in Human-Computer Interaction, with minors in French, Media, and Cognitive Studies.

Edgar Matlock
San Learndro Macintosh User Group

Ed started his relationship with Apple in 1983 when he bought a //e. In his quest to learn more, he joined his first user group (SPCA - Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Apples) in 1984. It wasn't too long before he was made club Libarain. The following year he was elected Newsletter Editor. This was back when a light box was used and the term "cut & paste" meant just that. In 1986 he joined the Apple Eater User Group in San Leandro (later renamed the San Leandro Macintosh U.G.)and has been with them ever since. He has held every elected office and currently is the Treasurer and puts together the monthly CD. His current machine is a 700 Mhz iMac which he really appreciates after a long day at work on a Compaq. Ed's other outside activities include past president and newsletter editor for the local Parents Without Partners chapter in Fremont, CA (site of the first Mac assembly plant).

Rick Matteson
Long Island Macintosh Users Group

Rick bought his first Macintosh late in 1984 and joined LIMac shortly thereafter. He was appointed Program Coordinator in 1986, a position he's held since then with only a "little time off" to form and coordinate the Educator's SIG. Rick retired three years ago after a 31 year career as an industrial arts and computer teacher in high school and middle school. In addition to his activities with LIMac, he spends his time hiking on Long Island's Greenbelt trails, biking Long Island's less-trafficked roads, working in his basement woodshop, consulting with teachers and beginning computer users and searching for the best ethnic food restaurants on Long Island.

Linda McNeil
Philadelphia Area Computer Society

Linda McNeil is the vice president and program chair of the Macintosh SIG of the Philadelphia Area Computer Society. She has been involved with Apples since the IIe era right through to the ibook. Linda McNeil has always worked with books and media, as a library media specialist. Currently she is teaching for the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Innovative assessment tools for teachers along with Children's and Young Adult Literature on the Internet. She is a professional artist, known for her Chester County landscapes, hand colored etchings, and serigraphs. Linda is also chairman of the Tri-State Young Adult Review Committee. This is an organization comprised of professional librarians from Southeast PA, NJ, DE. Their main thrust is to review materials available to schools and educational institutions. In summary, Linda is an artist, who found a medium she prefers, working with books & computers. She finds them exciting, challenging, and gratifying as they combine the various facets of her life.

Dave Marra
Apple Senior Systems Engineer

Dave is a frequent and favorite presenter at MUGs across the U.S and Canada because of his knowledge and high-energy presentation style. As a Senior Systems Engineer for Apple Computer, Dave has conducted technology presentations, seminars and workshops for user groups across the United States and Canada. His specialty areas include digital multimedia, internet technologies and cross-platform integration.

William T. Medlow
Long Island Macintosh Users Group

Bill is the President of LIMac and also serves as Chairman of the MultiMedia SIG. He is very proud of what the group has accomplished in view of the fact that LIMac, a 300+ member group, is a not-for-profit, all volunteer organization that has educated Macintosh users on Long Island for the past seventeen years. Bill lives on Long Island with his wife and two children, one in college and one in law school, He takes advantage of Long Island's great opportunities for golf, fly fishing, sailing and is a member of the Kiwanis, where he serves as Golf Chairman. His totally electronic architectural office specializes in Visualization and Photo renderings, and includes his personal Mac running OS X and ArchCad, a carbonized CAD program.

Cathleen Merritt
Appleworks User Group

Ms. Merritt, who manages AWUG's daily operations, has published more than 350 articles in educational technology magazines and newsletters. She holds Masters degrees in Education and Educational Technology.

