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San Francisco 2004

User Group University draws MUG leaders from around the globe. We are proud to present the Class of January 2004

These are the faces and backgrounds on those who set the trends, both in the Macintosh community and in their non-Macintosh endeavors.

Kathy Aanestad
Sonoma Valley Computer Group

Kathy has been SVCG's hardcopy newsletter editor for almost nine years and is the current Webmaster. She also serves on the North Coast Mac Users Group Board of Directors as recording secretary and their Mac Computer Expo committee. Her educational background includes degrees in History and Communications Studies. Kathy left a position as a medical office manager to start her own Macintosh consulting business, including tutoring, web design/development and video. Her other accomplishments include titles as Pacific Coast Women's Sabre Champion and Women's Western Classic Sabre Champion, is the proud auntie of 11 nieces and nephews and seven cats.

Nancy Albrecht
Santa Clarita Valley Macintosh User Group

Nancy has been a member of SCV MUG since 1994, currently serving as VP-Finance. She is also a member of the AppleWorks UG. Retired from the Social Security Adm. after a 25 year career, Nancy is a professional church organist (Assn. of Lutheran Church Musicians), and also does editing, proofreading, tutoring and recordkeeping from her home office. She volunteers with the American Red Cross as a Disaster Team leader, and is a licensed ham radio operator. She enjoys sharing with her eleven-year-old grandson, Joshua, the joys of reading, theatre, and the Macintosh!

Tim Allison
The Rest of Us

Bev Angros
Mount Diablo Macintosh Users Group

Maria Arguello
Main Line Macintosh Users Group

Maria O. Arguello is a Nicaraguan where she learned to be fluent in Spanish and English. She is a retired high school teacher. Most of her career was spent as a Science Department Head in the Philadelphia School System where she enjoyed teaching biology, chemistry, and physics and administering her department. She holds a BS from Loyola University of New Orleans and a MS from West Chester University. Her main interest using the computer is for digital video and photography. She serves on the Board of Main Line Macintosh Users Group (MLMUG) as the newly elected President and formerly served for several years as Member-at-Large and as Special Events Coordinator. Maria is a new member of the Apple Consultant Network. She is an active user group member of several groups like Macintosh User Group of Southern New Jersey (MUGSNJ), Princeton Macintosh User Group (PMUG) where she served as a Bd Member for a year, South Jersey Apple User Group (SJAUG), and Macintosh Business Users Society (MacBUS) where she served as secretary for a year, and Macs@ PACS. Maria enjoys learning about the User Group community and loves to attend conferences to represent MLMUG her home group. She is an independent computer consultant. Maria has a daughter and three grand children who are all Mac users. She enjoys cooking, dancing, traveling and has visited China, Central America, Mexico, and Europe.

Cheryl Babbe
Alaskan Apple Users Group

John D. Barnes
Washington Apple Pi

Dan Bellack
San Carlans Using Macintosh

Kathy Berndt
Macintosh Technical Associates Group

Kathy is on the Executive of the Macintosh OSX Technical Associates Group (MacTAG) in Vancouver, Canada. MacTAG is a group interested in building the community of Macintosh professionals in the Vancouver Lower Mainland area. She holds a Master's Degree in Geology from the University of Alberta and worked for Shell Oil in Calgary, prospecting for oil and gas in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. Kathy was the membership secretary and treasurer for Club Mac in Toronto in the late 1980's and has made her living as a FileMaker Developer since 1985. Any time she's away from her "family" of Macintosh computers, she's out hiking or paddling in the Canadian wilderness.

Curtis Blanchard
Tuscon Macintosh Users Group

Curt is Secretary of the Tucson Macintosh Users Group. He is a product designer and developer of consumer products and holds a degree from the Rhode Island School of Design. He works primarily with Asian manufacturers, and specializes in goods from China. He uses Macs to communicate daily via cross-platform, cross-Pacific (and cross-cultural) email. Nearly 100% of the design process and continuity is done electronically. Curt was formerly Vice President Marketing and Product Development for Treasure Craft and Colonial Candle of Cape Cod. He has been a Mac user since 1987 and is a former member of both the Boston Computer Society (BCS) and the Berkeley Mac Users Group (BMUG).

P.A.M. Borys
MacWoburn User Group

P.A.M. is the Founding Director of the MacWoburn Computer Group of Massachusetts and a member of the Apple Consultants Network. Boston Computer Society. P.A.M. has been an active volunteer in user groups for many years beginning with Boston Computer Society. Through MacWoburn she teamed up with a local effort which donated 400 Macs to South African Schools and placed many computers in Massachusetts schools and nonprofits as well. When not volunteering, P.A.M. brings her Macintosh expertise into businesses, homes, and senior centers through her business Step by Step Training.

Brenda Boswell
Diablo Valley Macintosh User Group

Retired after 30 years of service with the State of California as administrator for the Seismic Safety Commission; encouraged the Commission to become one of the first state agencies to use the Mac. Best state job was writing, editing, and publishing state park folders and books. Mac user since 1985; mostly word processing, a little spreadsheeting, a little Pagemaker, and now a little databasing. Secretary, Vice President, and now Director of the Diablo Valley Macintosh User Group. Current hobbies include travel, reading, setting up iMacs, assisting new users. Fave new toy: iPod.

Christopher Breen
Pleasant Valley Macintosh Users Group

Macworld contributing editor Chris Breen is the keynote speaker for this User Group University. Chris is well known for not only his "Mac 911" column in Macworld, but also as the author of Peachpit Press' Secrets of the iPod (3ed edition) and Mac 911. Chris' quick wit, extensive troubleshooting knowledge, and entertaining style makes him a favorite user group presenter. His support of user groups includes providing user group-only editions of the "Breen's Bungalow" video series, and also makes portions of his "Mac 911" column available for publication in MUG newsletters

Greg Breuer

Greg has been a member of the appleJAC Macintosh Users Group since 1991 and has served as Editor, President and Treasurer, the position he currently holds. Greg works for the Geographic Resources Center and the Missouri Spatial Data Information Service, housed within the Department of Geography at the University of Missouri-Columbia, which creates and maintains GIS datasets that are made available to the public free of charge via FTP. He serves as a Unix System Administrator with Windows slowly taking over his support duties. He proudly uses a G5 as his desktop machine. This is Greg's first visit to MacWorld and the anticipation level is high.

