User Group University - SF 2004

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Argent Hotel
50 Third Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Registration 9:00-9:30 a.m.
Conference 9:30 a.m.-8:00 p.m.

9:00 - 9:30 Registration
9:30 - 9:55 Welcome
Chuck Joiner
Chairman, Apple User Group Advisory Board

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9:55 - 10:55
11:00 - 11:50
The Art of Leadership
Jennifer Shelby
Signature Leadership

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The subject of leadership elicits assured and subjective opinions from those looking for it, and instills considerable responsibility upon those selected to provide it. Yet, to function in our society, we all must respond to leadership as well as display it.

This session presents examples of leadership and discusses the common attributes of leaders. It is an opportunity to explore your own natural abilities to lead, your capacity to develop leaders in your organizations and communities, and help you build a clear framework for understanding and relating to leadership in your life.

11:50 - 1:05
Lunch Presentation:
Web Site Do's and Don'ts
Terry White

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A top notch website is important when marketing your user group. Not only would potential members be drawn to a well-designed site, but also the current members would enjoy using a site that is informative yet easy to navigate. Come listen to demo guru Terry White, President of MacGroup-Detroit and Technical Resources Manager for Adobe Systems, as he shares his tips and tricks on how to make your group's website stand apart from the rest which will also help drive new membership.

1:05 - 1:15 Break
1:20 - 2:10
The Lost Art of Board Building
Pat Fauquet
Washington Apple Pi

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Every user group should be finding and training new leaders and board members. This session will explore various facets of user group administration including optimal board size, leadership recruitment, prevention of volunteer burnout and tension among board members, how to maintain good board communication, and where to find needed training. Pat will share her recent successes in revitalizing the Washington Apple Pi Board of Directors by discussing information gleaned from user group discussion lists, training resources personal experiences. She will invite attendees to discuss their own group's successes and failures.

If You Build It...Will They Come?
Lesa Snider
Cowtown Macintosh Users Group

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What good is your web site if it doesn't provide information that's useful to your members, potential members and visitors? What good is a top-notch web site if no one can find it? Lesa will outline the essential components of an effective web site, then explain how to optimize your site so that it can be found by search engines, and therefore, by those interested in your group.

2:15 - 3:05

Attracting Youth To User Groups
Sarah Friedlander

Session Materials
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When working together as a team, "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts." A user group is made up of a people with various backgrounds, skills, and experiences. Many user groups lack an essential element: active young members. Young people need to be viewed as valued members of the user group community in order for them to join. Young people should be regarded as additional diversity in a group of people because they possess additional skills and insight. Since the goal of many user groups is to grow, recruiting young members is a good way to increase active membership, which benefits the group overall. This session will help lay out many ideas and techniques to help attract young members to your user group.

Volunteers, Community and User Groups
Rick Ortiz
Maui Apple Users Society

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User Groups use the terms "volunteer" and "community" when describing themselves. This session will help define these terms and what they mean for your User Group. You will learn why people volunteer, how to support volunteers, and how to develop relationships in the community beyond your User Group. Rick will share his experiences in developing community outreach programs within the Maui Apple User Society, and discuss the benefits and impact on the group.

3:05 - 3:20
Refreshment Break
3:25 - 4:40
The Apple Hour

.Mac for User Groups
Don Ice, Apple

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.Mac has added several new features since it's launch in July 2002, and many existing features have been enhanced. Don will show some of the latest enhancements to .Mac as well as lead a discussion of how .Mac features can benefit user groups.

Introducing Panther: Mac OS X v10.3!
Dave Marra, Apple

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Packed with over one hundred fifty amazing new features and applications, Mac OS X v10.3, code named "Panther", includes includes an exciting new Finder with Fast User Switching; Exposé, to manage all of your document windows; iChat AV, for face-to-face video conferencing over the Internet; Preview, a super-fast way to view and search PDFs; Font Book, to find, organize and manage all of your fonts; and Mail, a greatly enhanced email application. Panther combines these, plus many more, incredible new features with unprecedented ease-of-use and robust, cross-platform networking, all built upon a rock-solid, modern, secure, UNIX-based foundation. Be prepared for an exciting show!

4:45 - 5:35
Vendor Panel Discussion
Hosted by Lesa Snider

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Participating vendors include:

  • Rye Livingston of Adobe
  • Jonathan Korzen of Audible
  • Ben Waldie of Automated Workflows
  • Rich Siegel of Bare Bones Software
  • Elizabeth Statmore of Circus Ponies
  • Bill Goldstein and Matthew Klahn of CodeTek
  • Matt Morris of Dantz Development
  • Janice Wendt of Nik Multimedia
  • Edward Killeen of Pixion
  • Paul Chadha of Recosoft
  • Dean Collins of Software Cinema
  • Jeff Lauzon and Mick Martin of Toon Boom

5:40 - 6:30
Plan Your Meeting Topics Up to a Year in Advance
Doan Stafford

Session Materials
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Do you or your fellow officers often not know what your group is doing next month, the month after that, next year? Do you suffer from low attendance because your presentations are not of interest to your members? Do you struggle to find presenters, and always do so on short notice?

Well, no more! Get a grip on your situation and find out what topics are of most interest to your members, and from their feedback, plan your meeting topics up to a year in advance! Get presenters more easily because you know what topics you want and when you want them!

Find out from one of your peers, a fellow MUG officer, how he has helped his group do this for over six years now in ten easy steps. Make life easier for yourself, your fellow officers, presenters and members. Plan your meeting topics up to a year in advance!

Welcoming Windows Users: The Other 95% (and Dropping)
Lynda Fudold
Silicon Valley Macintosh Users Group

Session Materials
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For groups that would like to increase their membership, Windows users present both a possibility and sometimes a challenge. It's worth the group leadership's time to consider who will and who might not fit in, and what the purposes are when you invite "the other 95%."

In this session, we'll consider the culture of the present group, how to decide which Windows users to invite, what might interest them, and whether or not to encourage them to switch. We'll also consider how to encourage people to join the group, rather than just visit, and how they might make the group better.

Every group is unique, so bring your ideas too, and we can learn from one another.

6:30 - 8:00 Reception
TMC Survey

The Cult of Mac
by Leander Kahney

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