Michael Minamoto
Portland Macintosh Users Group

Bruce Mitchell
Macomb Education Group

Bruce Mitchell is the founder and president of MEG. He is also a member of Apple Pie, MacGroup Detroit, and Mactechnics user groups. Bruce spent over 30 years as an elementary teacher. He used both Macs and PCs to integrate technology in the classroom with collaborative web projects and developing electronic student portfolios. Bruce is a graduate of Michigan State University and Saginaw Valley State University. On the Mac his interests are primarily video editing, graphic arts, and web authoring. He now does educational consulting, develops and maintains several websites, has a small video production business, and teaches adult ed classes focusing on multimedia. He also does volunteer work with the adult literacy program in his community. He and his wife enjoy traveling in their RV. He will probably want to tell you about last summer's salmon and halibut fishing experiences in Alaska.

John Mitchell
San Learndro Macintosh User Group

John has been an active member of the San Leandro Macintosh User Group since Apple II days in 1986. He is currently serving as Newsletter Editor, a position he inherited in 1990. John retired from American Airlines as a B-767 Captain in 1996 after 31 years of flying. He has since devoted many hours of assistance in support, repair, and training for teachers and administrators in a number of local schools. An avid Mac user since leaving the dark side about 12 years ago, John continues to grow, learn, and teach others in the exciting world of Macintosh. He specializes in hardware support and has also worked in networking of schools. A day rarely goes by without a call from a school, a teacher, or a friend for assistance.

John Mitrano
North Jersey Mac Apple User's Group

John has over 15 years of experience with working with computers. First starting with high-end engineering workstations and then, working with business and consumer-based Apple Macintosh and PC computers. Starting out by instructing new computer users in the basic operation of their computers and then later teaching the use of the Internet and methods of web site development. He is currently the Vice-President of the North Jersey Mac Apple User's Group, and is the Publisher of "West Orange Online" a local community web site for the town of West Orange, New Jersey and he is a partner of 46Info, a local consumer and business informational web site. He is Owner and Director of the CompTutor Computer Center located in West Orange, NJ.

Patricia Mitrano
North Jersey Mac Apple User's Group

Keith Mueller
Newport Computer Club

Anne Murphy
Graphic Artists Guild New York Chapter

Michael Murphy
Apple Insider Macintosh User Group

Mike is currently the Vice-President of the Apple Insider Macintosh User Group, a worldwide, online group. Mike has been an Apple user since the first grade, and has always been interested in computers and technology. He is going to be a freshman at Boston College this Fall, majoring in Computer Science. Currently, Mike works at a one hour photo lab and is also very interested in digital photography.

Joan Newman
SouthWest Apple Computer Knowlege Society

Joan has been using Mac's since the last century (1985). She originally belonged to the Westchester, NY Mug but now is a member of SWACKS (SouthWest Apple Computer Knowlege Society). She is a freelance graphic designer with an extensive resume.

Manabu Okubo
QuickTime Users Group

James T. O'Reilly
Big Apple Users Group

James Oszucik
North Jersey Apple User Group

Mary Helen Oszucik
North Jersey Apple User Group

Scott Pelok

Dr. Pelok is currently the director of Instructional Computing at the University of Michigan’s School of Dentistry. Scott and his wife, Geri Durka-Pelok, developed an interactive program, “Use of Digital Video as a supplemental tool in the education of health care students” that won the 2001 Smithsonian Computerworld award. Scott was also recognized with a 2000 Smithsonian Computerworld award for development of an online treatment planning program for dental students, created in conjunction with Drs. Fasbinder and Shotwell at the School of Dentistry. The Instructional Computing Unit (ICU) utilizes a series of Macintosh G4 for creating and editing educational video and developing programs.

Scott’s interest in computers goes back to his undergraduate days when all programs were written and stored on cassette tapes. His first personal computer was an Apple //e. Right in the middle of writing his master thesis, the computer shut down. Armed with a VOM and an oscilloscope, he fixed the computer by replacing a 14-cent timing chip. That original Apple //e is stilling working today. Currently, he is fluent in HTML, XML, Javascript, Quicktime and a series of other web based languages and programs. His personal computer to day is a PowerBook G3- 500mHz with 256 megs of RAM and a 20 GIG HD.