John Buono
Mountain View Computer Users Group

John Buono has one claim to fame, and that is he has been the president of the Mountain View Computer Users Group (MVCUG), in Sierra Vista, AZ for 17 years. His best friend and wife during his first absent meeting, convinced the group to elect him for life. He is no stranger to User Groups having been in an officer in Apple and Macintosh Users groups since 1980. John's profession is computer science, and this has convinced him that catering to the beginning user is a good idea. The MVCUG set up is always tutorial in nature, and the organization has grown from the 1986 membership of 7 members, to the current 175 members. John is very outspoken when it comes to all things relating to computers. His current pet peeve is the direction of users groups, especially now that the MVCUG average age is 62. The MVCUG has been the recipient of numerous awards both local and national, and currently they sponsor two $500 scholarships for the best use of a computer in a school project for graduating HS seniors.

Rick Calicura
Diablo Valley Macintosh Users Group

After retiring from a 32 year career in Criminal Justice in 1991, Rick Calicura turned his Macintosh hobby into a new vocation. He joined a Macintosh retailer where he received training in service, repair and sales of the Macintosh. A long-time member of Diablo Valley Macintosh User Group, he held many offices and served four terms as President. He turned his acquired Mac skills into establishing the DVMUG Mac Clinic where he would help others to learn how to troubleshoot and repair their Macs. The clinic continues to this day for DVMUG members with a staff of six professional consultants who donate their time to the club. Rick has been writing two columns a month for the Award Winning DVMUG Apple Press and his work is regularly re-published in other MUGs' newsletters. Rick's face is well known at MacWorld and he has attended MacWorld Conferences on both coasts for many years. Rick has been a faculty member at the User Group University in the past.

Mac Carter
Whatcomb Macintosh Users Group

Mac is the new president of WhatMUG, a 10 year old Mactintosh User Group in Bellingham, Washington. He has been using and promoting Macintosh computers for over 20 years. Mac is currently leading a process to reorganize and “upgrade” WhatMUG into a 1st class MUG – new Board, new website, new newsletter, etc. Mac is also the co-founder of Turning Points Inc., an international organization development consulting firm specializing in leadership development and executive team-building. His background covers over 30 years in operational management and organization development. He has conducted leadership development and team-building programs for over 10,000 people in organizations across the U.S., Canada,and Europe.

Jacob Cebula
Rochester Institute of Technology Macintosh User Group (MacRIT)

For three years, Jake has enjoyed being part of MacRIT, the Macintosh User Group on the campus of Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY. He has been using Apple hardware since grade school, his first Mac at home being the infamous Macintosh TV. This twist of fate led to his current and ongoing obsession of Apple hardware collecting. Jake is currently a student at RIT, majoring in Applied Networking and System Administration. When at school, he works for RIT's Information and Technology Services desktop support team. He often volunteers to help the local public school district with their technology when at home in Asheboro, NC.

Billy Chang
San Gabriel Valley Macintosh Users Group

Leigh Cockrell
North Coast Macintosh Users Group

Moe Comeau
Main Line Macintosh Users Group

Moe joined MLMUG in Paoli, PA, having been an avid Commodore 64 user, but he won a Macintosh SE, GE's grand prize in a United Way campaign. He served as Vice President for about eight years, before qualifying for the presidency. He took over the MLMUG website in September 2000. He avidly attends all Macworld Expos held on the East Coast, as well as all Trenton Computer Festivals. Moe is a systems engineer with Lockheed Martin, formerly GE Aerospace, in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Though forced to use a "Dull, Dude" machine at work, he delights in Mac evangelism at every opportunity. His third presidential term ended in December 2003; by unanimous consent of the membership, he has returned to his true calling - VICE President. Moe is a multi-matriculant of UGU/UGLC who thus far has never graduated.

Craig Contardi
Washington Apple Pi

Craig Contardi is making his very first "Pilgrimage to Mac-CA" to attend a Macworld Expo and User Group University. He's been loyally devoted to Apple computers since 1980, purchasing an Apple //e just prior to his senior year in High School. However, seeing the Macintosh demonstrated in January 1984 by two of the actual members of the design team changed everything.

He began his relationship with user groups on the text-based Compuserve electronic BBS in 1986, and met at least one of the 2004 UGU attendees that way. The $12/hr cost, however, meant he did not actually have the money to buy his first Mac until 1995. He presently has a family of three Macs to complement his wife and three children (ages 3, 5 and 8).

He is serving his second term as Secretary of Washington Apple Pi, Ltd., the largest remaining regional user group for any type of computer. He was previously active in the Annapolis, MD 'Slice' of Washington Apple Pi, serving in multiple positions culminating as President in 1988.

While never before attending a Macworld, he has seen Steve Jobs speak in person (as CEO of Next) and was a conference and seminar speaker for the Fall 1989 and Spring 1990 Applefests, which were Apple II-centric expositions back when the company had yet to abandon its support for that product line.

Rex Covington
Houston Area Apple Users Group

Rex is a twelve year member of his group, past President and currently is the Vice-President over programming. He has served as a Fire Fighter/Paramedic for the city of Arlington Texas, and was in fire protection design using Auto CAD for ten years. Currently, Rex is operating his own business doing FileMaker Pro Database and Mac Support. “My first Mac was an "SE 30" (and yes I still have it and it still works) The Mac I use now is a 17" PowerBook. I sell my PowerBooks every year & buy a new one. Can't wait for the 2 GB.

Douglas Cox
Fresno Macintosh Users Group

Doug plays Mac guy to hundreds of people in Fresno CA. He is President of Fresno Mac Users Group, CompUSA "Genius", and owner of He joined the club right after getting his beige G3 233 (woohoo), and was VP within a month! He has been a Mac user for 10 years (he was very young). He is also an Apple Product Professional and Apple Solution Expert. In his spare time he's a photographer and caterer.

Joseph U. Cracchiolo
Mountain View Computer Users Group

Patricia Cracchiolo
Mountain View Computer Users Group

Herb Dang
Clean Water Macintosh Users Group

Gary Darnielle
Eugene Macintosh User Group

Gary joined EMUG in 1984, primarily to vicariously enjoy the other members’ Macs until he could afford his own 18 months later. He has attended MacWorld SF since 1987 and has an impressive if somewhat obscure collection of t–shirts to prove it. Modest in all things, Gary seldom reminds his friends that he won the Adobe leather jacket at last year’s Adobe User Group Breakfast. Currently a board member of EMUG, Gary has been its past president (1987–1994), user group ambassador and newsletter editor. Trained as a land use attorney, he presently serves as an administrative law judge in Eugene, Oregon. Gary and his family share their home with a 600 MHz iMac, an aging but still functional Power PC 8500, and a PowerBook 160 whose obsolescence is exceeded only by its utility as a warm napping place for Jasmine the cat.

