User Group University - NYC 2002

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User Group University - NYC 2002
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User Group University was held on Tuesday, July 16, 2002 in at:
The New Yorker Hotel
in New York City

Monday, July 15

Monday, July 15, 8 PM - ?
Ice Cream Social




Garr Reynolds & Chuck Joiner
iFamily: The Power of Bringing MUGs Together In Your Region

Dan East

This presentation is for MUG leaders to learn about coordinating their groups into collaborative and cooperative teams in order to enhance vendor relations and group presentations, boost membership, share resources and maximize the overall enjoyment for everyone.

MUGs In Motion: Using Digital Video To Showcase Your Group

Dave Game

A picture is worth a thousand words. Video is worth a million. The right use of videos can make your user group look like a million, attract new members, and get your message to the community at large. Find out why you should use the digital tools that come with your Mac to document your programs and activities – for your members and for the world at large – by web casting right from your user group web site. iMovie, iDVD, and the rest of the digital hub make it easy. Get ideas you can use from an Emmy-award winning broadcast pro and veteran user group moviemaker.

(NOTE: The movies which accompany the materials above are too large for download. Dave will honor requests for the CD by UGU Alumni; all others will be answered on an as-able basis.)

Motivation Techniques For Dealing With Difficult Members

Scott Pelok

Everyone has difficult members in their group – people who just don't want to cooperate or are constantly causing headaches for the rest of the group. Finding the happy medium for all your members to work together starts with strong leadership at the top. We will talk about techniques to identify the problems your "difficult members" might be having (anger, shyness, fear, or reluctance to participate). Then we will explore motivational techniques that the "great" leaders employ to get people working and participating to their maximum. Topics will include settings goal and achieving them, overcoming obstacles, and management techniques.

User Groups And The Apple Consultants Network: Working Together

Charlie Carlon
Joseph Fong
Daniel Berube
Gail Glore
Orlando Luna

UGU attendees will learn about a front line resource, the Apple Consultants Network, that can improve their meeting presentations and provide education and support to their membership. Each Apple Consultant Network member will explain how user groups play a part in their business plan and will take questions from UGU attendees.

OSX Migration Tutorial For Leaders

Esver Comacho
Dave Marra
John Allen

Mac OS X represents a revolution for those of us in the Apple community. This session addresses how this change impacts your user group and some of the top reasons you and your members will want to move forward with Mac OS X. We will explore ways you can help your members move smoothly to Mac OS X and how Mac OS X and its technologies can take your members to another level. The discussion will focus on how to address your membership’s issues and challenges in moving over to Mac OS X. User group leaders who are interested in learning how to help their members transition to Mac OS X will find this presentation valuble. Come share your insights and experiences in your migration to Mac OS X.

Youth Appeal: Students, User Groups, and the Future

David Roemer

Does your user group want more members, greater enthusiasm, stronger diversity, and visionary future leaders? One of the keys to success is attracting new and energetic members with fresh ideas. In order to attract younger members, groups need to understand what younger people desire, and must adapt to meet these varying demands.

This session will address the benefits and challenges of engaging younger members, and we'll discuss ways our user group community can grow stronger by creating more youth appeal. In this session you will hear about some of the exciting programs and events being developed by campus user groups and passionate student user group leaders... and discover what they mean to the future of user groups worldwide.

Establishing Partnerships: Working With Local Resellers and Apple Stores

Rose Lynn
Rafael M. González
Allen Olivo
Garr Reynolds

We all want to win. MUGs working with retailers makes sense all the way around and no one loses if you do it right. Get the basics of etiquette and planning, and learn from the success of others who have created win-win relationships with local resellers and Apple stores. Create your own success story.

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Refreshment Break
Killer Presentations

Dave Marra

Discover some of the innovative ways to plan and deliver an exciting, attention-grabbing presentation to your Macintosh user group audience. We will discuss the tips and tricks to giving great presentations, some cool tools to use, and ways to avoid some of the common pitfalls that can occur.

Put It On The Web: Moving Your Group's Communication To The Internet Is Easy With Apple's iTools

John Allen

This session will focus on maximizing your group's voice through the power of Apple's suite of Internet tools, iTools. Learn how to post your user group newsletter, create a slideshow of pictures from your meetings and outings, and even create streaming video, all on Apple's web servers.

Combining iTools services like HomePage and iDisk with software applications like iMovie and iPhoto is fun and easy. You'll also learn how to go beyond the built-in HomePage templates to truly personalize your site with professional HTML editors and WebDAV connectivity.

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Keynote Address:
David Pogue

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Vendor Reception

TMC Survey

The Cult of Mac
by Leander Kahney

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