Nancy Pennington
Washington Apple Pi

Merry Perry
Maryland Apple Corps

Merry has been involved with the Maryland Apple Corps since 1983, when she got her first Apple II+, mostly as Treasurer (current position). She attended Applefests regularly, even becoming a speaker while a Contributing Editor for the Apple IIGS Buyer's Guide. She was a census taker in 1980, then sold needlework for five years followed by 11 years of computer sales. She has been a volunteer at the users groups breakfasts at Macworld for the last few years, has been a MarketSource demonstrator and an Apple guide. Merry attended Wilson College and is presently working part-time as an administrative secretary at the Institute for Policy Studies at Johns Hopkins University. She has a wonderful husband, three children (including a daughter who got married in May and no longer lives five blocks from Ground Zero in NY), and a granddaughter. In June her house was struck by lightning and there was a serious fire. However, no one was hurt and the losses were confined to the attic and the basement (water). The computers were fine, too. The family is living elsewhere during the reconstruction.

Paula Petrik
GMU Macintosh User Group

Paula Petrik is the new faculty advisor to the George Mason University Mac User Group (GMU MUG). A long-time Mac user, her job will be to revitalize the user group on campus and sustain the Mac presence. She is currently Professor of History in the Department of History & Art History where she teaches traditional history courses (19th-century US) and new media courses in the department's new doctoral program. She is also Associate Director, Center for History & New Media, at George Mason. In that capacity, she does information architecture and web design.

Craig E. Polixa
North Jersey Mac Apple User Group

Craig has held the positions of Review Chairman, Vice President and President since joining his group about 3 years ago. " I hope to learn and utilize as much as I can to further move the user group in the future." Craig started out selling Apples at a local Comp USA for about 2 years. He became a Apple Certified Tech at the same store for another 2 years, then opened "The MacGuy" as a side business.
Operations in that business include troubleshooting and diagnose and repair of problems, consulting and training, installing and upgrades of peoples' machines in their homes or places of work. He is an Apple Power Rep in local retail stores where he trains the sales force on how to position and sell Apple products and technologies, upkeep of demo machines, and monitor stock flow through the store.

Lynn Poos
Silicon Mountain Macintosh User Group

Lynn is Secretary/Treasurer of the Silicon Mountain Macintosh User Group, Inc. (SMMUG) in Colorado Springs, CO, the largest active MUG in the State of Colorado. He became involved with the Mac in the late 1980's, and has been a strong supporter since. In the spring of 2001, Lynn was appointed to the Regional Liaison Team as the Liaison for the South Central United States. Lynn retired in 1993 after thirty-four years with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and moved to Colorado to relax. He immediately became active in SMMUG, and was selected to be their corporate Secretary/Treasurer. Relaxation was an alien concept and he too soon found many others things to do. He was appointed by the City Council to serve on the Colorado Springs Liquor and Beer Licensing Board, where he served until term limited in June 2001. Concurrently, he was appointed by the County Commissioners to the Juvenile Community Review Board for Colorado’s Fourth Judicial District, which he chaired until he was appointed, in 1998, by Governor Bill Owens to chair the Juvenile Parole Board for the State of Colorado, a position he currently holds. This Board was recently featured in an hour special on A & E’s Investigative Reports, where Lynn prominently displayed his Macintosh laptop on camera.

J. Keith Putnam
Huntsville Macintosh Users Group

Keith joined HMUG in 1996, and became Apple Ambassador when needed. He provides input to MacNews each month and has recently been designated Contributing Editor. Keith began Apple Demo Days when the first iMac was released and has held positions as Retail Representative for Best Buy, Sears, Circuit City and CompUSA. Professionally, Keith is a software analyst supporting the PATRIOT Missile program. He has the privilege of running an OSX Server with FM Pro Server for a predominantly Windows team. In addition to his HMUG activities, he sings in the Eugene Brasher Chorale and the Sanctuary Choir of Weatherly Heights Baptist Church.