Jeff Davis
Houston Area Apple Users Group

Elizabeth DeBoer
Oceanside Macintosh Users Group

Currently serves and Apple Ambassador, V.P., Helpline, and Newsletter Editor for Oceanside Macintosh User Group. Author for "Help I Have HyperStudio, Now What Do I Do?" and Consultant. Previously served as Adjunct Faculty, Teacher, Technology Director, Administrator, and Grant Writer.

Chuck Derksen
Santa Clarita Valley Macintosh Users Group

Chuck is the current President of the SCVMUG in Southern California. He has served for 3 years, first as 1st Vice President. He is a veteran of the Macintosh since June 1984, and is a member of the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro Users Group. He was previously a member of the Los Angeles Macintosh Group during the early years of the group. Chuck is currently employed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, as an Electronic Packaging Engineer. He not only uses his Macintosh system daily, but also Windows and UNIX systems as well.

Charles Devore
Portland Macintosh User Group

Charles DeVore has been Officer at large for three terms, Vice President for two terms, and President for three terms. Currently MacCamp Coordinator for Portland Macintosh Users Group's twice yearly MacCamp, and current President, Charles has also represented PMUG at several MacWorld User Group meetings during the past six years and served on the Steering Committee of PMUG for 13 years. For the last ten years Charles has been a Mac consultant and owner of Cdev Solutions. He only works on Macs, they are the true reason he loves computers. Charles also writes a column called Winds of Change, and some review articles for PMUG's award winning Mouse Tracks magazine.

Janet Devore
Portland Macintosh User Group

Janet DeVore is the membership coordinator for the Portland Macintosh Users Group in Portland, Oregon. Shortly after joining PMUG in 1988 with her husband Charles, she wanted to be more involved in the group and has been the membership coordinator ever since. Current responsibilities include all aspects of processing memberships, preparing bank deposits from membership fees and other events, and authorizing new users on PMUG's FirstClass BBS. In addition to membership, Janet also helps with production of Mouse Tracks, the group's award winning monthly newsletter; assists Charles with MacCamp preparation; and occasionally teaches classes. Her most productive software is FileMaker Pro, although she dabbles in many other projects. In her 'other' life, Janet has worked for over 20 years in the monitoring and business offices of Phillips Electronics alarm company.

Jonathan Duke
Boston Macintosh

Michelle Dunkle
Gonzales Mac Users Group

Dan East
Mid-Atlantic Macintosh User Groups Team

Daniel East is the founder and president of The Mid-Atlantic Macintosh User Groups Team (MaMUGs) - a division of The Apple Groups Team; a member of The Apple Consultants Network (ACN); a member of The Apple Developer Connection (ACN); a panelist on WPEN radio's "PC Talk - Mac Edition;" and, a freelance columnist for several Mac publications including the new Booktech magazine, Graphic & Design Business magazine, PrintMedia magazine as well as the up-coming, "How to Do Everything in iLife" from McGraw-Hill. In addition to being featured in The World Without Borders" and "The User Group Report," East has presented at several MacWorld Expos, User Group Universities, The Audio Engineering Society Conferences and various leadership conferences. He continues to volunteer his time and to be personally involved in the ever-growing user group community. East has also served as Regional Director for The AACUG, Director of Bux-Mont MUG and "ListMom" for 1AppleFreeTech. In his "day job," East is involved with music promotion, publicity and marketing for a national firm.

Jeremy Falk
East Bay Macintosh User Group

Pat Fauquet
Washington Apple Pi

Pat Fauquet is serving in her second term as President of the Washington Apple Pi Macintosh User Group in the Washington DC metro area. She also serves as their Tutorial Coordinator. When not at the Pi, she does Macintosh consulting and training for small companies, individuals and schools. She specializes in working with senior citizens and helping people move to OS X in addition to her work in digital photography and video. Her license plate reads Mac Mom 5. The five represents her five children, and these days, the number of grandchildren she loves to talk about, not the number of older Macs in the back of her car on the way to the Pi Reclamation Project.

Joe Ferguson
The Rest of Us

Sandy Foderick
Virtual Mac

Sandy is a founding officer and current president of AOL's original user group, board member at the User Group Network and former Chancellor of AOL's User Group Learning Center. She has met and worked with user groups across the United States and is president of Virtual Mac and speaker chair for Mini'App'Les' main meetings. When not busy with user groups, Sandy is an adjunct Professor of Philosophy and a mom of four.

Tracy Follansbee
Overlake Mac Users Group

Sarah Friedlander
Rochester Institute of Technology Macintosh User Group (MacRIT)

Sarah is a sophmore at Rochester Institute of Technology majoring in New Media Publishing. Her involvement in User Groups prior to college includes membership in the Long Island PDA/Handheld Users Group, the Long Island Mac Users Group and the New York City Final Cut Pro Users Group. She is currently serving her second term as MacRIT's Vice President. When not sitting at her computer, Sarah enjoys photography, watching sunsets and eating sushi.

Nate Friedman
North Cost Macintosh Users Group

Brian Friedrich
Macintosh Technical Associates Group

Brian’s first computer was an Apple ][+ and, over a dozen Macs later, he is more “evangelical” than ever. Brian is a founding member of MacTAG in Vancouver, BC, and serves as Director, Vendor Liaison. Brian holds a Certified General Accountant (CGA) designation and is Chair of his local chapter. He also received a Master of Education from the University of British Columbia and currently works as a Curriculum Developer-Instructional Technology for CGA-Canada, developing accounting and business courses, as well as multimedia learning objects. Outside of work, Brian enjoys the adventures of mountaineering and rock climbing, and has used this as an excuse to explore much of North America, Europe, and Africa.

Laura Friedrich
Macintosh Technical Associates Group

aura was introduced to the Mac platform in 1994 by the “cute computer consultant” who later became her husband – she’s been a fan of Apple’s innovations ever since. Laura is a founding member of MacTAG in Vancouver, BC, and serves as its Treasurer. Laura is designated as a Certified General Accountant (CGA), and is the Vice Chair of her local chapter. In addition to her accounting studies, she received a Master of Science from the University of British Columbia and is currently working as a Curriculum Developer for CGA-Canada – working on courses in accounting, auditing, and research methodology, as well as exploring new technology in educational delivery. In her leisure time, Laura enjoys rock and alpine climbing and travelling.

Lynda Fudold
Silicon Valley Mac User Group

Lynda L. Fudold has more than ten years of experience assisting people in reaching business goals by presenting themselves well and finding common ground. She graduated from University of Maryland, Magna Cum Laude, and pursued a Ph.D. in philosophy at the University of Illinois (Chicago). There she taught logic and other courses to undergraduates. She has an additional year of Ph.D. work in the field of Human Systems and Organizational Development. Lynda's expertise is OD (Organizational Development) and humanistic psychology. She uses her strong background and skills in the communication and problem solving models of neurolinguistics in her work with high profile Fortune 500 customers. She develops and implements influence training programs for Silicon Valley and other firms. She has been a Mac user since 1989 and has been active in Mac User Groups for two to three years.