Deena Quilty
Connecticut Macintosh Connection

Deena Quilty is a consultant specializing in marketing communications for business. She produces and manages media of all types including promotional and technical literature, newsletters, catalogs, books, magazines, advertisements and Web sites. Deena also produces and delivers workshops, seminars, and training on various topics. Formerly a marketing manager with GE, she has been a Mac user since 1985, when a forward-thinking co-worker introduced one to the department. She is President of the Central Connecticut Women’s Forum, a women's business networking group, and a former member of Toastmasters International. Deena is immediate Past President of Connecticut Macintosh Connection (CMC) of Hartford, Connecticut, a user group with over 100 members. For CMC members and guests, she initiated the first annual bus trip to Macworld Expo for 2001. She is also a member of HUGE (Hartford User Group Exchange), another area user group.

Jerry Rabinowitz
Avon Grove School District Macintosh User Group

Jerry is the Director of Technology for the Avon Grove School District in Chester County, Pennsylvania. An educator for more than 30 years. He has been a teacher, administrator, and the Delaware Department of Public Instruction Specialist for Computer Education and Training. He is currently responsible for all aspects of technology for the school district, where every classroom and office is networked. He supports the network of 21 servers, dozens of network switches, and almost 1500 computers (both Mac and PC) including over 200 wireless iBooks. Jerry has been involved with computers in education since the mid-70s, and has been a Mac user since he purchased his first in March of 1984. He has been a presenter on educational computing issues at national, regional, and local conferences. Jerry is currently a member of Macintosh Users of Delaware and president of the Avon Grove School District Macintosh Users Group.

Max Rechtman
Long Island Macintosh User Group

In 1984 while browsing in a computer store, Max saw the original 128K Mac. He loved it and bought it. Back in 1984 he owned every piece of Mac software that was available: MacWrite and MacPaint. Later that year, several friends and Max formed a User Group that today is known as LIMac, The Long Island Macintosh Users Group. LIMac is now the largest Mac group on Long Island. Max is currently the Treasurer and User Group Ambassador for LIMac. In his professional life he is a teacher of biology for the New York City Public School System. As an educator, he has found the Mac to be a valuable tool, and can’t imagine how there was ever a time that we got by without computers.

Sue Reid
Waterloo Region Macintosh Users’ Group

Sue is Treasurer of both WatRMUG, located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, and the Consortium of Canadian User Groups (CCUG), a group of UGs located mainly in southwestern Ontario. Sue has been using Macs since the early 80’s and has a small collection, as do most of us, dispersed among various family members. When not enjoying her iMac at home, Sue is the End-User Trainer at an engineering, environmental and IT services company based in Waterloo which has more than 30 branches throughout North America, where she carries out internal training on various software packages using one of the "other" platforms. Sue has two beautiful daughters, a rather manly black cat, and a great old house in the downtown area of the City.

James Richtsmeier

(Jake) James Richtsmeier is the President of the ETA KAU PI computer art organization at The State University of New York at Oneonta. He is also the Webmaster for the Cooperstown Art Association in Cooperstown New York. He has a Bachelors of Art Degree from Xavier University in Painting and Printmaking. Jake has was a student computer teacher in the Durham Public School System in North Carolina where he received Apple Network Administrator training for Elementarty Schools. He then moved to Upstate New York where he presently is studying computer art and is a free lance graphic designer.

Garr Reynolds
Apple User Group Program Manager

Garr Reynolds is the Program Manager for Worldwide User Group Relations at Apple. A ten-year veteran of corporate Japan, Garr served for years as president of KMUG in Osaka, leading the group's effort to reinvent itself and make its own dent in the universe. A jazz musician who worked his way through college by playing drums in night clubs and local diners, Garr speaks Japanese and has an M.A. in Communication from the University of Hawaii.

David Roemer
Apple Student Core @ Emory, Emory University

David Roemer is the founder of the Emory University campus user group that created iMovieFest, an exciting and innovative program that has served as a model for other schools across the nation. For the past three summers, David has had the privilege of interning in Cupertino with Apple’s Worldwide User Groups Relations Program and has served on Apple’s User Group Advisory Board. He is continuing his education at the University of St. Andrews as a Bobby Jones Scholar, but will continue following his passion for the Apple community and will be back before you know it.

Lorene Romero
North Coast Macintosh Users Group

Lorene has been the President of NCMUG for 3 years. She began 6 years ago as a new member who volunteered to help with a fundraising event. She serves on Apple's User Group Advisory Board as "Vendor Queen," working with vendors to improve relations and negotiate MUG discounts. It has become something she loves because everyone wins. In spite of an educational background in Clinical Psychology and 12 years in the Mental Health field, she decided to work with computers.

Keith Rourke
Apple Student Core @ Emory

Rowan Rozanski
Colorado State Macintosh User Group

This will be Rowan's third year with the Colorado State Macintosh User Group and her second as President. She has great hopes for the coming year, now that she's got her feet solidly in the quicksand of leadership. This is her second UGU, apparently she enjoyed the first one a great deal (go figure *grin*). She can't wait to meet everyone at UGU.

Dan Sailers
Dallas Macintosh Users Group

Todd Salkowitz
The Macintosh Business Users Society

Todd Salkovitz graduated from Drexel University (the first school to make owning a Macintosh mandatory) with a B.S. in Accounting. After owning his own Mac based consulting company for five years, he joined MYOB US, Inc. in 1995 as its Consultant Programs Manager, running the very program he helped MYOB form and launch a year earlier as part of their Consultant Advisory Council. Today, Todd is MYOB’s Partner Relations Manager with responsibilities that include working with VARs, consultants, 3rd party software vendors, accountants and MUGs. Todd is currently in his second year as president of MacBUS, after serving on the board in various capacities including treasurer over the past 10 years. MacBUS serves Mac users in the greater Philadelphia region with a focus on business.

Christopher Sarson
Association of Personal Computer User Groups

Christopher bought his first computer (a Visual CPM desktop) in 1982, and was so impressed with the generous help of other Visual users that he vowed he would help newcomers if ever he became proficient. He serves as President of Windows on the Rockies User Group (WRUG) in Denver CO, and has grown the group to 200 members. Christopher feels that User Groups of all flavors -- Macintosh, Wintel, Linux, Apple II, Sun -- should have a forum where they can exchange information, learn from each other, and just plain have fun! That's why he's Secretary as well as Chair of the Board of Advisors of the Association of Personal Computer User Groups. For a living he produces television programs and is best known as the creator and first Executive Producer of both Masterpiece Theatre and the children's series Zoom! (both still going strong after 30 years!) Christopher is currently working on TV programs about parenting. He is also a mediator for the City of Boulder, a gardener and a cook!

Nicholas Shanks
University of Hertfordshire Mac Dev Group

Joan Seedorff
North Jersey Mac Apple User Group

John Seedorff
North Jersey Mac Apple User Group

Dan Semaya
Princeton Student Macintosh User Group

Dan Semaya is the President and co-founder of P-SMUG, the Princeton Student Macintosh User Group. He is also the Apple Campus Representative for Princeton University. Dan is a Junior Computer Science major in the Princeton University School of Engineering. A Mac enthusiast for over a decade, Dan also serves as a Residential Computing Consultant for the Princeton University Office Of Information Technology and as an Information Technology Consultant for Neighbour's Inc, a non-profit organization in central New Jersey. In his spare time Dan enjoys playing guitar, bass and piano and composing music (on a Mac, of course).