Bill Gass
Digital Design Group

Bill led the LAMG Advertising SIG for several years. When the LAMG folded there was a vacuum of support groups for designers, especially in the northwest L.A. area. Thus was born the DDG. Bill has also been a volunteer at the MacWorld SF User Group Breakfasts for the last 7 years. He worked as an Adv. Designer, Art Director and Photographer for many years and in 1990 switched to supporting graphics organizations and individuals as a Macintosh Graphics Consultant. He is currently digitizing his travel slides from the past 40 yrs. to create digital photo albums and DVDs.

Ron Green
Eugene Macintosh User Group

Shortly after the Mac came out Ron would stop buy the local computer store that sold Apples and marvel over what that little box could do. Make all kinds of shapes with this thing called a mouse. Mac Paint was amazing. Not fully understanding the difference between cut and copy he kept wondering just where the fish went. In 1988 finally bought a used Mac Plus and set out to learn everything there was to know about it. Frustrated that it wasn’t easy to find out everything, he joined the local user group to find out. Eventually figured out that no one knows it all and that a user group was a great place to share information. Ron has served in various capacities of the club including Board of Directors, Auction Chairman and President. Considering himself a " Mac Alcoholic" he now uses a desktop beige G3 bought in December 1998 that was the state of the art for ten days. He enjoys working with digital photos, especially of his two grandchildren, and still doesn’t know it all.

Jill Gruber
Park Newport Computer Club

Pauline Turtle-Bear Guillermo
AppleQuerque Macintosh Computer Club

Turtle-Bear has been a member of the AppleQuerque Macintosh Computer Club of Albuquerque, New Mexico for three years. She has been the club Webmaster for over two of those years and has recently joined the board of directors as Treasurer. She also volunteers with various local organizations managing websites, designing and editing newsletters, and serving on their boards and committees. She has been enjoying Macintosh computers for 13 years. This is the second national Macintosh User Group event she is attending.

Brock Gunter-Smith
Manitoba New Media

Gene B. Haddon
Washintgon Apple Pi

Lorca Hanns

Stephen Henry
North Coast Macintosh Users Group

Stephen is the current Webmaster and Web SIG leader for NCMUG. He is also a member of the NCMUG board. Starting with a Kaypro portable as his first computer he quickly migrated to the original Mac in 1984. Wait for new Apple computers were just as long back in 1984 when he had to wait over a month for the new Mac after placing his order. Stephen is the CFO of small business support firm and does web design/programming on the side. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and has lived throughout the west as Auditor and Audit Manager for insurance companies in his first career.

Ben Herrera

Susie Herrera

Susie has been a member of CVMUG for more than 9 years and is starting her 6th or 7th term as president (who remembers?!). She has been an instructor both within the user group as well as through local training centers and Apple Resellers. She is also known as Ventura County1s self-proclaimed MacEvangelist. Susie1s computer-eze developed pre-Macintosh as a typographer for a southern California ad agency. After leaving advertising to raise a family, she stumbled into the real estate property management business. It wasn1t long before she realized the need to computerize her work and alas, a MacNut was born! Property management edged into freelance desktop publishing, and then connecting with a political consulting group to design and manage their databases and campaign related ad work. This lead to joining the Apple Consultant Network program. Susie is married with 2 grown children. Her son is a cop with LAPD (uses his TiBook to handle work related reports, photos, etc.), and made her a grandmother this year! Susie's young adult daughter lives at home.

Kevin Hnatiuk
Manitoba New Media

Mike Hogan
Macintosh Chico User Group

Brian Holroyd
Medical Mac User Group

Phil Hoxie
Sierra Mac Users Group

Phill is one of the founding fathers of Sierra MUG, located along the Highway #4 corridor in the Sierra Nevada mountains in central eastern California. He has served as President, Ambassador, and Program Manager for SMUG. He started with Macs in the early 80s with US Coast Guard, Captain of the Port, San Francisco. His first mac was an SE which he leased from Apple along with a 40 megabyte hard drive. He has worked as an electrical engineer, a general building contractor, locksmith and most recently as a job site superintendent for an electrical contractor. He believes he is working towards retirement with his 600 MHz iBook.

Don Ice

Don manages the selling of .Mac through Apple's worldwide sales channels. His specialty is developing and executing sales strategies for high-tech products. Don has helped Apple grow the .Mac service to over four hundred thousand members. .Mac was recently listed as the #6 top-selling Mac application. Don's background includes product management and channel marketing roles at NEC, Caere, and Orchid Technology. Immediately prior to Apple, Don was Sales Director of XML training services for DataChannel, where he helped customers such as Boeing, Unisys, Coca-Cola, Nokia, and the US Airforce solve significant technology training needs.

Chuck Joiner
Hershey Apple Core

Chuck is active advocate of the Macintosh User Group community. He has served as the Chairman of the Apple User Group Advisory Board since its creation in January, 2000, and is the president of his local group, the Hershey Apple Core of Hershey PA. Chuck is the Editor-In-Chief of The MUG Center, the resource site for Macintosh User Groups, and also produces and hosts "The User Group Report," an Internet radio show that focuses on Macintosh User Group personalities, news and information. Outside his user group activities, Chuck is Vice President of Operations for the Insurance Alliance of Central PA.

Nico Juber
Tufts Macintosh Users Group

Len Kauffman
North Florida Macintosh Users Group

Len joined the North Florida Macintosh Users Group (NFMUG) August 1987, and became Editor of it’s “First Coast Mac” newsletter in January 1989. Additionally, he has been President of NFMUG since January 1990. Len was also instrumental in setting up the user group’s web site and has help design the many NFMUG flyers, membership pamphlets and forms. Len started on the Mac at its inception in January 1984, but had been active with computers starting in 1970, while serving both on active duty and civil Service with the U.S. Navy.

Chris Kiltz
Josephene County Macintosh Users Group

Chris is a professional web designer in real life, and has been president of the JoMacs (Josephine County Mac User Group) in Grants Pass, Oregon since 2002, and is also currently the AUG Regional Liaison for the northwest. She had her first Mac encounter in 1999, fell in love and got involved in the local user group. Her main focus in her "Mac" world is to help others "catch the Mac Fire". Her favorite place to be (if not with her Mac) is on the wilderness trails of Southern Oregon, relaxing with her hubby and enjoying the incredible scenery.

George Kopp

George has been involved in his group since it formed in 1984. Over the years, George has served in the leadership positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary/Editor. His current position is that of club Librarian, having just completed a two terms as President. George is a Registered Professional Engineer, working for the State of Missouri, Department of Transportation as the Department's Computer-Aided Drafting and Design Services Engineer. He supports an engineering network of over 600 users using Computer Aided Design and Drafting software. In his spare time, he provides local community consulting services for Macintosh and PC users and works as a leadership trainer with the Boy Scouts of America. As an avid Mac user, he specializes in evangelizing the Macintosh and building bridges between the Macintosh and PC worlds.

Verner Laursen
Diablo Valley Mac Users Group

Vern is the President of DVMUG and he is or has been the SIG leader of the Personal Finance and Genealogy SIG’s. Vern has been an owner and user of Apple products since his first Apple II plus. He join DVMUG at the insistence of his neighbor about 5 years ago and went to a startup SIG on genealogy. He was talked to becoming an assistant to the SIG leader and at the next meeting became the SIG leader. On the personal side, he is retired and does some consulting that pays for and justifies his purchase of new equipment and software.

Cheryl Lavoie
Washington Apple Pi

Matt Levine
Tufts Macintosh Users Group

Veda Lewis
Sonoma Valley Computer Group

Veda is in her second year as president of the Sonoma Valley Computer User's Group (SVCG), a bi-platform group in Sonoma, California, home to some of the best wines around. This group keeps it simple by providing a place for questions and answers and hands-on demonstrations in a friendly environment. When not working for the club, Veda works on environmental biology issues for a public agency.

Don Macdonald
Macs of Kootenai County

Victoria Maciulski
Conejo Ventura Mac User Group

Victoria "Toria" Maciulski has been affiliated with MUGs in Kauai, Hawaii 1994-1998 (KMUG - Newsletter Editor), Sacramento, CA (MacNexus Training Coordinator), 1998-2000 and currently in Ventura, CA (CVMUG Newsletter Editor & leader of Digital Photo SIG). Toria left a management position in a Fortune 200 company to start her own publishing business in 1987. Armed with a Mac Plus, MS Word and Aldus PageMaker, she began designing and publishing books. A member of the Apple Consultants Network since 2000, she has since branched out to Macintosh Consulting and Training. Her main areas of expertise are Photoshop, InDesign, and After Effects. She holds degrees in Political Science and International Management.

Stuart MacNee
East Bay Macintosh Users Group

Jed Mark
Diablo Valley Mac Users Group

Jed was been President of DVMUG for 2 years. During this time the group has grown from 295 member to 580, thanks to the success of the iMac. The highlight of their year is an all-day seminar "So you got a Mac...NOW what do you do?" Jed has been with DVMUG for 6 years and was a member of the Berkeley Macintosh User Group before that. Jed formed a mortgage company after a career in the Savings & Loan field and acquired a Lisa to help run the company. It was traded in very quickly for a series of original Apples, and his progression from there was natural. In the past 10 years Jed has moved from the mortgage business to an occupation of salmon fishing, golf, travel, grandfathering and DVMUG.

Dave Marra
Apple Senior Systems Engineer

As a Senior Systems Engineer for Apple, Dave Marra has conducted over five hundred technology presentations, keynote addresses and workshops for user groups, schools, businesses and other professional organizations across the United States and Canada. His specialty areas include digital multimedia, internet technologies and cross-platform integration. For more information about Dave, please visit his web site at

Edgar Matlock
San Learndro Macintosh User Group

Gordon Mattox
Lynchburg Apple Core

Devon Meyers
Not Affiliated

Robert Meyers
Flint Apple Club

Bob has been involved with Apple User Groups for about 23 years. He joined the Flint Apple Club in the early 1980’s. He has served as President, Secretary, Membership Chair, and has been the Apple Ambassador for the past 10 years. Bob is not sure if he likes computers.

Barry Midgorden
Mountain View Computer Users Group

Barry first became a Mac user in 1987 when his employer—a screen printer near Portland, Oregon—decided to computerize the art department. Beginning with a dual 800K floppy Macintosh SE with MacWrite and MacDraw, production art started migrating from the drawing table to the 9-inch monochrome screen. External hard drives and Adobe Illustrator 1.0 soon followed. Barry quickly joined the Portland Macintosh Users Group to get support and learn more about this amazing little computer. After a few months he volunteered to work on PMUG’s journal, Mouse Tracks. Barry contributed cover art, a short column targeted to new users, and was the layout artist for several months. He also taught beginning graphics classes at PMUG College. After moving to Arizona in 1996 and a hiatus from user group membership until 2002, Barry joined and soon after volunteered to be the Macintosh SIG Chair for the Mountain View Computer Users Group, a multi-platform group in Sierra Vista, Arizona. He hopes to give back to current new users the support and help he found in a user group when he first started using he Macintosh.

John Midgorden
Mountain View Computer Users Group

John Mitchel
San Leandro Macintosh User Group

John joined the U. S. Navy in 1955. He served as a Carrier Pilot on active duty for 10 years. In 1965 he joined American Airlines and was a pilot on various large jet aircraft until he retired in 1996. He and Nancy, his lovely wife of more than 28 years, purchased their first computer in 1976. Since 1986 he has been an active member of the San Leandro Macintosh User Group. He is the Newsletter Editor, a position he inherited in 1990. Since 1988 John has devoted many hours of assistance in support, repair, and training for teachers and administrators in a number of local schools. He continues to learn, and teach others in the exciting world of Macintosh where he specializes in hardware and networking support.

Janet Mobley
North Coast Mac Users

Janet is currently Newsletter Editor for NCMUG, and served as Editor for eight years with GravenStein Apple Users Group, as well as Webmaster for three years. She holds a variety of awards for newsletter editing, web sites and user group participation, the most recent of which is "First Place - Macworld NYC,2000 Adobe Newsletter Contest - NCMUG newsletter." Janet is retired after 25 years of teaching Art and Home Economics. Her educational background includes Art, Home Economics, Education, Biological Science and Psychology.

Keith Mueller
Park Newport Computer Club

Izak Mutlu
Tri-Valley Macintosh Users Group

Izak Mutlu has been involved with the Mac since it1s beginning. He joined TMUG over 15 years ago and has been the President of the club for the last 12 years (no one else wants the job!). Besides being the President, he is also the Editor of the monthly newsletter and Program Director arranging vendors to present at the monthly meetings. He is a great advocate of the Mac and enjoys converting people into the Mac platform by volunteering his time and helping them. As a profession, Izak has been involved in Information Technology Operations and his most recent assignment was the Chief Information Security Officer for a large company in the Silicon Valley.