Michael Seminer
Apple Student Core @Emory

Fred Showker
Shenandoah Macintosh User Group

Fred Showker, CEO of Showker Graphic Arts & Design (since 1972), editor/publisher of DT&G Magazine (since 1990), instructor of Digital Graphics at James Madison University, VA. -- is a veteran MUG evangelist. In 1987 he co-founded the MUG Forum on AppleLink PE, and AOL's User Group Forum ('87 - '95). He was an Apple presenter at Apple World ('87), Mac Guide DTPer of the Year ('89), Associate Editor Mug News Service ('89-'94), Apple User Group Advisory Board member ('99), and speaker at numerous Macworlds, NAUGSAWs and other conferences. He was a community developer for eWorld, founded the User Group Network ('94) and launched the User Group Academy Awards at NAUGSAW in 1996. Currently, he is involved in The Association of Apple Computer Users & Groups' (AACUG) Anti-Spam and Privacy legislative advocacy project as well as acting Editor for "MUG" the association's Mac User Guide newspaper.

Joe Showker
Shenandoah Macintosh User Group

Joe has been an Apple evangelist for over 20 years beginning with the Rockingham Apple Movement (RAM) users group in 1982. His involvement with RAM led to the Macintosh and SMUG where he is an educational advisor, tech contact and Ambassador for SMUG. Joe is the Computer Coordinator, teacher for a public school in Virginia recently named to the “Governors Top 5%” for Computer Literacy. A 2001 NTTI Teacher of the Year Runner up, he lectures throughout the Shenandoah Valley on computer literacy, internet safety for Kids and software integration in athletics and education. In his “leftover time” he is an amateur photographer, webmaster, and golfer and varsity track coach. Joe will be presenting at Macworld in the MacBeginnings seminar "Internet Safety for Kids."

Mike Sloan
Boston College Macintosh User Group

Pete Smith

Paul Soltero
North Jersey Mac Apple User Group

Doris Stewart
Apple PIE of Southeastern Michigan

William Stewart
Apple PIE of Southeastern Michigan

Tom Strauss
Capitol Macintosh Users' Group

Tom is a member of the Board of Directors and the Program Chair. He has been a member of CapMac since he moved to Austin from New York in 2000. Although retired from active business, he is a Macintosh consultant and a member of the Apple Consultants Network. He has been an avid Apple promoter since buying an Apple II+ to manage spreadsheets for his small manufacturing business. He switched to Macs when the 128 came out and has migrated upward regularly. He currently uses a Titanium PowerBook as his primary Mac.

Preb Stritter
Wired Women

Preb Stritter first got hooked on computers 40 years ago when time sharing had just begun - computers talked math and were just beginning to talk baby talk with words. There was no application software and she taught her high school students to program in BASIC. She took her first personal computer - an Apple IIe, the forerunner of laptops - to Kathmandu in 1984. She met her first Mac there, a 128k marvel that did word processing in the Nepali language with the Sanskrit alphabet. Preb continued to pioneer with computers in the classroom and began reviewing educational software. She continues to review computer books and software for several MUGs and founded the Computer Committee at her senior retirement community. Now on her fifth Mac - a gooseneck [G4] iMac - she is loving the new daylight darkroom which has returned control over her color travel photography to her own digital equipment.

Elizabeth Tonis
South Shore Macintosh Users Group

Liz has been a member of the SSMUG on Long Island since 1998, currently serving as secretary. She is an Apple Demo Days rep who proudly serves as "beta reader" for preeminent Macintosh author David Pogue on his "Missing Manual" series, which includes such titles as "Mac OS X," "iPhoto," "iMovie," "Office 2001" and "Dreamweaver 4." Currently working in public relations, Liz is also a freelance journalist and photographer. She has never missed a New York MacWorld Expo, and is on her fourth Mac (so far!).