Lee Nelson
Diablo Valley Macintosh User Group

Recently elected to the Board of Directors at Diablo Valley Macintosh Users Group, Lee has been a graphic designer and illustrator for over 25 years and Macintosh owner since 1984. Currently Lee produces illustration and design for Illusion Industries, teaches introduction to computers (Macintosh), and digital illustration (Adobe Illustrator) at City College of San Francisco and develops his Internet business –, a virtual tour with over 150 QuickTime VR panoramas he shot in San Francisco and the Northern California Wine Country — all produced on his Macintosh.

Dean Nichols
Campbell Senior Center Computer Users Group

Dean is the Advisor/Coordinator for the CSCCUG. He has been a computer user since 1979, and still owns and uses Apple II machines as well as Macs. Dean is a member and former officer and Board Member of PIE Inc user group of Santa Clara which co-sponsored CSCCUG in its early years. Dean is a Pharmacist by profession and teaches basic computer literacy classes in addition to his other CSCCUG duties. He is also getting more involved with digital photography, letting his 30 year old Nikon SLR cameras gather dust in the closet in favor of using his digital camera.

Billy Nickerson
North Coast Macintosh Users Group

Billy has been a member of NCMUG since 2001 and currently serves as Treasurer. He has been a past volunteer for NCMUG's annual Mac Computer Expo and will take responsibility as Volunteer Coordinator for MCE '04. He has also chaired NCMUG's annual community outreach program. Billy has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and is currently a supervisor for French telecom giant Alcatel, heading a team that designs graphical user interfaces. He is inspired by the clarity of design and function that Apple's engineers put into each product they release. His pastimes include lusting after sports cars, investigating the latest and greatest electronic gadgets, and being an avid outdoor photographer.

Mirko Nieminen
Finnish Macintosh User Group

Mirko has been a member of fiMUG since 1993. He joined fiMUG just few months after the Finnish HyperCard User Group "Hyperry" had evolved to fiMUG. Since 1999 he has been a member of the board. He is also the editor-in-chief of the member newsletter Kotapora and one of the administrators of AppleGarden, the FirstClass®-based BBS of fiMUG. Currently he is studying Computer Science at the Helsinki University of Technology and works as an Macintosh system specialist in a Finnish production company. He has been a Macintosh user since 1989, thanks to the Macintosh User Group of the Kyrola Elementary School, and he is familiar with networks, servers and many applications.

Warren E. Nordgren
Thames River Apple User Group

Warren Nordgren, a member of Thames River Apple User Group (TRAUG) since 1982, was its first President. Also served as Newsletter Editor, New Membership Chairman, Ambassador, and presently hold the office of Director At Large. He was co-founder of South East Connecticut Apple User Group, which later became TRAUG. He was a volunteer on AOL’s User Group Form. He has attended MacWorld Boston up to 1995 and since attended MacWorld SF. His first introduction to User Groups was 1978 with Kitsap Apple User Group in Bremerton, WA. He retired from General Electric Co after 33 years as a Field Operation Manager on the Trident Weapon’s program In Groton, CT. Today he helps seniors get hands on and familiar with their computers. In retirement he is active with Rotary and enjoys RVing along with traveling.

John Nouveaux
North Coast Macintosh Users Group

Joan O'Brien
North Coast Macintosh Users Group

Joan is a native of Petaluma, California, tracing her family back to several great grandparents who arrived in the area in the 1860s and 1870s. She was an elementary school for seven years and then worked as an owner, manager and bookkeeper in several restaurants for nearly 20 years. Moving to a seasonal business she and her husband ran a fish camp and RV park in British Columbia for 8 summers. Thirteen years ago, when her daughter had to give up a local part time office job to finish college at Sacramento State, Joan learned to use a Mac and took over her job. She has progressed from an SE to G4s that she uses at home and work for word processing and desk top publishing. She is secretary of North Coast Mac Users Group.

Rick Ortiz
Maui Apple User Society

Rick Ortiz has served as President of the Maui Apple User Society (MAUS) since 2000. Moving to Maui in 1997, he quickly made his Macintosh presence known, assisting in the rebuilding of the group from 30 members to over 170. Rick currently works in the non-profit sector of Maui and also owns a Multimedia / Mac Consulting business. With his non-profit work, and Mac experience, Rick created a program called iKids, in which the User Group rebuilds donated Macs and puts them into the homes of low-income youth.

Merry Perry
Maryland Apple Corps

Merry has been involved with the 25 year old Maryland Apple Corps since Jan. of 1983, when she got her first Apple, a II+, most of the time as Treasurer (current position). She was quite involved with the recent MD25MD celebration with Steve Wozniak as the keynote speaker. She attended Applefests regularly, including as a speaker while a Contributing Editor for the Apple IIGS Buyer's Guide. In addition to some other jobs, she was in computer sales for 11 years . She has been a volunteer at the users group breakfasts at Macworld for several years, a MarketSource demonstrator, and an Apple guide. Merry attended Wilson College and is presently working part-time as an administrative secretary at the Institute for Policy Studies at Johns Hopkins University. She has a terrific husband, three children, a son-in-law, and a granddaughter.

Art Payne
Michigan Apple

Art’s association with The Michigan Apple User Group began when he won an item on eBay and the seller suggested that he pick it up at the User Group meeting to avoid shipping it. Being a long time member of MacGroup Detroit, Michigan’s largest User Group, Art liked the smaller friendlier atmosphere of the Michigan Apple and decided to join at the next meeting and became actively involved in the Group. Art was also hired by Apple as a Retail Rep so some members began to look to him for more information. He served as the Group’;s interim webmaster for a short period and also was appointed as Vice President of the Group and went on to fill the position as official Vice President in the elections of 2002. Last year, Art stepped down as Vice President to serve as Director Of Vendor Relations to better serve the User Group in that position. He has been using Macs for almost 10 years coming over from the Amiga Platform as a longtime Novice user and is still a member of both The Michigan Apple and MacGroup Detroit.

Sid Pevear
Macintosh Chico Users Group

Sid started using a Mac in Jan. 1994 and joined MacChug in Feb. He got into Macs because his wife had used them in college and said they were the most user friendly. He was looking for something for their children to use for school work so he went with a Performa 550. He is now working on his third Mac, a B&W G3 300. He is now in his second term as President of the Macintosh Chico User Group and is now working on his fourth Mac, an 500 MHz G4 AGP. He also has started doing some Mac troubleshooting on the side for various local organizations. He has also started refurbishing older Macs and giving them to families that have not had a computer. He says "Start them on a Mac and they most likely stay on a Mac".

Thomas R. Piper

Tom founded aJMUG in 1984, then served as its President for the first 8 years and the past 4 years. He initiated their monthly newsletter and meetings, electronic bulletin board and website, education SIG, public and parochial school support, and other efforts. As a trained architect and health planner, he also promotes inter-platform communications through his agency , his advocacy , his passion , his faith and other efforts to turn barriers into bridges.

Alex Podressoff
Arizona Macintosh Users Group

Alex walked into an AMUG meeting around 1990 and innocently asked if there was something that he could help with. Almost immediately he was sent to the back of the room to copy disks, eventually lugging his SE month after month. Over the years he served several terms as Vice President and is now in his second term as President. During his tenure, AMUG was known for its BBS in a Box and for starting up the first Mac centric ISP in the Phoenix area. Outside of AMUG, Alex used his International Relations degree as an infantryman in Korea, served 25 years as a volunteer sheriff's deputy, and is on several city commissions. To help pay for his Mac collection, he is a software/hardware contract negotiator for a major utility. When he's not helping someone with a computer related problem, Alex relentlessly chases golf balls around the local links.

Lynn Poos
Silicon Mountain Macintosh User Group

Currently the Secretary-Treasurer of the largest active MUG in the State of Colorado, Lynn has been involved with the Mac since the late 1980's. Lynn has also been involved with Apple Computer on several promotional ventures and consulting. He holds a Master's Degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor's Degree in Police Science and Administration. Retiring in 1993 after thirty-four years with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Lynn moved to Colorado and was appointed by the City Council to serve on the Colorado Springs Liquor and Beer Licensing Board, where he has served since. In 1998, he was appointed by the Governor to chair the Colorado Juvenile Parole Board, a position he currently holds.

Sterett Prevost
Tucson Macintosh Users Group

Sterett ("Ridge") Prevost is the current president of the Tucson Macintosh Users Group. He has been involved in Apple/Mac user groups since 1988 when he helped found one in the Victor Valley area of southern California. He is an Apple-certified service repair tech as well as a retired USAF transport aircraft instructor pilot. He spent 4 years teaching desktop publishing to the students of a weekly community college newspaper in Tucson, AZ, and 7 years managing the service department of two Apple dealers. He is now doing private consulting work. He has 5 Macs, 5 printers, and 3 Apple II computers, all networked, sharing files and printers. He is married and has a son serving on active duty in the USAF officer corps in Hawaii.

Dale Rubin
Not Affiliated

Jason Self
Fresno Macintosh Users Group

Jennifer Shelby
Signature Leadership

Jennifer founded Signature Leadership to impact the way companies lead. People are the vital natural resources and the primary contributors to success in any organization. By creating a culture of strong leaders, they make better decisions, are able to grow revenues and promote a company’s long-term success.

Jennifer has extensive background working with management teams by injecting a fresh perspective on how to rejuvenate sales, manage change, and develop leadership initiatives that become part of the company culture. Additionally, she works with organizations preparing for IPO’s, acquisitions, and expansion into global markets. Her coaching emphasis includes change management, leadership essentials, and sales development. She also coaches individuals who want to enhance their career development.

Her career includes over 16 years of experience and success in high technology sales, marketing and executive positions with Fortune 500 and start-up companies. Jennifer’s most recent position was Vice President at a Silicon Valley marketing and advertising firm, where she developed business strategies and programs for high-growth companies. Over a three-year period, she was responsible for growing the firm’s annual revenues 320%. Jennifer is licensed by Coach U for the Coaching Clinic and the PCSI assessment, is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Lynda Reynolds
Linda Reynolds Ed Assistants Macintosh Users Group

Thomas Ritter
San Gabriel Valley Mac User Group

Carmela Robertson
All By Myself

Carmela Zamora (CZ) Robertson has been working with Apple user groups since 1989. She worked in Apple's User Group Department for four years and continued to work with user groups when Apple spun out the department as an outside entity, User Group Connection. In 1997 she became an independent meeting professional working with various corporations and non-profit groups within Silicon Valley, which still gave her the opportunity to work with user groups. She currently launched a new company with a couple of ex-Apple cohorts producing instructional children's videos. The company is called All By Myself, Inc. They introduced their first video "Getting Dressed" in May 2002, editing it all by themselves using Apple technology (iMovie and a Titanium G4).

Ronnie Roche
North Coast Macintosh Users Group

Current president of the North Coast Macintosh Users Group in Santa Rosa, CA. Ronnie has been an Mac User since 1994. She got her start with users groups shortly after and has always been an active member, having served as Assistant Disk Librarian and graphic designer before assuming her current position. As a member of the Apple Consultants Network she works with individual and small business users to bring fun and productivity to computing. Her business motto is "Technology Simplified."

Richard Sanderson
Washington Apple Pi

Dick has been a member of Washington Apple Pi since 1982 and is currently the Treasurer. He has served on the WAP board for four years and is assisting in the office operations of the club. Dick has owned more than twelve Apple and Macintosh computers during the past twenty-two years and currently has four Macintoshs, four printers, and 2 scanners on an ethernet network in his house. He is very active in digital photography, using a Nikon D100, and a member of the WAP Graphics Arts Special Interest Group. He is retired from the US Navy after forty-two years as a civilian engineer and architect. During his career, he used many different computer platforms, including Macintosh, Unix, and PCs and developed many database systems for the government.

Michael Sauer
North Coast Macintosh Users Group

Michael is a professional photographer with clients throughout the western US and northeastern Canada. His interests have taken him from accountant to diamond appraiser to his latest passion of photography. He is a recent (2001) Mac convert and very pleased with his decision to switch over to the most stable operating system in the world. Michael is very active in the North Coast Mac Users Group (NCMUG) as a board member and offers up his talents to its eager members in the form of free Adobe Photoshop classes as well as digital photography and printing.

Marius Schamschula
The Huntsville Macintosh Users Group

Marius has been a member of HMUG for well over 10 years. He is HMUG's first and only webmaster (since 1995). He also is a past Program Chair (5 years) and Vice President of HMUG. Professionally, Marius is a physics professor involved in research on remote sensing of soil moisture. His new dual 2 GHz G5 is still waiting for some additional memory before it can be used for serious number crunching. Related to this work, he has set up a webserver, using an Xserve, PHP and custom shell scripts, that processes near real time data from the Alabama A & M University's network of hydrological/meteorological stations. Beside his duties doing research and teaching, Marius is the university's sole Mac tech support person and runs the only Mac based computer lab on campus. He is also the node operator for the first Access Grid node in Alabama (Internet 2 video-teleconferencing system).