Elsa Travisano

Elsa has been a guiding force for MUG ONE (Macintosh User Group of Oneonta, New York) for 16 years. She is currently serving her third term as President, and edits MUG ONE's award-winning newsletter Newsbreak. She is a member of Apple's User Group Advisory Board and also edits the Apple User Group Bulletin. Elsa comes from a Mac family. Her father, Philip Thompson, was founding president of Princeton’s PMUG, and her husband Tom is an English professor, former MUG ONE president and writer with three published books written on a Mac. Her son is studying visual arts on the Mac, and her daughter is a budding software reviewer who had to stand on a piano bench to see the audience when she first began giving MUG ONE presentations. A “Mac of all trades," Elsa works as a Macintosh consultant and instructor who has taught classes for children and adults, teacher workshops, and a college course in the Mac.

Mario Vasella
Rheintaler Macintosh User Group

Mario lives in Switzerland. He joined the REMUG three years ago and is now the editor of REMUG News. His first Mac was a Macintosh Classic and now he has a PowerMac G4 with Superdrive for video editing and burning DVD's. He works as a software engineer and there he has to use a PC :-(

Walter Vennell
Macintosh User Group of Southern New Jersey

Macintosh User Group of Southern New Jersey ( MUGSNJ ) VP and Exec. board member also has served as Program Chair, Pubic Relations chair. Has been a active member of the MUGSNJ since the late 80"s Also member of the South Jersey Apple User Group ( SJAUG ) and the PC Users Group of South Jersey ( PCUGSJ ) Has been using Apple Computer since the Apple II E.Served in the United States Navy for 6 years as a Electronics Technician during the Vienman War.Walt is a Instrument Technician at the Paulsboro refinery of Valero Oil Company. Paulsboro Refinery products gasoline , lube oil, home heating fuel just to name a few. He works on operating systems that control the process units that make these products. VP of the Vennell Tavern Committee, restoring a 1792 home later turned into a tavern Belong to the Gloucester Count, Camden County and Salem County Historical Societies also New Jersey State Historical Society and the Genealogical Society of New Jersey Walt is constantly working on his own family genealogy and has family dated backed to 1658.
Tom Walther
Duke University Macintosh Users Group

Danny Wang
Colorado State Macintosh User Group

Danny Wang is the one of the original founder members of the Colorado State Macintosh User Group (CSMUG) at Colorado State University. He is currently the Ambassador to Apple for CSMUG. Danny has been involved with Macintosh computers and Apple in general since the days of the Apple IIe. Realizing the importance of education and awareness for different computing platforms on a university campus, he started CSMUG with the Apple Campus Rep at CSU in 2000. Armed with a computer science degree, Danny is currently working as an independent WebObjects consultant and Sales Associate II/Mac Genius at the Aspen Grove Apple Store in Littleton, Colorado.

James Waters
University of Chicago Macintosh User Group

Ginny Williams

Warren Williams
AppleWorks User Group

Warren is the President of the AppleWorks Users Group, the largest user group in the world, and is a member of Apple's User Group Advisory Board. Professionally, Warren is a Professor Emeritus of Educational Technology at Eastern Michigan University. Dr. Williams has written more than 500 articles published in psychological journals and technology magazines and newsletters.

Albert Willis
MIT Mac User Group

David Wilson III
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Mac Users Group

Dave is the President and cofounder of the RPI MUG which is the largest student computing group at RPI. A Mac User since the beginning of his computer use, he is currently majoring in computer science at RPI and wishes to work in the software division at Apple. He is currently working with the Vice President of the RPI MUG to make the programming special interest group within the RPI MUG a large nationally recognized group. Dave is also the Apple Campus Rep for RPI.

David Wolstencroft
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Mac Users Group

Seth Zuckerman
StonyBrook Macintosh Users Group

Seth is the founder of the Stony Brook Macintosh Users group. He has been president for over 3 years. Seth is currently working in the Merrick school district as the lead Macintosh & PC system engineer, and has recently ended a three year tenure with Apple Computer as a Student Representative for the SUNY at Stony Brook campus. Seth is a certified Macintosh technician in PowerBooks and desktops. Having worked with Macintosh user for over six years in the school and corporate environment, Seth has a unique expertise in large scale Macintosh installations on PC dominated networks.

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