Mark Snell

Lesa Snider
Cowtown Macintosh User Group

Over the years, Lesa has volunteered at various Macworlds, and is currently President of the Cowtown Mac User Group in Ft. Worth, where she created and maintains the group’s award-winning web site. Professionally, Lesa travels the nation as both a veteran member of the Adobe Photoshop Seminar team and a certified Palm OS trainer for Supra. An aspiring writer, she's been published in MacDesign Magazine and is technical editor of the new Peachpit Press book entitled, "Mac OS X Conversion Kit". She also wields a mighty web whip and frequently assumes a role of "Head Web Mistress".

Doan Stafford

Doan is a Co-Chair of QMUG/LA, the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Macintosh User's Group for all of Los Angeles, the only active, Apple-recognized gay Macintosh user group in the world. While having fun and helping people with QMUG/LA since June 1994, he has also helped plan its meeting topics up to a year in advance since July 1998. Alongside QMUG/LA, Doan has had the pleasure of working for MacMall, the Apple Presales Center, Earthlink (as Mac tech support), and currently for a couple of non-profits. Chotto Nihongo mo dekiru, demo takusan wasuremashita. Zannen, nee. Doan also enjoys a wide variety of music, especially that by Annie Lennox.

Donald Swayze
Rogue Macs

John Swayze
Rogue Macs

Matt Tracy
Colorado Macintosh Users Group

Steve Travis
MUGPort Macintosh User Group

Steve Travis is the President of Newport, Oregon based MUGport. Steve has been MUGport's president since 1998, and a MUGport member since 1994. Steve is also the Vice-President of the Oregon MacPioneers User Group, OMUG which serves as a statewide support group for all Oregon mac user groups. Every year OMUG produces the now famous “You Don’t Know Mac” Statewide user group event which is hosted in a different Oregon Mac User Group’s town. MUGPort, which celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2004, was the host for You Don't Know Mac! 2000. With Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak as the special Master of Ceremonies for that event, MUGport proved to be a creative and very capable host, even though MUGport might be considered a "smaller MUG." Steve is a independant digital video and multimedia artist who works in a print/copy shop to “pay the bills”.

Elsa Travisano

Elsa has been a guiding force for MUG ONE (Macintosh User Group of Oneonta, New York) for 16 years. She is currently serving her third term as president, and edits MUG ONE's award-winning newsletter, Newsbreak. She is a member of Apple's User Group Advisory Board and edits the Apple User Group Bulletin.

Elsa comes from a Mac family. Her father, Philip Thompson, was founding president of Princeton1s PMUG, and her husband is a former MUG ONE president. Her son is studying video editing on the Mac and her daughter is a budding software reviewer who had to stand on a piano bench to see the audience when she first began giving MUG ONE presentations.

A “Mac of all trades," Elsa works as a Macintosh consultant and has taught training workshops, classes for children and adults, and a college course in the Mac.

Mario Vasella
Rheintaler Macintosh User Group

Mario lives in Switzerland. He joined the REMUG three years ago and is now the editor of REMUG News. His first Mac was a Macintosh Classic and now he has a PowerMac G4 with Superdrive for video editing and burning DVD's. He works as a software engineer and there he has to use a PC :-(

Mary Ann Vennell
User Group of Southern New Jersey

Walter Vennell
User Group of Southern New Jersey

Willem Vermolen
Leisure World Macintosh Users Group

Willem Vermolen, commonly known as Wim, is a retired electrical engineer who for 25 years worked in the aerospace industry on the Global Positioning Satellite System (GPS) and on the Space Shuttle. He has used Apple/Macintosh computers for about the last 20 years. Wim was a past board member of the Orange Apple Computer Club (OACC) in Costa Mesa, CA, and is presently a board member of the Leisure World Macintosh Users Group ( in Laguna Woods, CA. Here he volunteers weekly to help other members with one on one instruction. In addition, Wim has presented classes in Leisure World introducing the OS 10 Jaguar and Panther operating systems. He is also a member of the Southern California Macintosh Owners/Users Group ( in Newport Beach, CA.

Benjamin S. Waldie
The Philadelphia Area AppleScript Users Group

Benjamin is the president and founder of The Philadelphia Area AppleScript Users Group, the country's first AppleScript users group. He is also the president and CEO of Automated Workflows, LLC, a firm specializing in AppleScript and workflow automation consulting. For years, Benjamin has developed professional AppleScript-based solutions for businesses across the globe, including TV Guide Magazine, Adobe Systems, and The Associated Press. In the past, Benjamin has presented at various seminars and events, including MacWorld and Seybold Seminars. In addition, he has taught custom AppleScript training classes, and authored an AppleScript training CD for The Virtual Training Company. Benjamin is a contributing editor on the web site.

Jenifer S. Waldie
The Philadelphia Area AppleScript Users Group

Jenifer Waldie received her Bachelors Degree in Music Education, with instrumental concentration, from West Chester University in Pennsylvania. She is certificated to teach music education in Pennsylvania schools for grades K-12. Jenifer currently maintains her own music studio, teaching all ages of violin and viola students. A wife and mother of two small children, she also enjoys playing both violin and viola for weddings and other special events.

Jenifer is currently the vice president of Automated Workflows, LLC, where, as part of her administrative duties, she helps to ensure that companies and individuals receive the best possible workflow automation services, coupled with the highest quality of customer service.

Dale Walker
East Bay Macintosh Users Group

David Warren
Diablo Valley Macintosh User Group

Robert Weaver
Pennsylvania Macintosh Users Group

Terry White

Terry has been active in the industry for over fifteen years and is the founder and president of MacGroup-Detroit, Michigan's largest Macintosh Users Group. He is also a columnist for MacDesign magazine. Terry was one of the first six inductees into the MacFans "Insanely Greats Hall of Fame" and was nominated personally by Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer, Inc.

Terry has been with Adobe for seven years and has extensive knowledge of Adobe's product line. In his current position as Technical Resources Manager for North America, he leads a team of Applications Engineers who focuses on Professional Publishing, Web Authoring, and Digital Video.
Ronald Winters
Ashland Macintosh User's Group

Andrew Zima
San Gabriel Valley Macintosh Users Group

Hal Zimmer
Overlake Hospital Mac User Group

Hal has been the president of OMUG for the last 15 years. Keeping a group of doctors and hospital employees organized has been a challenge that he has enjoyed. Recently, the group has expanded into the community and hopes to have more interaction with new users. Hal's "real job" is in private practice as an Obstetrician and Gynecologist, delivering babies and doing surgery at Overlake Hospital Medical Center in Bellevue WA. In his spare time, Hal enjoys time at his cabin in Canada, photography, hiking, and of course learning more about the Mac.

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